Mar 29, 2010

Blogspot Problems

If you're visiting this site or other blogs and notice photos aren't loading and have been replaced by a red X, it's because blogspot is having issues today.  I visited their help forum and google/blogspot employees have left messages saying they are working to resolve this issue, which has been affecting some jpeg uploaded photos. (Pictures from photobucket or other sources are fine.)  Stay tuned...  I will hold off on posting until this is fixed. (Hopefully soon.)


bZirk said...

Maybe take it as a sign that you might need a break after that marathon last week? :D

MaryKwizMiz said...

gah. I have noticed, having dumped some recent drabbles at my lair...only to see them disap.. not see them, actually ;)
Lucas was right - bloody internet :P

Starheart said...

Weird, I don't have problems. Maybe the aussie servers are ok.