Mar 11, 2010

I Outted Myself.

Unable to keep a secret from my best friend any longer,
I finally told my husband about this blog.

I hadn't mentioned it before because I figured he'd either
make fun of me to no end (we like to tease each other, especially in public)
or worse, he'd feel bad about me focusing so much attention on another guy.

The hubs didn't give much of a reaction, so I'm still unsure of his full opinion on the matter.
He'd never tell me I can't do something... but I value his feelings greatly.
(He said he wasn't upset, so that makes me feel better.)

*There was originally more to this post, but I decided to shorten it
because after reviewing, it felt a little too personal.*


flandersdreamer said...

Dear Nat, don't worry. If your husband really loves you, and I think he does, he will not mind about your blogging. Mine finds it "cool" although he sometimes calls me a teenager with all my RA admiartion and stuff. Advantage is: we now watch RA's work together. Very cozy and nice! And it's nothing to do with you being a mum staying at home, I was a working mum for thirty years but I couldn't keep myself away from mu computer and the Net whenever I had a spare moment.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks, FD. Oh, I know the guy loves me and I'm still crazy about him too. I'm not sure if he'd ever come out and say he minded, but if I can tell it bothers him, it would take most of the fun out of it for me.
The funny thing is, I don't know if he will ever look at this blog, unless I made him or he does it secretly. (Babe, if you're reading this, fess up!)

Starheart said...

Nat i'm amazed you kept it secret for so long. My partner was pretty weirded out by my RA posts at first but now asking him if it bothers him he says RA blogging is more about self expression and creativity rather than an unhealthy celebrity crush. It helps that i tell him he's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more gorgeous than RA of course.

Anonymous said...

You blew your cover! A clandestine blogger no more? Good for you, Nat. You've got a great blog here with fantastic content and a loyal following. Your hubby should be proud to know what you've achieved with this blog.

Anonymous said...

PS. Some terminology for the partnered ladies to use re RA - "Extramarital Crush"! ;)

@Rob said...

Dear Mr. Nat:

You have a lovely, funny, charming and creative wife who we have not only grown to love, but now count on to keep us updated on all thing Richard Armitage.

Altho it may seem a bit werid, your wife now has "a following." We count on her, so we truly hope that you won't mind. Aside from being a fan blog, she has built an on-line community and that's pretty cool.

She manages to always keep it fun and light. And yes Mr. Armitage is a handsome man, but he is also one fine actor.

And finally, we can all see how much she loves you and your family. This blog is just a creative outlet for her. :)

Thanks for your understanding...

Joan Crenshaw said...

My husband knew about my Russell Crowe thing and actually banished my Gladiator poster to the office, though he put up with everything else. He'd have taken RA in stride. Not sure how he would have handled a blog. But Mr. Nat sounds like a secure individual who will probably shake his head at us and move forward. After all, he DID have the wit and wisdom to fall for Mrs. Nat!

Myrtle said...

Hey Mr Nat, your lovely, creative gal even has supporters here in Sunny Scotland, woo hoo!!!

I agree with the gist of all of the above comments. Well Done Nat!

Manda said...

Dear Mr. Nat,

We need Nat to bring lightness and smiles into our ordinary everyday lives! It's as much about the community as anything. You've got a great girl and we like you for sharing her and her slightly weird brain. :-)


Anonymous said...

I am definately, a fan of your work too! I can't say how much I enjoy your blog. The wit, the humor, the silliness! I am forever cracking up. I hope your family knows how talented you are and we appreciate the time you take to whip up all of these awesome posts!

CHEERS to Nat!

Anonymous said...

The issue is if you are neglecting your real life to focus on blogging, right? I mean, everyone gets a hobby as long as it's not destructive to the really important things in life.

Judith Johnson said...

Thank goodness you have found such an orginal and charming outlet for your creativity. I marvel at your energy and originality everytime I read it. I know it is difficult to be a mother of young children and a loving spouse and if this blog makes you a happier wife and mother while brightening so many peoples's lives in these hard time in which we live, then it's truly a blessing that you do this. P.S. I will be happy to adopt your Little Guy action figures if he banishes them *_*

Twinkling Moon said...

Nat, I wonder if you feel freer now that the cat is out of the bag, maybe you will blog without feeling you will have to do it clandestinely?

@Mr.Nat, You're wife is just hysterical and actually has developed a serious following of her own, Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

And as has been said earlier, you must be a pretty special guy yourself, as you were smart enough to pick her :)

Phylly3 said...

I whole heartedly echo the sentiments of everyone here. And good on you, Nat for finally coming clean with Mr. Nat. (I find keeping secrets from my own best friend practically impossible!) My hubby is naturally more secretive than I am but he knows it really bugs me when he keeps stuff from me.
He used to be a bit uncomfortable about my "crush" but as I explained to him, it's more about my admiration for his talent (his looks are certainly a BONUS!) and about the wonderful group of admirers I have met online (mostly through this wonderful blog!) In fact, I don't know which I'm addicted to more -- RA or The Richard Armitage fan blog!!
Thanks for blogging Nat!

Avalon said...

Did you show it to him?

bZirk said...


Where can I sign that letter? :D


I've had a blast reading this blog. Natalie is a delight as I'm sure you all agree. As much as I like Richard Armitage, I really don't come to this place for him so much as for Natalie and all of you.

Twinkling Moon said...

yeah, gotta echo bZirk's comments.

I think I too enjoy reading the blog more than strictly following RA's work. Maybe that's why I just didn't care one way or the other about the Charlie thing. This blog fills my needs :)