Mar 10, 2010

Between the Sheets and Over the Feet

"Bobby Socks"

A little poem directed at the foot coverings
worn by Richard Armitage in "Between the Sheets."

Bobby socks, bobby socks,
Why, oh why are you still there?
The other clothes are on the floor,
the rest of Paul is bare.

Bobby socks, bobby socks,
are you hiding something scary?
An ingrown nail? A monkey toe?
Or hobbit feet so hairy?

Bobby socks, bobby socks,
I haven’t watched “Between the Sheets.”
But I’ve heard all about those nakey scenes
and at screencaps, I took a peek.

Bobby socks, bobby socks,
I’m still a bit too chicken,
to see dear RA in the buff
and in a compromising position!

Bobby socks, bobby socks,
I know there’s more to this show...
important discussion takes place throughout,
people’s relationships blossom and grow.

Bobby socks, bobby socks,
to each their own, I say!
But I have better things to do,
than talk to socks all day.

Sidenote from Nat:
This idea popped into my head after reading
Mulubinba's BTS review HERE at An RA Viewer's Perspective.
No... socks were never mentioned. In fact, something I love about her blog is that
she always takes an unbiased look at things, analyzing with such intelligence.
I often leave her site saying, "I never thought of it that way before."
(One person I know posts the first thing that comes to mind,
which usually involves cracking a joke. *ahem*)

So here's to shared friendship, respect,
and a love of RA's work! (Most of it, anyway. teehee.)


Sue said...

Actually if my memory serves me right (and believe me it's etched in my brain!) Richard only had one sock on! Little monkey must have been in one hell of a hurry!

By the way Nat it's all over Twitter, IMDB and Armydreamers that Richard is no longer to be in the film Charlie!

Mike Ogden has emailed all Charlie forum members (including me) that he will chat live tonight at 10pm (UK time) and explain why.

To be honest the more I heard about the storyline the less I liked it so I'm not completely disappointed. I'm looking forward more to watching Strike Back.

Myrtle said...

Oh Sue, that's interesting news. I was looking forward to Charlie, it sounded to me that there was to be more depth to it than SB. Of course I am desperate to see SB too!!!

Any way back to those socks, Brilliant Nat! the 'one sock scene' in BTS has always amused me, then I noticed Lucas left his socks on in the 'boiler suit'scene also. Is this and RA trademark?This requires deep and thoughtful analysis???

@Rob said...

he has lovely hands. i am obessed with his hands. seriously, i have a hand thing (a hand and nose thing). and his hands are perfect. so i'm thinking the feet are lovely too. altho, he was a dancer, so it is hard to say. honestly, i'd take him even if he has gnarly feet. i'd get over it.

sue you broke some BIG NEWS here about Charlie!!! you'll have to tell us why he pulled out of the project.

flandersdreamer said...

Nat, the naked scenes in this series are really okay. And very necessary in completing and enriching the storyline. RA does it very convincingly and so does Julie Graham. "Between The Sheets" is a fantastic show with talented actors and RA fits in perfectly.

Anonymous said...

You should write children's books and illustrate them with stick figures! You have a real gift for rhyme.

bZirk said...


You and I may just be typical bourgeois Americans about something like BTS. But hey, I've already said pretty much what I think on Mulubinba's blog. I would still recommend with a proviso -- so no one yelps when they watch.

All that aside, ROFLOL!!! Love the poem. However, it would be interesting to read what you have to say after watching the show.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, I didn't know those socks were called bobby socks, talk about learning something new everyday, :)

@bZirk, okay, I don't know where I got this from, but for some reason I thought you were a UKer. Now I'm scratching my head wondering where I came up with that one,

I think I am like you and Nat, I've been too chicken to watch BTS, have seen some bits on Youtube. I'm not even sure where to get the whole thing, I'm assuming it's on Netflix.

@Rob, I'm with you on RA's hands. I thought I was the only one who felt that way, glad to know I'm in good company :)

bZirk said...

No, I'm the usual run of the mill American. I love the UK, but somehow I don't think that counts. :D

As for BTS, nope, it's not on Netflix. At least it wasn't on there over a year and a half ago; I haven't checked lately. I able to watch it 'cause someone gave me a link to some rapidshare files with the uncut version. But I don't think those are there anymore. A while back I sent someone there to look at them, and they were gone. I guess you might have to buy it, and I don't think there are any DVDs for sale that will play in our region, so you either have to buy a region free player or hack the one you have. I've done both things if you need any info.

Oh, and I pay attention to the hands too. I'm a piano player, so I always pay attention to hands.

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, piano player, so hands totally make sense, I don't have a reasonable excuse, so maybe I'm just weird :)

As for run-of-the-mill American, no such thing my friend. I've come to realize this country is so big that even within one state there are so many different cultures that I think it would boggle the mind of a real UKer :)

I'm with you, I wonder if UK interest can make us an "honorary" (sp?) UKer?

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, I forgot to say Thanks about letting me know that BTS is not on Netflix. I am new to Netflix, so I just assumed everything is pretty much on there. but I guess not. Oh well!

bZirk said...

@Twinkling Moon,

I love our diverse country, so I agree with you about Americans, and as for states, hey, I'm a Texan (displaced but still a Texan), so I'm really aware of the great diversity that can exist within a state. :D

No, I never had an oil well in my backyard. Although I did grow up owning and riding horses in the city of Dallas no less. LOL!

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, totally understand the diversity within a state. I'm from NYS and I can never just say NY because people assume it's the city. I feel like saying "people, you do know New York is a state, right?" And I'm talking about Americans, LOL!