Mar 22, 2010

A Knight in Shining, Silly Armor

I know several options were left out of the "Favorite RA Costume" Fanstravaganza poll,
(the Lucas boiler suit has been mentioned several times... *cough*)
but hopefully you've been able to vote for a favorite.

Richard really is a great actor and it helps that he has had some
fabulous costumes to get him into character...
and then there are some that are rather comical, such as:

Gisborne, the evil tin man! 
(dun dun dunnnnnn!!!)
Did anyone else find this funny?

I stumbled upon this short YouTube vid that made me laugh out loud!
*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing*
Oh, and just ignore the last few few seconds with that "Long live Robin Hood" crap.
We're all Team Leather around here, right ladies? :)

So the armor costume may have been laughable to me, but later
in the same episode, we get this look... 
Very nice indeed!  I like the wet Gisborne.

Are there other Richard Armitage costumes
that you think are funny?

Reminder: The Fanstravaganza is nearly over!
You have one day left to vote at each participating blog, so get crackin'.


Anonymous said...

The armor was hilarious! Wet Gisborne was a good trade off though ;) I can't help but giggle when Gisborne's leather squeaks, it kind of undermines the whole bad ass dude vibe. It was funny to see RA head to toe in leather again for one scene in Spooks where Lucas North posed as a courier - he can't escape the stuff!

Phylly3 said...

LOL that video! The music was perfect! He makes it look like that armour weighs a TON!
And yes! Wet Richard is divine!

Sue said...

Richard really did look a plonker in that armour. Anyone got a can opener? (wink!)

Myrtle said...

The armour was so ridiculous, he can carry off the serious but amusing parts so well. As for the 'wet look', I'm not even going to go there.......yummy

Avalon said...

Lol, I was wondering if anyone was going to post about RA in shiny armor. That video was cute and yes, the wet look was adorable.

MaryKwizMiz said...

I've had dreams about him in shiny armour but this one makes me laugh out loud every time I watch the scene. Quite contrary to the intended effect of the armour (after all, it was supposed to, by its invincibility, scare the heck out of Robin.. and later on whole armies) it's easily the most silly attire on the whole show. And that's saying something. for wet Guy. I'm not even trying to go there :D

Unknown said...

The Tin Man was hilarious the first time I saw it. CP30 droid, anyone? But the "wet look" Guy was so vulnerable.

PS Computer suffered a nervous breakdown in comment first attempt. So hope this isn't duplicating comment...

John Standring said...

Oh yes that was so silly - do you think it was actually him inside that armour though - or a stuntman?

But this episode, we got Gisborne naked from the waste up and the scrummy yummy wet look. Which I guess just about makes up for the silliness. But it was so undignified.

John Standring said...

And no I can't spell...Waist I meant....arrrgggh

tyme_4_t said...

I have been happily wracking my brains trying to imagine other costumes that are funny...and the tin man wins out! That scene makes me lol everytime.

...ummm is it wracking or racking...??

MaryKwizMiz said...

LOL - I think it's rack tho I tend to wreck mine :D
and I can't remember any other funny Guy costumes .. if you don't count the ridiculous yellow feathers on teh helmets of his guards...