Apr 9, 2010

Gush-Worthy Gisborne Art

Yesterday, I stumbled across THIS amazing site featuring artwork by Anne Pickersgill.
I was immediately in awe of Anne's talent as I browsed through her collection of Gisborne paintings.
I kept saying, "Wow!" and knew I had to share her awesomeness with the rest of you!
Anne graciously gave me permission to post these paintings for your viewing pleasure and I hope
you like them as much as I do!   (I was originally only going to post 2 or 3 of her paintings,
but couldn't decide between them!)  I love that Anne shows the step-by-step process of each painting's
completion, so links are provided below.  I could go on and on gushing, but will let the art speak for itself.

Sir Guy of Gisborne Painting #1:
Painting process and author's notes can be viewed HERE.

Sir Guy of Gisborne Painting #2:
Painting process and artist's notes can be viewed HERE.

Sir Guy of Gisborne Painting #3
Painting process and artist's notes can be viewed HERE.

Sir Guy of Gisborne Painting #4
Painting process and artists's notes can be viewed HERE.

Sir Guy of Gisborne Painting #5
Painting process and artist's notes can be viewed HERE.

Sir Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood Season 3
Painting process and artist's notes can be viewed HERE.

Aren't the details in these paintings amazing?
The stubble!  The eyelashes!  The guyliner!  The wisps of hair!  The piercing blue eyes!
(I never knew a painting could make me swoon.)

There is an amazing pencil sketch of Gisborne HERE that you should check out as well!

Gisborne has inspired only a fraction of Anne's artwork.
Her site features artwork mostly inspired by "Lord of the Rings."
I'm a big LOTR fan myself, so I was excited to see Anne's image of Richard Armitage
portraying Bard in "The Hobbit" HERE.  (Cool or what!?)
(If I ever found out RA was going to be in "The Hobbit," I think I'd squeal with glee.)

Anne told me that she has many other Gisborne paintings and drawings that she hasn't
posted on her site yet, but promised she would let me know when she does.  (Oh, the suspense!!!)
Please visit Anne's website HERE to look at all of her lovely artwork.  I know I will visit it often.
The Gisborne paintings are not for sale, but if you would like to contact Anne with comments
about her artwork, you may email her here: annepickersgill@wideband.net.au

Do you have a favorite Anne Pickersgill Gisborne painting?


MaryKwizMiz said...

I'm totally gobsmacked. I've seen #4 before, the whole process is awesome (I normally loathe the word) and to have a whole gallery of these marvels has totally made my Friday (to a point where I'll probably gaze at them for the rest of the day, neglecting Dress-up Friday duties :D)
Seeing that I was raised with pencil and brush but haven't used them so long that I've probably forgotten how to, I'm always stunned at how many hugely talented people are out there (and patient ones - this kind of detail requires tons of it), and when they share the same love for certain.. sujets, all the better.
Most excellent find Nat - thanks for sharing. And by extension, HUGE thank you to Anne.

bZirk said...

Anne doesn't know me, but I know her. LOL! I've visited her site many times. I love all of these paints, but my favorite is #4. That is also my favorite photo of RA, and Anne does it great justice. Wonderful painting!

I wonder if she would ever consider selling prints? Hmmm? :D

Anonymous said...

#4 is my fave also.
Those eyelashes!
A very talented lady and what a fantastic subject.

Traxy said...

WOW those paintings are serioiusly awesome! Thanks for sharing!

DEZMOND said...

I like number one best.

tyme_4_t said...

WOW...#4 gets my vote but I am amazed by them all!

Thanks for sharing Nat!

bZirk said...

My second favorite is Guy season 3. She captured his beautiful eyes so well.

Third favorite is #3. It's the hair in that one.

Most of these are from season 1, which is my favorite Guy look.

I guess I could go on, but I'll spare y'all.

trudereads said...

Oh yes, my favorite is defenitely #4!!

But they are all awesome paintings.

Unknown said...

Anne Pickersgill has Mr. Armitage's features and turn of expression perfectly.All just capture the subject.

This is portrait artist.

twinkling moon said...

I've seen Anne's work before and she's definitley talented. I'm wondering if she ever sent any to RA? I understand that they're technically of his characters and not of him really, but they are something else!

BTW is Anne a professional artist by any chance?

bZirk said...

If memory serves, she's mentions being commissioned on her site. So yeah, I think she's a professional.

mulubinba said...

Fabulous paintings. I've seen the one of Bard as I'm on the same wavelength with regard to wanting RA to be cast in a role in "The Hobbit" especially Bard. I haven't seen the Guy ones though, so thanks for posting :)

flandersdreamer said...

Amazing! I was totally awestricken by Anne's fabulous talent! My choice is number two. Such a beautiful mixture of evil and vulnerability, it is heart-rendering! Thanks, Nat and Anne!

Heathra said...

Wow! They are all gorgeous and I am in awe over her paintings!! I also love #4 and have always wanted a drawing of that scene in RH, which is one of my favorites! Stunning work Anne!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't aware of this artist, but WOW!

Unknown said...

Favourites: #4 and #5. 5 because Gisbourne's upright posture on horseback was extraordinary...

Violet said...

Wow, there really good! My hands start itching! My compliments!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing. #2 is definitely my favorite, followed closely by #3. Can't believe how life like they are- wish I could buy one.

Phylly3 said...

What a fabulous find, Nat! This artist has really captured her subject with amazing realism! I may have seen #2 before somewhere.
I agree it would have been impossible to pick just one or two because they are all so good. #4 and #6 are my favourites, though.
Thanks for this post!

Myrtle said...

They are wonderful pictures, Anne is obviously a talented lady. I don't think I have seen them before, so thankyou for posting. It is diificult to choose one favourite, but I do aggree, No4 does have a certain something! However, they are all so like the real thing, amazing.

Charleybrown said...

#4 made me stop and gaze in awe :)

The Coleclan9 said...

oh i found these AGES ago, arent they AMAZING? 2 and 4 and the season 3 one are my favorite. just gorgeous.

kaprekar said...

So...did you squeal with glee then? *wink*