Mar 23, 2010

Fanstravaganza Wrap-Up

Today marks the end of our fun week of festivities!
Richard dressed up for the occasion:
I hope that you have enjoyed all the blog-hopping and encourage you to keep following
the fanstravaganza blogs as well as the other blogs that are linked on the side-bar under
"Enjoyable Blogs."  Thank you for voting and/or commenting...
your participation has been greatly appreciated.

Now let's get down to business with the poll results...
(By the way, I think I was the biggest slacker of the group with only 2 polls.)

 ~ Best RA Costume ~

First Place:
Gisborne's Leather: 84 (41%)

2nd and 3rd Place:
Thornton's Cravat: 51 (25%)
Lucas's Jeans: 39 (19%)

Lee's Speedo: 6 (2%)
Alec's Orange Coveralls: 3 (1%)
Philip's Tux: 0 (0%)
Standring's Suit: 1 (0%)
Harry's Sweaters: 14 (6%)
Monet's Pink Vest: 1 (0%)
Paul's Bobby Sock: 1 (0%)
Ricky's Biker Gear: 1 (0%)
Ian's Polo Shorts: 0 (0%)
Porter's Camouflage: 3 (1%)

~ Best thing about seeing RA as Monet ~

First Place:
Feeling Monet's rollercoaster emotions: 37 (27%)
I didn't word that poll answer very well, but it seems that you understood the meaning.
While watching Richard in this role, the viewer can't help but feel his passion, sadness
and excitement right along with him!  It really is a great performance.

Other results:
Richard portraying an artist: 20 (15%)
Beautiful scenery surrounds him: 13 (9%)
Monet as a father: 10 (7%)
Monet's awesome facial hair/costumes: 4 (3%)
The struggling artist's journey to success: 14 (10%)
The romance & smooching: 16 (12%)
Learning about the different artists and their work: 19 (14%)

I want to thank Maria Grazia at Fly High for coming up with the wonderful  idea
of a group blogging event, as well as the other Fanstravaganza bloggers for
their awesome ideas, posts & friendships.  It was fun observing all the creativity,
humor, and insight each blog offered over the past week.  Thanks for the smiles, ladies!
(This reminds me... I have been working on SFR #6 -slowly but surely-
and bZirk, I still owe you a SFR watercolor.  I'll get there on both, I promise!)

For those of you who are interested, here is a summary
of what happened on the Fanstravaganza blogs this week:

Avalon's Blog featured poll questions about Gisborne.
You can see those poll results HERE with some great manips by TygerMag.
She also featured two RA fans: an interview fanfic author Sarah Pawley HERE
and highlighting Spikesbint's work (vidder, graphic artist & fanfic author) HERE.

The Spooks Fan Blog featured poll questions about (bet you can't guess) Lucas North:
"Lucas North's Cheekiest Moment" and "Favorite Lucas North MacGyver Moment."
(Hilarous!  Love the poll questions, Skully!)  Her poll results will be posted tomorrow.
Her fan features included Lucas North icons from various artists HERE
and an interview with graphic designer, TygerMag HERE.

The Squeee featured poll questions about RA's leading ladies. (Poll result post pending.)
My favorite post was THIS ONE with a recap of the "Most Despised Leading Ladies"
which had me laughing out loud.  (Sarah and the duct tape... haha!)

Reviewerama featured poll questions about North & South. Results can be viewed HERE.
My fave was the "Favorite Thorton Heel Spin Moment" since I never noticed just how often
my (I mean, our) JT does that!  Ragtag also interviewed RA vidder Elva75 HERE.  

An RA Viewer Perspective featured 8 polls (what are you trying to do, Mulubinba,
make me look like a lazy bum?) featuring questions about Cbeebies, phone calls, props,
scenery and audio work.  The poll results have been posted HERE.

Me+Richard featured poll questions about The Vicar of Dibley
She will be posting her results tomorrow, so be sure to check it out later.
There are also fan highlights of bZirk HERE and Eli of the Armitage Army HERE.

Phew... I hope I covered everything!
Gisborne can stop threatening everyone to vote now.


MaryKwizMiz said...

it has been a pleasure indeed - and I hope we'll have another one this year...
thanks Nat (and o/c all the other members of this little conspiRAcy...) - great work, some brilliant discoveries, and much to be re-viewed in days & weeks to come.

Phylly3 said...
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Phylly3 said...

What a FAB week it was! Thanks to all who participated and to Maria Grazia for the idea! I had a blast blog jumping and voting. Nice that some of the other Blogs picked up some new readers!

tyme_4_t said...

I had never visited blogs before SFR came along and caught my eye on youtube!

What fantastic people I've discovered! The humour and intelligence and knowledge of the bloggers & commenters is phenomenal!

I will continue to check out the blogs and hope to discover more!

All because of SFR! (& you Nat!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for organising the event, Nat! I don't know about you lot but I'm all RArmitaged out! RA overload! Returning to geeky non-RA Spooks blog posts tomorrow.

MaryKwizMiz said...

betcha you can't...unless you work your way from season 1 through 6...
I'll take care of RA exposure then :P

Beth said...

Hola! my name is Beth and I write from Buenos Aires, Argentina. First of all I tell you I'm writing this review through a translator on my computer as it does not speak English, sorry if you do not understand me too. Just wanted to say that I really like your blog, I found this out because I was looking for data on Richard Armitage as he loves me, is divine! I discovered it in Robin Hood, then I saw him in Sparkhouse, but I loved North and South in their interpretation of John Thornton was memorable. I want to see in that series "Spooks," but unfortunately this did not occur and can not find it with subtitles in Spanish.
I would like to know more about Richard if married or has a girlfriend, but it seems he is very secretive about his private life and can not find anything on that topic.
Well I say goodbye to you and I will keep this blog because the only thing that keeps me informed about the work of Richard! Adios!

MillyMe said...

Thought I'd also drop a line from Norway to illustrate how international RA-admiration has become. I am English and have been married to a lovely tall and blue-eyed Norwegian for almost a quarter of a century. I awoke to RA's charm after receiving North and South at Christmas despite having seen him in a couple of episodes of Robin Hood series 1, Malice Aforethought, Miss Marple and George Gently. Ironically I didn't realise it was the same actor until I had an irrestistible urge to google him after falling for North and south, the actor and the man, the whole package as many before me. I'm in the throes of an inexplicable passion as I enjoy films but have never been a fan-girl in any way. This week I've travelled from blog to blog enjoying the bloggers' and posters' talents. Thanks for the fun and the companionship.
I especially enjoy your blog, Nat, and visit often!

Anonymous said...

You are great, Nat. This took a lot of coordination and last minute preparation. I am so grateful to you.

Myrtle said...

Lovely, thanks to everyone.

bZirk said...

Thanks for all your efforts, Nat, and thanks to everyone else too! I had a great time, and if you are all up to it, August would be a great time to do it again! :D

As for the watercolor, Nat, I'm not going anywhere, so take your time. Oh, and I started to say that you know where I live, but occurred to me that you don't. LOL!

I'll send you a note.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

What a week it was and that with Clarissa at the same time which I've been listening to over and over again! Thank you to all involved, what a way to spreading the love! Yes, def want to do this again. All this hopping left me dizzy!

Sue said...


As you have been discussing Richard's costumes I wonder how you think he may have looked dressed as Lovelace? I've just seen a clip of Sean Bean playing Robert Lovelace in Clarissa and to be honest I wouldn't exactly be chomping at the bit to tear them of his poor puny body. His legs look a bit on the bandy side for my taste and I've seen more meat on a butcher's dog.

Here's a link to YouTube where you can watch Clarissa in full:

I wish the BBC would consider doing a remake of this. Perhaps Richard and Daniella Denby-Ashe could star opposite each other. That would be intriguing to watch!

I would love to see those shapely legs of Richard's uncovered or should I say in stockings together with lovely shiny shoes with buckles.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

btw:if we're going international;I grew up in Belgium, lived in the UK(Lewes, East Susssex)for a little while. Now I'm married to a dark haired american, brown-eyed though. Watched him in RH1 as well, I remember being confused liking the bad character. The BIG love happended w/N&S this summer and since I've been catching up guilt-free on Gizzy!

Traxy said...

Thank you for organising this, Nat - it's been a hoot! :) (Have posted the results now btw.)

Bleagh, I don't feel very eloquent at the mo because I need to crawl into bed, but I remembered I hadn't posted the poll results and then I had to check everyone else's results too - and pop by and give you a hug. :) *hug*

mulubinba said...

I'm still recovering - thanks for organising this Nat and Maria and thanks to my fellow bloggers who made it so enjoyable! (My visitor stats will never look so good again