Apr 15, 2010

Guns, Top Hats or Both?

So only a few more weeks and we'll get to see Richard Armitage as John Porter,
clad in camoflauge... seducing damsels... being manly and such... (pardon me as I fan myself.)
Wow.  To see more of the latest Porter pics, click HERE.

As much as I enjoy watching RA in these action/adventure type roles,
I'd really really love to see him star in another period film, my favorite genre.
I can picture him as Mr. Knightly... but let's face it, "Emma" doesn't need another remake.
Richard needs a more original role to make his own.

I recently came across THIS BLOG, which is ran by a woman screenwriter who has a role
in mind for Richard in her pending film, "Courting Bertha."  This is a love story, highlighting Potter Palmer
and Bertha Honor's early relationship, who were two of Chicago's high society back in the late 1800's.
From the looks of things, this project is in its very early stages of the film-making process, but it would be
exciting if somehow, Richard ended up portraying Potter Palmer, the lead and heartthrob.
Ms. Dellos had him in mind when writing the script, after all!

What do you think?
Would you prefer Richard to stick with action/adventure roles
(such as Lucas North and John Porter)
or would you like to see him in another period film?

Personally, I like a variety.  I enjoy Lucas and have been drooling over those Porter previews,
but seeing Richard in period costumes (Gisborne, Thornton) makes me swoon!


bZirk said...

I prefer variety too. Whatever he does, I just hope he's able to use all of his acting chops. I know we're about to go on a ride with Strike Back, but I'm wondering how much of his talents it's really going to require. I tend to think not much.

Might it be possible that he could bring his depth of acting to an action role? I guess we're going to find out shortly. At least I hope it's shortly since I have no way of getting my hands on Strike Back unless someone takes pity on me.

BTW, I see that Amelia is one of us. LOL!

tyme_4_t said...

What if we got John Porter to wear a top hat while kicking in doors
John Thornton walking around in a t-shirt lifting bales of cotton to build up his biceps...hmmm

I just want to see RA keep working and I will keep watching!

BTW check out the blog & armitage fansite world for pics of the premiere of Strike Back in London...

Phylly3 said...

While I love period drama, really I just love to watch Richard in anything he chooses to do! But, these writers really MUST give him the girl next time!! Puh-lease!

Anonymous said...

He should do what he wants to do most, I think. I'll watch him in anything. That said, I'm not a big action film fan. I have certain reservations about seeing him play an American before his American accent is perfect. I don't want people to wince at him the way we did with poor Genevieve O'Reilly.

What's cool about SB is that it seems to promise a great deal of screen time.

Judith Johnson said...

RA is such a muse. I am working on a screenplay set in 14th century England. It's based on a historical couple and is of course a great romance. Gizz, I miss you so that I am forced to write my own stories. Now all I have to do is persuade the BBC to produce it and RA to star in it!!

MaryKwizMiz said...

I like period pieces but honestly - any RArole. He just makes it happen. As for a bit of door-kicking now and then .. yeah, why not ?!? LOL
@ tyme4t - JT in (white) shirt-sleeves?!? thanks for putting even more pictures in my head :D :D

*Chica Popcorn* said...

To be honest...i love to see him on period films such as Guy and Thornton...I don't know what you think but I was wondering why he has this "old english gentleman" air...

And bythe way...I was so surprised and gald about your stick richard drawings that i make some of them in my notbook while i was in a class XDDDDDD hehehehehhehe, (yeah I know)

You know what? i wuld be super happy if you create some more "Gizzy stick figures" please!!! (just a sugestion)

Thanks for ur entries!!

Twinkling Moon said...

I'm with Phylly3, I'd like to see him in anything where he gets the girl, poor boy! (and a girl that deserves him, not someone like that Sarah character that nobody could stand) which brings me to servetus' point.
Yeah, I'm with you, I don't want RA to take on any roles where he plays an American but can't do the accent.

flandersdreamer said...

My secret wish would be for RA to play Darcy in a P&P remake. Question is: who gets the part of Elizabeth? No objections to Daniela Denby-Ashe or Lucy Griffiths!

*Chica Popcorn* said...

flandersdreamer....you got that ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Ra should play Darcy amen

Myrtle said...

I am very curious to know what is in the pipeline for him next. I read somewhere Spooks the movie may be a possibility.

I think Strike Back will be jolly good fun!!!!

Do we need another Darcy????????
OK, stop throwing things at me, RA as Darcy it is.

I am happy as long as he keeps working and we all continue on this happy experience together.

bZirk said...


I agree about Darcy. I'm willing to let Colin Firth be the definitive Darcy.

Now Mr. Knightley is another matter. I was really bummed that RA didn't play that part in the latest version. I like Jonny Lee Miller, but he's no RA, and frankly, I wasn't too keen on that version.

What I want to see RA in is a really great story that plumbs the human condition, and I don't care what era it's set in.

MillyMe said...

The same stories keep getting remade, P&P, Emma, Jane Eyre, Persuasion! I enjoy period drama, but how about something slightly newer and earthy, Lady Chatterley's Lover? It would thrill me to hear him using DH Lawrence's erotic language in a throaty chocolately Northern growl. I also really fancy him as Byron,"mad, bad and dangerous to know", dashingly handsome, with poetry and politics thrown into the mix, but not too Lovelacey!

But the most important is to keep RA on our screens, with some time for R&R. He must be worked off his feet this year! Time for a skiing trip, I think. Come to Norway, Richard, so unspoilt! (I'm not a keen skier, but perhaps some RA assistance could be had?) *delighted chortle*!

bZirk said...

He can come to Norway as long as he comes to Colorado. :D

I know a darling little skier who would love to show him around.

No, it's not me. LOL!

Unknown said...

judithj, are you on my wavelength or what? I've been hoping to find actors to play in my 14th C obsession for years. It will never happen, of course. But - found them! Richard Armitage and Cate Blanchette.

Unfortunately, as we are talking about actual historical people here, the line between good history and good drama could be awfully tricky.

Would love to see your screenplay in progress!

@Rob said...

crinkle girls, that first picy has the best "crinkle" shot.

with those biceps, he can rescue me from baddies anyday.