Mar 20, 2010

A plug for a fave ~ The Impressionists

In light of the Fanstravaganza frenzy,
I feel an urge to do a bit of shameless plugging for one of my favorite
Richard Armitage roles and highlight RA as Monet.

What was that?
You haven't seen The Impressionists!?


Didn't you read my review HERE?

Do not let a bit of crazy facial hair scare you off...
this movie is seriously amazing!
Sure, I may be a bit bias, being an art-lover
and Richard Armitage admirer... but it's true, dang it!

We get to see Richard play a character who smiles.

The scenery is spectacular and the soundtrack is GORgeous.

There's some romance...
and heartache.

There are friendships...
and rivalries.

Oooh, and there's plenty of painting!

If I haven't yet convinced you (or you want to revisit a few beautiful scenes)
you HAVE TO watch this video by KatSw3 HERE. (Have to, I say!)
I have linked to this video before, but it's my favorite Impressionists fan video.
It truely captures the lovely feeling of this film.

Your blogwork assignment is to watch this video and report back to me
or one of your RA enthusiast buddies.

Oh, and after looking through a few screencaps,
I think I found the next picture for a photo caption contest:
Hahaha!  So many possibilities! :)

*Thanks to Richard Armitage Net for the screencaps.*

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Mulubinba said...

I love The Impressionists and for the RAfanstravaganza, I've been making a few screencaps. The music score is enough to bring a lump to my throat. It is a beautifully made film - lovely to look at and well acted.

Phylly3 said...

My copy of this movie just came in yesterday. Hubby & I have only watched part 1 so far but it is WONDERFUL! The cinematography is so colour saturated and lush, the storyline engrossing, and yes, it is wonderful to see RA smiling! A very emotional, and sensual movie. Can't wait to watch the rest!

flandersdreamer said...

I remember seeing "The Impressionists" on BBC 1 long before I knew who RA was (imagine that!) I liked it immensely because of the overall quality. I always preferred impressionism above other art periods so this series was right up to my sleave.
RA didn't strike me that much at the time, I was much more impressed by Julian Glover's acting than by RA's. That didn't happen until I saw N&S!

tyme_4_t said...

I borrowed "The Impressionists" from the library as I started to go down the list of RA's work that I wanted to watch.

This program completely blew me away as I honestly was first only interested in seeing it because RA was in it.

The history of the struggle of the artists at that time and the wonderful performances by all the actors is what captivated me. Also the personal lives of the artists and their relationship with each other was fasinating.

Great post Nat!

Charleybrown said...

I don't know WHY I haven't seen this yet!! Probably scared off by the hair but thanks for mentioning it, I'll seek it out!

virginie said...

I'm not what one can call an art-lover, but I really loved this movie. I started watching for our dear RA, but in the end I really loved it all ! It gives a different sight of the painters, much better than the boring one we had at school ^^
And I must say RA was really amazing, you could easily imagine that he was Monet for real !

bZirk said...

Before I give my opinion of The Impressionists, I just want to say that I think katsw3 is an artist. I love her videos!

The Impressionists is far from my favorite RA piece, but I do like it, and what I like about it is the sweetness of his character. The problem with the piece is the conflict is not written well and the pacing is off(ducks). But I certainly don't blame RA for that.

Wouldn't it be dull if we all agreed? :D

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed The Impressionists. I'm not a fan of this art style (just not my taste) but it gave me a knew found appreciation for the guts these artists had to break new ground. Definitely worth seeing for that alone! RA, of course, was great as well.

Manda said...

LOVE the screencap! May I use it in the Crinkle Zone?? Pretty please?

MaryKwizMiz said...

déjà vu :D
I've left a gushing comment on that topic in one of the other Fanstravagaza blogs, just to say how impressed I was by The Impressionist (me to, bit more than a tad biased.. and that's not even talking about RA :)
I've only had time to "speed-watch" all 3 parts in one sittiing, definitely watch-againable.. the beauty and intensity of it is breathtaking at times. As for facial hair - the soul-patch from episode 1 was actually quite cute :D

Myrtle said...

I recently added this to my RA collection, the scenery is beautiful and the realtionships between the painters interesting. RA gave a very sensitive performance and yes, it is lovely to see him laugh too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was the smiling that drew me in. Before that I had only seen him playing brooding heroes. I'm glad you gave this such a strong plug. My best friend who introduced me to N&S refuses to watch his roles if he has brown hair in them, and I am afraid that the costume/hair style put people off from watching a great performance.

@Rob said...

i love the smiling, but now i am fixated on the teeth -- they have changed from N&S to Monet to Spooks. Can someone fill me in here?

Twinkling Moon said...

Ok, haven't seen the Impressionists, and not being an Art connaisseur (can't even spell it, lol!) and being scared by all that facial hair, I don't see myself rushing off to track it down (sorry Nat!), but after reading @Rob's comments, I had to laugh and comment as well.

See, we had this conversation some posts back about RA's teeth. He definitely had his teeth done, I can speak with some authority on this, as I am a dentist :) People's opinion on his teeth vary, but generally speaking I find that alot of it is culturally dependent. It has been suggested that getting his teeth done may have been an indication of his efforts to pursue acting in America.

Hopefully that answers your question!

@Rob said...

@ TM -- You will like the Impressionist. It was nicely done. I have a degree in art history, and I learned a thing or two. Event w/ the squirrel facial hair.

Okay now back to the teeth. Love that UR a dentist. It looks as though they gave him a set of new teeth. Like the shape changed. How did they do that exactly?

I know this sounds strange but I found his teeth in the Impressionist sort of endearing, like they were his actual teeth. His has a lovely smile, but where did the Lucas North teeth come from?

bZirk said...

His teeth looked really good in The Impressionists. I wonder why he had anything done.

I cannot believe I'm talking about an actor's teeth. But then I've talked about his nose, his hair, his leather pants, and uh, his bobby sock, so I guess talking about his teeth is not too much of a stretch. :D

Oh, and looking a the screencaps, HE DOES smile a lot in that show. I knew he smiled, but I guess I didn't remember that he smiled that much. Love that.

@Rob said...

@bZ -- that's what I am saying? His teeth in the Impressionist looked good. Don't understand why they changed so much after that.

Can't believe we are having this chat either...welcome to the world of, um, fandom. Right?

I love all the smiling in this film. It was such a diff role for him to play. The scene where he has his hand on her pregnant belly make my ovaries squeal with delight. There is something so touching about that moment. It gets me, really gets me.

bZirk said...


Yeah, I went back and looked 'cause you said that. What was the problem? His teeth looked great to me. Not perfect, but too perfect doesn't look all that good. Anyway, it looks like he's had a little bonding and maybe his canines filed down a little. Since I'm no dentist, we'll have to rely on our resident to let us know. Cannot believe I"m talking about this, but hey, you all understand. So glad we have each other. :D

Oh, and as for that scene, I love it too. There may not be anything sexier than a man who can be tender. So that scene is maybe one of RA's sexiest scenes.

But thankfully, it doesn't make my ovaries squeal LOL! That happened plenty when I was younger, and I have four beautiful children to show for it.

It does bring back wonderful memories of new motherhood and of what a sensitive father my husband has been from the moment we found out our first was coming. So I love that scene for what it makes me remember.

I adore that man even though I'd like to wring his neck sometimes. Like yesterday when we got our schedules all fouled up.Yeah, we fight over stupid things like that. :D

Anonymous said...

While acknowledging the sheer frivolity of this issue, I will admit that I have looked at the teeth a lot, too. There are a few screencaps from "The Impressionists" in which it looks like he had veneers or something put on his upper incisors and eye teeth, but not on that first molar, and you can see the color difference between the veneer and the molar which is one of his actual teeth.

This only makes sense, if you are going to smile a lot in a film that is so suffused with light and you have the average person's teeth you need to do something to make yours look white, I think. We love our historic films, but I don't think we love looking at historic teeth (no matter how authentic).

What fascinates me, though, on this topic, is that I think he has had a series of different "tooth jobs." I.e., the teeth here are not the same as some of the later ones. I also think he must have done some sort of orthodontic work on his lower incisors, if you compare North and South to (say) Spooks.

In short, he must have a deep, intense relationship with his dentist.

What does the dentist IRL think?

bZirk said...

So glad you posted, servetus, so I don't have to double post. LOL!!!

I have to tell you all that every time I think of the bobby sock, I think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers album cover. If you know the cover, you know why. ROFLOL!!

@Rob said...

Honestly, it looks as though he has had an entirely new set of teeth.

@ Sev -- love ur recap, "In short, he must have a deep, intense relationship with his dentist."

For what it's worth, I liked the Impressionalist teeth the best, but understand needing/wanting perfect teeth. Maybe they are just too perfect??? The irony is that he plays these surly bastards, that don't smile!!!

Life is ironic. Thanks for indulging me with this conversation.

To quote @bZ "Cannot believe I"m talking about this, but hey, you all understand. So glad we have each other."

So glad we have and understand each other. :)

Myrtle said...

Hey folks, Just listened to ep 2 of Clarissa on BBC radio 4, and he (Lovelace) was singing, our boy was singing!!!! only briefly but it was heaven. Can you guys in the states get this?

Anonymous said...

@Rob, it actually bugged me in Spooks 7.1 that his teeth were so perfect. There's no way that after 8 years in Russian prison his teeth would look that way. But I guess that even if you can afford to have cosmetic dentistry regularly, you wouldn't do it for just one episode. I think in some of the RH scenes his teeth look wolflike. He does appear to have exceptionally long eyeteeth.

I was thinking of the dentist, frankly. Staring into that face all the time?

We can hear things over the BBC iPlayer, and we heard Clarissa this morning. Yum!

bZirk said...

I'm using my sweet little setup with Radio Downloader, and it's already on my iPod. I'll be on a plane in a day (going to Texas for my Mexican food fix), so I'm trying to hold off listening 'til then. Not sure I'll be able to wait!

@Rob said...

wait how did u get clarissa in the states? pls explain. singing? did i hear he sang? pls describe the singing in detail for those of us in the states. thank you.

@Rob said...

btw -- it is really hard to find a picy of him smiling...

bZirk said...

You can listen on the BBC iPlayer. Annette has a link on her site or you can install some software to download and convert to mp3 format or whatever format you might like. If you have a PC, you can use Radio Downloader (which also requires the Lame sofware), and it's free. If you have a Mac, you'll have to use audiohighjack or maybe wiretap.

kaprekar said...

I have seen the Impressionists! And it is lovely, though undemanding TV that did teach me quite a bit, including some eye-openers (e.g. Monet living with Alice for so long before they could marry). However it did feel to me like a bunch of "scenes" strung together into a loose narrative. But HE was lovely and it was great to see him smiling so much in the sun!

Just had to mention a tidbit about Clarissa Part 2 - he sings!

flandersdreamer said...

Hey Mirtle,
I listened to Clarissa too and I loved the singing though he deliberatly sang off key! I'd love to hear him sing for real with that velvety baritone voice!
You can hear he has a trained voice, he can hold a tone and he knows how to breathe properly when singing. Good job, Richard!

bZirk said...

Y'all are killin' me with all this talk of him singing. :D

Twinkling Moon said...

ROTL! I am so thrilled that so many have taken an interest in RA's teeth! I have had an in-length discussion about another Brit actor on another site and his dental issues as well, and that brought out some strong opinions. So ladies, do not feel "odd" for discussing RA's teeth, hee! hee!

As it has been said, everything else of his has been discussed. Besides, when a person enters showbiz and earns a living where so much depends on his looks, well, the discussion that follows comes with the territory. And I don't think any of us are being direspectful here.

So back to the teeth, yeah, I'm with you Servetus, we like historical dramas but not historical teeth :) Now, he definitely had his teeth done between N&S and Spooks. I haven't seen the Impressionists so don't really know what he had going on during that time. I believe even RA joked that his teeth in N&S reflected the historical period, tee! hee!

Yeah, I'd say he had veneer work, possibly some crowns, and I'd say if he had a good dentist, some orthodontic work too. Trying to fix all that with just veneers can be tricky. As for changes over time, as in between projects, well, once you have veneers you have to have them redone every once in awhile or so, nothing lasts forever. Plus, color can be adjusted to match or better blend with the natural teeth the patient isn't altering. Ligthing also has a major impact on what the teeth look like, so if the lighting guy is different between projects that will affect how light is reflected back to the camera and how we see the tooth.

Sorry for the long dental lesson, but given the questions I felt I must speak up:)

bZirk, thanks for the info how to listen to the BBC in the States! @rob, thanks for your professional take on the Impressionists! I think the fact that RA gets to smile is a plus for the project. I wonder why he always seems to take on roles where smiling is at a minimum? Doesn't he like his new smile :)

@Servetus, "deep, intense relationship with his dentist," eh? Well, if he's looking for someone new, I'm available, lol!

Myrtle said...

Flandersdreamer - did he sing off key, I never noticed, I think I was hyperventilating at the time. Ha Ha! Though, I suppose it fits in with the character of Lovelace, a stupid show off -i.e the rubbish out Mt Etna in Malta?????

I thought ep 2 was absolutely riveting.

I love RA's teeth by the way, the only time I have found his veneered teeth to be distracting was during RH S3, Guys final death scene. The shots were very close up, so I kept thinking about his teeth?? which spoilt the moment somewhat.

Anonymous said...

I assume that he could have had "invisible braces" on his lower incisors, and have had them attached from the inside, right, Twinkling Moon? I had braces in the 1980s to correct a similar problem, but I assume the technology has moved on big time from the "metal mouths" of 30 years ago.

Love the teeth discussion. Love the teeth. Lucky dentist.

Thanks for allowing us to be silly, Nat!

@Rob said...

@TM -- you should be his dentist. What would you do if you got 'em in your chair? Wink, wink.

bZirk said...

@twinkling moon,

I'd like to hear your thoughts on that. ;-)

MaryKwizMiz said...

grinning at the dental discussion..
I've been pondering the teeth a bit lately. I started watching Spooks, discovered RA, got hooked, and pretty much worked my way backwards through his resumé. I couldn't help but notice that his smile has not always been that blinding (well, not the teeth anyway - that smile dazzles me every time) but it never occurred to me that he should get his teeth fixed.
It just really hit home when I found these HUGE pictures from last year's BAFTA red carpet.. with a rather forced smile, almost grin (well, he hates red carpets) and teeth so perfect he could get any role for Donald Bellisario (I once read that he insists on all the actors in his shows getting their teeth perfected)
I understand that in a business largely built on physical appearance you'd want or need to get little imperfections fixed.
I just hope he never considers a nose job :D

bZirk said...

Oh, it would be a sacrilege if he got his nose altered! Plus, it might change his voice. God forbid! :D

@Rob said...

NOT THE NOSE!!! It is perfect in its imperfection. If he touches the nose, I am out.

Hear that Mr. Armitage??? You fiddle with your nose, and I am no longer a fan. You can have your perfect teeth, waxed chest, perfect pecks, but DON'T touch the nose. Or you will loose @Rob for life. You will be dead to me.

MaryKwizMiz said...

I think he nose :D :D
soz, had to let that one out :P

bZirk said...

LOL! Yeah, I think he nose too. :D

Twinkling Moon said...

You ladies are cracking me up big time :)

@Servetus, brackets on the inside, haven't heard of it. Don't think that would be very comfortable, constantly irritating the tongue and food getting stuck, we don't want RA to have stinky breath, *holds nose in air*

@Rob and bZirk, "what would I do if he was in my chair?" Ah, dirty minds, dirty minds! Not to say I'm not right there with you, lol! Actually, I personally love his smile :) I think that people that have an issue with it need to consider his thin lips and how that affects the appearance as well. His teeth are not overly large or bright actually. He's actually quite pale skinned, so the teeth do not appear blindingly bright in contrast.

I'm with everyone on the nose, and I actually think he knows that too, didn't he comment once that he talked to his mom about altering it and she talked him out of it? I feel like I read that somewhere, anyone know for sure or did I make that up?

And as for not getting other work done, please Mr. Armitage, NO BOTOX! We love your wonderfully expressive face, it adds so much to what you bring as an actor, so don't get work done that makes you look frozen,

@TTN, I didn't know that Donald Bellisario was such a stickler for teeth, Didn't he do that NCIS show and JAG? Who would have thougth that a bunch of military people would need perfect teeth?

BTW, are most people posting here American? I ask because like I said I had a 'teeth' conversation on another site and there were definite cultural differences as to how this issue was viewed. Most of the nonAmericans weren't impressed with RAs teeth and felt like it was ok to have crooked teeth, and some what yellow too, but on this blog it seems like most like the straighter, whiter teeth. I'm just curious to know where people are from and how that shapes their thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Great question, TM. I am from the US, but have lived significant amounts of time (more than a quarter of my life) in other countries. Even though I have it myself, I think the intense US preoccupation with perfect teeth is a bit crazy. I remember being stunned when my first German boyfriend told me that when he was a kid, most people only went to the dentist when they were having a problem. Obviously that has changed in Germany now, too, with many more people going in for regular prophylaxis. I also remember one time moving back from Germany, this must have been around 2000 or so, and being stunned at how many ads there suddenly were for teeth whitening products. Now it's a matter of regular discussion in US women's magazines and that wasn't true 15 years ago.

The thing is that once you get used to seeing perfect teeth, you sort of expect it. It's like there is some kind of tooth pornography effect.

@Rob said...

I am from the US as well. Altho, the new teeth are lovely, his teeth in Monet seemed fine too me.

Yes, us Americans are obessed with not only teeth, but perfection in general, hello, heidi montag?!?!

I understand that there is pressure to look good, esp if you are an actor or actress, but there honestly is something endearing to me about imperfections too.

Do you know what I mean? Or am I talking nonsense?

Unknown said...

I live in fear that he'll decamp to Hollywood,(no disrespect intended to many of the great Hollywood accomplishments - but...) and they'll insist on a nose job - touch that, and you're off my Christmas card list, Mr. Armitage!

On the subject of teeth, well, good teeth (though we might quibble about the definition of "good")go with the territory.

But touch that nose !!!

Anonymous said...

I am not so worried about the nose job, just because he's got to realize that changing his nose would affect the timbre of his voice, and he has to know based on the letters he gets from admirers that is one of the most compelling things about him.

judith: definition of good -- your comment reminds me that Clark Gable's leading ladies apparently had to deal with his really odoriferous dentures. It's just the look that matters, not the quality of the teeth, just as you say.

Rob: imperfections: oh yes. It's the imperfections that allow us to see what is perfect. That's not the cultural position in Hollywood, though.

I'd wish him the Hollywood money and the chance to get great roles, but not the politics, the celebrity culture, or the insecurities.

I have to get to work. Man o man!

MaryKwizMiz said...

@servetus - Man o man?!? ROFL
Being German I can confirm your observations.. the obseession with dental perfections seems to have swapped over the pond in the last 10 years.. I "blame" extensive exposure to TV shows and red carpet coverage..
Nothing wrong with polishing the perly whites a bit but they shouldn't be the first and last thing you see and remeber of a person. Not even in showbiz.
and when you look at most of the "official" photos of RA, you'll see that his blinding smile more resembles a grin.. as if he's uncomfortable flashing them...but maybe it's just my imagination.

Twinkling Moon said...

It looks like my suspicions are confirmed, most of us are American and maybe that's why we like the teeth! As for whether that should be the first or last thing we notice about someone physically, there's no right or wrong answer to that, it's all culturally dependent. But one thing is for sure, having darker or chipped teeth definitely ages a person.

As for RA's nose and plastic surgery, that made me think of Rupert Evans. I saw him on the BBCA broadcast of the BAFTAs recently, and I completely didn't recognize him. What has he done to his face! I think he is a case that proves that ultimately what an actor does to the face doesn't land him/her a job, but what they deliver does. I mean, look at Meryl Streep. She doesn't fit today's mold of Hollywood Beauty, she doesn't look like she's had plastic surgery and by all accounts she is a successfuly actress. I guess talent speaks for itself!

Unknown said...

Teeth,noses,botox - hilarious discussions, ladies. But also germane to the analysis of why some actors attract our attention: can't dismiss appearence as first; followed by presence/charisma, whatever; and then hoping they can ACT!

Meryl Streep indeed. Helen Mirren.Audrey Hepburn.As for the chaps, good facial bone structure (we can quibble about that), presence and acting chops. Gable retained his looks in his '60s, so did Gregory Peck. Any more recent examples, anyone?

Not certain about this, but I think, in Canada, dental health is priority. If we have small jaws and big teeth (me), orthodontistry is required to correct the bite, as much as for appearance.

and thanks to all for making this such fun! Can we do it again week of August 22?

Now back to RL (term picked on the blogs - whats btw?)

bZirk said...

BTW=by the way

I'm up for August 22nd. :D

As to the obsession with teeth, I didn't realize I was that obsessed about it until I went to the UK last summer. They are decidedly not into perfect teeth like we are in the U.S. It is the norm here for parents to have extensive work done on their children's teeth before they reach majority. I'm saying this as a parent who has now paid for three sets of braces and will pay for a fourth set in the near future.

Let me put it this way: almost everyone I know or have known in my lifetime (50 years) has either had something major done to their teeth or paid for something major to be done to their children's teeth. Plus, frequent dental check ups are considered the norm among many Americans. When I was growing up and in my early adulthood, the norm was yearly. Now it seems to be every 6 months.

BTW (:D), two of my four children have never had a cavity, but then they never drink soda pop and don't eat junk food very often. Yes, that's a badge in America. LOL!

@Rob said...

@TM -- Still can't let it go about the Monet teeth. I wonder if they were prosthetics for the part? Oh dear, need to get a life or another hobby. Wonder what Rupert Perny-Jones fan blogs are like? I kid.

BTW -- I'm an American and have had braces and want to have my teeth whitened. So sad.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob, no, it's not sad at all :)
bZirk, Judith, and @Rob, yes, in North America we are definitely more about teeth both from a cosemtic and health perspective. We don't expect to lose our teeth simply because we age. And as for straigthening/whitening, it's nothing more to us than coloring our hair. I mean think about it, in the 1960s, the stereotypical grandma had tightly curled hair with this weird blue rinse. Now, how many Grandmas who are in their 50s and 60s go around au natural with gray hair! I personally don't know a single one. It's just the evolving sense of beauty.

But in UK, totally different. I had a professor once who said in the UK as late as in the 1990s he remembers putting silver fillings in front teeth! Can you imagine!

On the other site where I talked teeth, it seemed like all the UKers found nice, straight, bright teeth distracting, whereas I find crooked, yellow, teeth and mouths with missing teeth distracting!

@Rob, as to RA's Monet teeth, IDK if they are prosthetics or not. The pics I've seen don't really exemplify the mouth well. I'd have to see a big pic with some closeups, but the best would be to get him in my chair and see for myself, hee! hee!

Unknown said...

Still giggling over the teeth discussion! Twinkling Moon, I hit the UK on father's posting, at the wrong time. Orthodontistry was finished over there, and not well done. And yes, if you have Bugs Bunny teeth, and no matching bite, it's a health issue....

And now back to Mr. Armitage: Don't touch the nose!!! And NO botox!!!