Mar 12, 2010

20th Poll Results: The Main Man's Mane

Which hair color looks best on Richard Armitage?

208 votes were cast...

Poll Results
in ascending order:

Black: 131 (62%)

Natural brown: 58 (27%)

He should let it go gray: 19 (9%)
Fake gray:
A hint of gray at the temples and stubble:

I agree with the majority and prefer Richard's black hair.
However, I think it would be interesting to see how he'd look if his hairstylist took
a vacation for a few months.  (In other words, how gray would those temples become?) 
By the way, I think it's totally unfair that men look so distinguished with gray hair,
while women just look older.  A few months ago, I plucked a random white hair from
my auburn locks and nearly freaked out.  :)

On the subject of hair, you all have to watch this hilarious
Gisborne video created by Damaris called
"The Rightful Hair"
featured on RAfanvids
So funny! :)

Elvira Sweeney (the person who runs RAfanvids)
gave me special permission to link to videos on her site.


Joan Crenshaw said...

See, I wanted to vote "yes" as in yes, any color....

flandersdreamer said...

Nat, sadly you are right. We women don't have the right to look grey and believe me, I have tried it! I started dying my dark brown hair when I was 45, only because my friends, family and colleagues said I was going grey and it made me look older than I really was. By then I had already been plucking white hairs for ten years!
Now, at 57, I've opted for the highlighted look and my plan is to go fairer every year and then nothing so the transition will not be so blatant. But you, with your one white hair are still a long way from that!

bZirk said...

Yep, she is probably a long way from that. I started getting some gray when I was 30 years old, but it stayed pretty limited until I was about 45, and then my gray took off with a vengeance. I did color it for a couple of years, but it was a hassle. However, I got a look at some recent pictures, and my gray makes me look ancient, so I guess my vanity will dictate that I color my hair again. :D

Oh, and for the record, I voted 'black' along with the rest of the masses. It really does look good on him, but I also like him with brown -- just not as much.

Debra said...

"The Rightful Hair" video is great.

I love it. Thank you for sharing the link. Damaris is ver-r-ry talented as well as imaginative.

In RL, I prefer the darker shade of hair on RA, but not black/black. I really liked the way that it looked in Moving On...with the slight hint of grey.

IMO -older men who continue to color their hair past a certain age - just look creepy. Not that he's anywhere near "that age".
Someday he'll have to make that decision on his own (I guess)?

**It looks GREAT right now as the Lucas North character**

bZirk said...

Okay, I finally watched "The Rightful Hair." LOL! My system needed some tweaking so I could watch it from RAFanvids. That is hilarious. From the "hanky" down to the hot new hairstyle.

Phylly3 said...

I voted brown hair but I'll admit I like the black too, just not TOO black --it's too fake. As John Thornton, his hair was still brown, although a darker brown, which is the most flattering for him I believe.
I don't mind a bit of grey in his locks either, really it's his eyes I focus on!
"The Rightful Hair" video was very clever! So glad that Elvira let you post a link there.
My favourite video (which is no longer on Youtube so I had to access it from RAfanvids) is "Beautiful Disaster" by Sooth. Love it! Love it! Love it!

bZirk said...

I don't like the black black look either. It definitely looks fake.

As for my favorite video that's no longer on YouTube, whew, boy, that's a tough one. Probably the first one that comes to mind is "Guy Supermassive Black Hole." I have a special affection for that one because it was the first RH vid that I loved; it nails Guy. Thankfully, the creator of that vid gave me a copy of it. Oh, and I know it has some aspect ratio issues, which I didn't realize at first (see I'm learning, Elvira), but I still love it. LOL!

Twinkling Moon said...

I wonder what RA would think of all of us voting on his hair, ha! ha! I definitely went with black, just love it. Had no idea that it wasn't dark naturally, as the first thing I saw him in was N&S and his hair was dark in that.

And as long as we are commenting on RA's looks, can I just say that I am sooooooooo glad that he hasn't Botoxed his face. I've seen on other blogs people commenting on his lips, but he looks just great to me! Dying your hair is one thing, but please no botoxing of the lips RA, we love you just the way you are :)

And yes, it's not fair, but for the most part women can't pull off gray hair. And as for RA going gray, man, he's not even 40 so I say no way Jose to that one!

Anonymous said...

i am having flashback of the flashback from BTS -- you know the one? the oasis tee, the John Lennon glasses, the creepy goatee and the redish/alburn hair?

whatever stylist did that to him should be locked away on an island somewhere.

I wonder why Nat didn't include THAT haircolor in the poll???

Anonymous said...

I really love him with black hair, though natural brown suits him as well (especially as Lee in Cold Feet)

Myrtle said...

Tall, dark and handsome, that's how I like RA! I do agree that as he gets older the very dark hair may look too harsh. Though I do find the pic of Lucas with grey temples and stubble quite attractive too. However, I thought that the silver haired Mr Bell/Samuel Walker was rather sexy!

@Rob said...

love the flecks of gray, yes, it's sexy! the "lucas" character is just a sexy beast, isn't he???

and yes, it's a total double standard as i shell out $150 to rid my brown hair of "the greys." it's just not fair!!!