Mar 16, 2010

The RA Fanstravaganza!!!

Attention Richard Armitage admirers...
There's a party going on and you're invited!
My fellow RA blogging buddies and I would
love to have you join in the excitement!

I think this calls for the recycling of the Uncle Gizzy poster...
Each blog hosts a different category & poll waiting for
your vote, so go ahead and blog hop to each site:

~Links are in green~

Traxy at The Squeee (RA's leading ladies)
Susan at Me + Richard (Vicar of Dibley)
Avalon at Avalon's Blog (Gisborne)
Ragtag at Reviewerama (North & South)
Skully at The Spooks Fan Blog (Lucas North)
Mulubinba at An RA Viewer's Perspective (Cbeebies)

(We're all in different time zones so posts will
be scattered throughout the opening/closing days.)

In addition to focusing on RA's work, some of the
bloggers will be celebrating RA enthusiasts
by interviewing RA fans, featuring fan-made creations or
other such highlights, so be sure to visit these blogs
throughout the week.  It's going to be awesome!

This blog will be featuring two categories:
Best RA Costume and
Best thing about seeing RA as Monet.

Best RA Costume Nominees:
Lee's Speedo ~Cold Feet:
Alec's Orange Coveralls ~The Golden Hour:
Philip's Tux ~Ordeal by Innocence:
Standring's Suit ~Sparkhouse:
Gisborne's Leather ~Robin Hood:
Thornton's Cravat ~North & South:
Lucas's Jeans ~ Spooks:
Harry's Sweaters ~Vicar of Dibley:
Monet's Pink Vest ~The Impressionists:
Paul's Bobby Sock ~Between the Sheets:
Ricky's Biker Gear ~George Gently:
Ian's Polo Shorts ~Ultimate Force:
Porter's Camouflage ~Strike Back:

Best thing about seeing RA as Monet:
Richard portraying an artist:
Beautiful scenery surrounds him.
Monet as a father.
Monet's awesome facial hair and costumes.
Watching the struggling artist's journey to success.
The romance & smooching.

Feeling Monet's emotions- passion, discouragement, grief, happiness.
Learning about the different artists and their work.


flandersdreamer said...

Fantastic idea, Nat!
I was sorely tempted, though, as to which costume I prefer. As much as I love Thornton's cravats, I could keep myself from voting for Gisborne's leathers. That magnifiscent RA body was most advantageously displayed in them!

Phylly3 said...

I agree with Flandersdreamer. It's almost not fair to his other characters to compete against Gizzy's leathers. (Except for the bobby sock!) Hahahaha!
As for Monet...I am impatiently waiting for my copy to arrive, it's taking MUCH too long! Glad there's to be lots of smooching! But I voted for the boring learning about the artists 'cause that's what I like to do!

tyme_4_t said...

what a FANtastic thing this is...
I went with Harry's sweaters because I just adore Harry....although I did hover the mouse over the leathers....

What about the boiler suit...or lack there of...he did look good in his black socks!

Traxy said...

Cravat always wins!

And now, to the posting page! (As I've not written mine yet, gasp! But I only just got home.)

Unknown said...

I freaking love the Uncle Gizzy poster, that is hilarious!!

As far as best RA costume goes, while I am partial to Thornton and his cravat, I've gotta say I absolutely love Lucas's jeans and Porter's camoflauge... :)

I really, really need to see The Impressionists...those screen caps are gorgeous!

@Rob said...

i wish i could've voted for more than one, but ultimately, lucas's jeans won out, with thornton's cravat, gisborne's leather, and harry's sweaters all tied for second.

in the end, the butt won. i guess i am a bit more pervy than i realized. but, i am sorry, but his butt in those tight jeans, it just does something to me, i loose myself.

Myrtle said...

What fun! I have just had a wonder around all the blogs and voted.

I voted for Gizzy's leathers too, which suprises me as I adore the JT cravat, but as others have said those leathers do show that lovely physique off to the best advantage!!!

bZirk said...

Okay, I've made the rounds of this party. Lovin' it!

Oh, and I adore Gisborne in his leathers, but I was ornery and voted for Paul's Bobby sock. So much done with so little. How could I not acknowledge that. :D

Virginie said...

Great idea there !!! :D
About the costume, well, I totally fall for Gisborne's leathers... But Harry and his great striped sweater..; Ilove it ! So second place ^^

And for Monet, no hesitation ! His happy face and hair, AND the squirrel beard ! So fun ! (don't make me say what I didn't say : I'm not laughing at Monet, the movie was really great and Richard was really at his best in this role-as usual ^^)

Witchywoman said...

Sadly there was no Gisborne tied to a tree catagory so I went for Thornton's cravat.....just thinking how easy it would be to undo said cravat and....cough...sorry just wandered off into the gutter for a moment.

MaryKwizMiz said...

without needing multiple choice - leather Guy any day, even more so season 3's (tho speedo close second, along with polo shorts..and Lucas' jeans.. and Ricky's.. it's actually not fair to make us pick one when he makes them all look good. Missing a certain boiler suit though :)

@Rob said...

what i do love about monet is all the smiling...we don't get to see that vry often. :))))

btw this was waaay fun checking out all the other blogs, i believe it was what the internet was truly intended for trolling around reading about gorgeous actors and sharing said obession with other fans.

flandersdreamer said...

This is a splendid idea, Nat, what a creative mind you haven amazing!
This cluster of polls is also a good way to find out about other RA blogs! You can never know enough about our favourite actor, that's what I think!
Thanks for the fun!

Avalon said...

Good pics...I liked the sox, lol, but I voted for Guy's leather.

Twinkling Moon said...

Gotta say, I thought for sure I'd go with GofG's leather, but wound up going for Lucas's jeans. My vote actually is identical to @Rob's.

@tyme_4_tea, I didn't even think about that boiler suit (or lack thereof as you pointed out), which makes me wonder, does a birthday suit count as a costume? Just kidding folks! *giggle, giggle*

Maria Grazia said...

Great job, Nat! Hope you all, are enjoying the fun!
I've voted some of the polls...not all of them yet! But here I have chosen Lucas's jeans - had to restist hard Guy's sexy black leather - and Monet's rollercoaster of emotions.

mulubinba said...

Even I had to go with GoG's leather this time ... although cravatless Thornton came a close second!

tyme_4_t said...

@twinkling...he did have black socks on!

@Rob said...

@ Twinkling ... great minds think alike.

@ Witchy ... u got my mind wondering off into the gutter.

As for the boiler suit scene, altho, I do love the butt, would rather see "it" in jeans. That scene made me want to cover him up with a blanket and give him a cup of tea.

Sue said...

Rob, I agree as much as I loved the boiler suit routine I felt a bit like a voyeur and a little sorry for Richard. The things those scriptwriters will do to improve the ratings! (I bet it worked too!)

As for Claude Monet. I loved how Richard was able to convey the emotion and awe of Monet at the beauty of the landscape and rising sun as he tried to capture it on canvas.

I'm afraid I had to vote for Lee's speedos though. That was the first glimpse I had of Richard's beautiful thighs (and the rest!). Okay so my mind's in the gutter, but believe me it's a lovely place to spend the afternoon!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

What a great idea! I was feeling all guilty cheating on RA with SeanB in preparation for Clarissa. What a way to spread the love!!

It was a tough pick, but went for the leather because he would strut sooo magnificently in it!

As for Monet I love his emotional expressions.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob, I'm with ya on the great minds thing, lol!

@tyme_4_tea, good catch on those socks! Seriously though, I do feel weird when I see nudity in tv, maybe I'm old-fashioned but I feel like a voyeur. But hey, whatever floats the actor's boat!

Sue said...

Talking of Richard playing John Porter in Strike Back here's a brief clip that's circulating around the boards:

I think it looks great and hope they do more of these series with John Porter I think it could well be a winner. Look at Ultimate Force, the series is constantly being repeated and I never get tired of watching them (and I don't mean just because of Richard).

Some fans have commented on the background music and that they don't like it much but I think it gives something to the excitement of the clip. It reminds me a little of those heavy metal bands you used to listen to yonks ago. Love it!

MaryKwizMiz said...

I've only just watched The Impressionists and I'm .. impressed. Totally in love actually. Partly with RA as Claude Monet (once I got over the idea that Monet would speak with a northern English accent..took me a while to accept) but most with the love and detail given to the subject.
I've always liked the French impressionists, especially Degas & Renoir.. and to have their lives and the creation of some of their most famous paintings shown so beautifully.. The film exudes enthusiasm and passion and makes them almost tangible. I've remembered why I fell in love with painting all those years ago... And it's one of RA's most captivating roles (and one of his cutest...apart from the thing that grows out of his chin in the third part :D).. the frequent smiles and laughter feel like the light the Monet captured in his paintings.
Definitely a new favourite of mine.