Feb 5, 2010

Scarves and Sweaters

Since we've already taken a peek at JT's cravats (here) and focused on black leather (here),
I figure Harry Kennedy needs a turn in the spotlight with his wardrobe.
(It's still wintertime for many of us, so we better make the most of it!)

Gray & black stripey sweater:

Black sweater & maroon scarf:
I'm not fashion savvy... but isn't combining a black shirt and a brown jacket usually a no-no?
This one is just cute so, I have to throw it in.

Striped maroon scarf and peacoat:
(I think that's what those coats are called...)
I'd just like to point out that no sisters & brothers
I know walk around holding hands like this:
I like Harry's jeans.

Maroon/red stripey sweater:  (With glasses!)

This may take the cake for being the funniest... hee hee!
Purple sweater & golden silky scarf with tassels:

My absolute Harry favorite-
The cream sweater:
I like the buttons on the shoulder.
Here it is with a maroon scarf:

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If you haven't watched these episodes, you should!  (Very cute and hilarious.)

If you enjoy looking at hot men wearing sweaters,
be sure to join the "Stripey Sweaters" Facebook group HERE.
(Started in honor of Harry Kennedy, I believe, but all
gorgeous sweater-wearing men's photos are allowed.)

*Most of the above photos were courtesy of Richard Armitage Net's photo gallery. Thanks ladies!*


Skully said...

They're not really brother and sister, it's Lucas North and Zoe Reynolds! Eight years in a Russian cell my ass... he was undercover in Dibley!

Myrtle said...

My favourite is the maroon stripey jumper, however, it's probably because he is wearing glasses too, I find them so sexy!

Skully-Lucas under cover with Zoe in Dibley - brilliant. I would like to see her back in Spooks, wouldn't that be great.

My brother would never hold my hand and he woudldn't call me 'Chicken' either!!! We are stiff upper lip 'Yorkshire folk' of course ha ha

'Flippin heck' - this darn blog is even more addictive with that gorgeous music playing in the background.

Longhairedtoad said...

Not much into stripes so I prefer the solid ones, especially the one he wore during the rehearsal.

The scarf worked better for me when it was just hanging around his neck rather than tied.

Now there's a thought. Lucas working under cover in a small village like Dibley.

Avalon said...

Prefer him in black or dressed as Lucas.....

Joan Crenshaw said...

Fashion-wise, it's ok to wear a brown coat and a black sweater, especially when the brown coat is outerwear. Not my taste if it were a sports coat.

Have to admit that I am not all that crazy about the striped sweaters myself.

Scarf tying would depend on the weather, yeah?

I may prefer black, but I will take him as presented.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

I will take him anyway! That sweater wouldn't stay on too long.
But I like him in a peacoat with a stand-up collar. Wait is that as Lucas? Off topic!! Sorry, so easy to lose my head over him...

BTW:Notice how he's hunched over Dawn which makes him look even more endearing..

DEZMOND said...

I just took a peek into my wardrobe and I think I own more shawls and sweaters than Richard :) All the shop assistants at BENETTON store know my well, since I'm obsessed with their colorful woolen accessories and sweaters. I' ve just bought a yellow vest over there this morning :))

Richard look best in that black coat and reddish shawl and jeans. It's the most urban and modern outfit. Other pics are just to British and we all know that British people have no style :)

OneMoreLurker said...

VoD, one of my favourite RA 'shows'. Geraldine had you laughing the whole time, while Harry made the whole fast relationship believable and endearing.

lol, I'll have him with whatever he wants to wear ;). My favourite would be the cream sweater too.

I agree about 'chicken', it is a bit ambiguous but they weren't really holding hands, they had their arms around each other's waist and because of the puddle instead of letting go completely they hold hands and immediately go back to 'hug' again. As a whole, yeah, they were a bit too loving for brother and sister lol

mulubinba said...

..... yes zoey .. Rosie and harry had me tricked - I thought they were more than brother and sister.

VoD is my absolute favourite probably because it was my first sighting of RA. Love the jumpers! Love the Harry pics!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Skully, you are hysterical!

I don't know any brother and sister who behave that way, and didn't get the whole "chicken" thing but figured maybe it's some type of British term of endearment?

As for the sweaters, generally speaking I think the horizontal stripes make the chest look broader, and that's ok by me ;)

BTW, the entire VoD wedding special I kept thinking, "man, RA's hair looks so good!" I think they had good hair and makeup people on that show because Geraldine's hair looked great to me too

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Hold up, Dezmond... you own shawls? Please tell me that's another name for scarf because as far as I was aware, only grandmothers wear shawls. haha! :)

And whenever British people refer to sweaters as "jumpers," I picture overalls.

Anonymous said...

RA is adorable as Harry. I'm sure I heard that he said he was most like that character too, which makes him all the more adorable. He could always roleplay as Gizzy or Thornton! :P

T from the UK


Myrtle said...

I would call HK style 'Preppy', a sort of Ryan O'Neal in Love Story look, perhaps dated now, but RA carried it off well. I love it!

The term jumper or sweater is inter -
changeable to me. The term overall makes me think - boiler suit!!!!!! that then makes me think Spooks -Ep4 S8 - sort of boiler suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what I mean? Ha Ha :D :D

Fanny/iz4blue said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one cross-referencing...just watched that epi of Spooks last night in bed! Oh that sounds dirty.
@Myrtle: I'm also voting for more specks. Love the nerdy sexy look on RA.

DEZMOND said...

I thought that "scarf" is made from a thinner fabric, while "shawls" are woolen :) Well, excuse my English, after all it's not my native tongue :)

Phylly3 said...

Wow Nat!
I am sitting here with a big grin on my face! Thanks for the Harry pics. He is so cute in those stripey sweaters! I love them all! I especially love these pictures because he is smiling!
You just made my paradise even more perfect!!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, gotta agree with you, Jumper makes me think of overalls too,lol!

And I agree with Phylly3, I think the best part of these Harry pics are that he is smiling, something we don't really see RA do in his other roles, and I think RA has beautiful teeth, :)

As far as RA saying he is most like Harry, well if you think about it, I'd hope so! Let's see, we have Thornton who although we like, let's face it, is a bit serious and it takes him forever to really make the moves on Margaret (which although may add to drama to the story telling I don't know many girls that would stick around a year plus just to get the guy (plus the story is set in the past which may make it harder for RA to relate to); then we have Guy, who kills the woman he loves; the character from BTS "cheats" on his wife (I put cheats in quotes because I don't think we ever find out exactly what he did); I think in Cold Feet he also cheats; and Lucas is just damaged. So, of all these characters, that leaves Harry as the only mentally healthy, happy guy.

So for his sake, I hope RA is most like Harry, lol!

WitchyWoman said...

"chicken" is a term of endearment. I live "up north" in the uk and my dad still calls it me today and I'm nearly 40.
Also Love,sweetheart,flower,petal etc are all used.

My husband calls our little girl Sweetpea and I call her Munchkin.

Back on topic. I liked Harry best when he was having supper with the vicar and the black wedding suit instead of the one he married the vicar in.

Manda said...

I made a video about Harry's sweaters!!


Skully said...

I neglected to mention the reason for Lucas North and Zoe Reynolds being undercover in Dibley...


If there was ever a person in Dibley who was mostly likely to be a threat to national security it would be have to be Owen!