Feb 25, 2010

Watercolor Wonders

Today I stumbled across some amazing Richard Armitage videos by YouTuber, couleurJane.
She has created a few watercolor portraits and documented the step-by-step process
so that we may see them slowly transform from a simple pencil outline to completed paintings.
(So intriguing!  Seriously- how are people this talented!?)

Please pause the blog's background music (bottom of the screen) and enjoy these videos.

John Thornton:

Guy of Gisborne:

As if these weren't enough, she has also painted Colin Firth as Darcy and
Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth!  Both can be seen on her YT channel HERE.

Watching these videos gave me an artistic itch.
(Kind of like watching the Olympics makes me want to be athletic... *snort*)
So feeling inspired, I broke out my 4-year-old's watercolor set to create my own splash of color:
And yes, this is meant to be a joke!  (It doesn't count as one of the "watercolor wonders.") 
I'll leave the REAL artistic talent up to couleurJane. :)


flandersdreamer said...

Wow! These vids are amazing! Such a great talent and so nice to watch too! Thanks, Nat, I loved WCSFR too!

Maria Grazia said...

Lol! Your posts are always great fun , Nat! I'll directly fly to couleurJane's Channel. Thanks for this link and for discovering her! I'm astonished by her talent! And by yours! I'm neither able to draw a ...stick figure Richard!

Phylly3 said...

Hahaha! SFR is so truly inspired!!
I love the ending...with the artwork on the wall. Did you know the colour of your wall is reminiscent of the wall colour in Harry's cottage at Dibley? Coincidence? :)
But seriously those watercolours by Jane are WONDERFUL!!
Thanks for posting it!

Traxy said...

Wow, those watercolourings are amazing! Your own painting was nice and colourful, love the idea of it. Very tongue in cheek. :D

Unknown said...

Nat, I love those videos!! Thank you so much for posting them - seriously she should sell prints, LOL!!!

Manda said...

I repeat, I WANT IT!!!!!

bZirk said...

I'm putting couleurJane's videos in my playlist: Videos that Richard Armitage Should Watch! I started that list because I'm astounded at the creativity he's inspired, and I hope that at some point he watches these videos. They're all good but some are amazing. Thanks to all of you who have made them for our enjoyment!

Of course you're on that playlist list too, Nat. :D

Thanks again for finding some wonderful videos.

@Rob said...

bZirk so glad u r back I was going to send out a search party. :O

Skully said...

Nat, you are hilarious!
Lovely work with the SFR watercolor!

Myrtle said...

Watching JT develop before our eyes is simply magical. SFR, classic as always.

Manda said...

It's mine! It's mine!!

CouleurJane said...

Hello Nat!
I'm the painter ! I'm very proud that everyone enjoys those videos.
Nice messages all around.
I like your humour very much.

Bisous ( in french !)

mulubinba said...

CouleurJane, your paintings are stunning!! Thanks for posting, Nat!

bZirk said...

Natalie, I'm not going to inundate the blog with comments on old posts, but I have to do this one! Hopefully, it's the last one, but no promises!


I don't know why I didn't respond to your comment to me. Maybe because back then. I think I was in such a hurry then (like I'm not now LOL!) that I just missed your comment and lots of comments from others during my time of intense posting on this blog.

I guess it's obvious I'm reading old posts. Actually, I'm reading through the entire blog. Yep, I'm reading the whole thing (comments and all), and it's still as wonderful as it was five to six years ago.

Is it clear yet that I'm trying to coax you out of retirement,Nat? By that I mean more than a few posts a month. Okay, okay, you've got four kids now, and you know that I know how that goes. LOL!