Mar 1, 2010

19th Poll Results~ Little Guy Tally, plus The Adventures of a SFR Paper Doll

Do you own a "Little Guy" action figure?

117 votes were cast

Poll Results~
Yes: 25 (21%)
No: 77 (65%)
No, but plan to buy one: 15 (12%)

I don't have a Little Guy, but I love following his adventures HERE on Kiteflier's
"Little Guy's Pad."  There are others who document Little Guy's adventures on the various
Richard Armitage forums and always give me a good laugh! :)

Why don't I have a Little Guy?  They're not for sale in the US
and I can only imagine what overseas shipping would cost!  (Yes, I'm a cheapskate.)
Americans who have an LG and don't mind answering
this question:  how much did you pay total?

I also want to know why there isn't a long-haired Little Guy?

Even though I'm in the majority of blog readers that don't have a Little Guy,
I still feel a bit left out... so I followed someone's advice (I can't remember who recommended
this- was it you, Phylly3?) and made my own Stick-Figure Richard paper doll.
Who needs a Little Guy when I have SFR paper doll, right?  (Keep telling yourself that, Nat.)
His paper wardrobe consists of Thornton, Gisborne
& Harry dress-ups.

I decided to try out the Gisborne look first, which includes the black outfit, sword & mask.
(He needs a mask because SFR's smiling face just can't pass for Gisborne.) 
I even had the perfect place for him to hang out: my 4 year-old's dragon castle!
There goes the mask...
Paper doll Gisborne was enjoying the view (and I wasn't paying attention) when suddenly...
the toddler appeared out of nowhere and ripped SFR right out of his Gisborne outfit!

And then something terrible happened!
 Warning: violent images follow.
Sensitive viewers, avert your eyes!

(By the way, I do dress my children properly, but can't keep clothes on this kid!)
Poor, poor SFR paper doll.
 Maybe I do need a Little Guy after all...
at least he couldn't be torn to shreds.  (Then again, I wouldn't
put it past the toddler.)

Meanwhile, the preschooler found a good use for Paper Doll Gisborne's sword.

If there are any of you who are interested in having a Stick-Figure Richard paper doll
of your own (you know you want one) stay tuned!  I will post print-outs later this week
during nap time... when little fingers are safely out of the way. :)


Seeker Vintage said...

Oh ripped to shreds! Your kid is a harsh critic!

I hear it's incredibly hard to find a Gisborne action figure these days - yet Robin hood and the others are readily available. I wonder why?

Don't know about you ladies, but it's the Lucas North action figure that I'm waiting for.

Judith Johnson said...

*smile* Why didn't they make the life size Robin Hood characters cardboardr cut outs? I have a lovely BBC 9th Dr. Who but no GoG. On the other hand. I would have drooled over it so much that it would have melted back to wood pulp!

Avalon said...

Hilarious! You made a Guy

I do not have one and I have tried to find one on Amazonuk but they are sold out. So if you find one for sale, PLEASE let me know! We want one of each of the Robin Hood characters.

There is a shop we visit near Pigeon Forge TN that sells all kinds of Hollywood collectibles and I have even requested the action figures but they said they could not order them.

We also want copies of the Robin Hood magazines and I found a site in the UK that has them but they refuse to ship to the USA.

Phylly3 said...

OMG Nat -- You kill me!! I nearly fell off my chair. When I saw cut-out SFR being torn to bits by your very own little was just too cute!
I have access to a laminator so I could make him more sturdy for next time!
Love this post!!

@Rob said...

Actually my Guy action figure (with the horse, I had to have the horse!!!) was $35 and that included shipping from the UK to the US. I signed up for Ebay UK and ordered it. That was last Nov and yes it is really hard to find one. And yes, you can find RH, but that could be bec they made more RH dolls bec he is the lead character.

Right now my Guy is perched on top of my computer monitor holding onto our web cam. I pose him every so often.

flandersdreamer said...

Your little boy clearly is a MAN in the making and not impressed by the same guys as his mama is!
No, I don't own a Guy doll. That would be a little too much for me. Besides I don't think it resembles GOG that much. Now IF there was a real paper doll of SFR, maybe then I would purchase one!
A hole in the market, Nat?

Longhairedtoad said...

Poor SFR! What a way to go. LOL!

I bought my GOG last year from, located I believe in Buffalo NY. I can't recall exactly how much I paid for him but it had to be around $20 or $25 plus shipping.

I just checked the website and they are out of GOG, only have Robin and the Sheriff.

WitchyWoman said...

LOL poor SFR.
I do not own a GoG figure. My little one has the castle with the robin and marian figures and a horse.

Oooh I has a dream about Richard last night. Sadly nothing much happened. All I can remember is that he was wearing a black suit and tie and we was in a building with loads of stairs. Other people were there and I was linking his arm for protection....and then I remember waking up..god knows why I wanted him to protect me.

Myrtle said...

So cute!

Joan Crenshaw said...

We have the same problem, keeping toddler granddaughter dressed. We call it "Naked Baby" when she runs through the house in nothing but a diaper and then tries to get far enough ahead to remove the diaper.

I paid about $12 for my Little Guy. No horse and he hangs out with Little 10th Doctor.

Starheart said...

I draw the line at dolls! After all, unsure if I'd stop with just GOG. He'd get lonely without the Sheriff and Marion. Then where'd they hang out? Have to get the castle, have to put it in a nice sheltered place near a tree (Sherwood forest)... maybe add a few carboard guards....

Seeker Vintage said...
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Seeker Vintage said...

I'm sure there's a reference to blow up dolls to be made somewhere here...

@Joan Crenshaw - Guy and the Doctor, that's cute. Now that's an episode of Doctor Who I'd like to see, Gisborne as the Doctor's plucky (brooding) assistant!

@WitchyWoman - I've had heaps of RA dreams the past few months. I wrote about them all on a post on my Spooks blog!

Manda said...

But but but....POOR SFR!! *sniff*

P.S. I have two Little Guys. One I bought and someone shipped it over for me and one was a gift, a "back-up Little Guy"...I like to be prepared for all possible scenarios.

Seeker Vintage said...

"back-up Little Guy" lol! All possible scenarios? Sure Manda, sounds to me like you're trying to orchestrate some Guy on Guy action!

Manda said...

@Skully - I don't know what you could possibly mean! I would never do something that sick and twisted. :-P

Now excuse me while I go separate my Little Guys. *runs away*

Joan Crenshaw said...

Skully, ooo, Guy and the 10th Doctor? Yes, yes, yes! I am having a leetle trouble warming up to 11.