Apr 19, 2010

Keep it Coming, Sky1!

I think the hype over "Strike Back" is going to keep building and building
over the next few weeks leading up to its premier on Sky1 at the beginning of May.
I am loving all the sneak peek photos, interviews and wallpapers on Sky's website HERE.

Here are a few photos that stuck out to me...

I like the furrowed eyebrow look here:

If I ever meet Richard in person, I'll corner him and stand there like this lady:
... and then he'll shout, "Security!!!" 
(Just kidding, Richard!  I'm all talk. I wouldn't have the guts!)

Oooh... dark and mysterious Porter:

Cool interview with Richard about John Porter HERE.

Bring on the Porter.


loriBear said...

LOL.. Oh Nat you picked out many of my favorite pictures. And I had the SAME thought about cornering him! LOL.. AND like you, I'm all talk cause I would be the speechless IDIOT that just stands there with her mouth open! LOL

Thanks for sharing Nat!!

tyme_4_t said...

My favourite - the pic of him shooting the machine gun with his elbow on the truck ***SQUEE*** That's my new desktop!

It would be tricky to not come off as a blubbering idiot if I ever had the opportunity to MEET RA...in my head when I have daydreamed of that moment - I am so cool...but the reality would be I would be a mumbling blundering fool...lol

I'm gonna go stare at my desktop now...

bZirk said...

I love these pictures! The one with Shelly Conn (have I got her name right?) is adorable.

Twinkling Moon said...

Nat, I think you have spoken for womankind everywhere with your security comment, ROTFL, quickly followed by the "just kidding, I wouldn't have the guts" I know I definitely wouldn't have the guts, fantasy is one thing, but RL is all about being a blubbering fool who can't formulate coherent sentences in his presence :)

Thanks so much for the links to the pics and interview!

Phylly3 said...

Now I know that I had better not even try to talk to him (if I ever had the chance!) Because when I was imagining what I might say to him, I surprised myself by bursting into TEARS! Thank goodness I was in the shower at the time. How embarrassing would THAT be!!
(Boy I am seriously disturbed -- **shaking head sadly).
Definitely needing some kind of therapy. Any help out there? :{

tyme_4_t said...

@phylly3 - WE are your therapy...this is a safe & happy place where you can talk about your RA affliction and we all understand. I've just explained my hair situation to you all because you all get the reference but no one in my RL does...
Always here for you Phlylly3!

Sue said...

Love those latest pictures from the Sky website for Strike Back. I've been examining some of those photo's very closely (especially the chest shots) and is it me or has Richard decided to stop waxing?

Take a look at this link and turn to page 13 and 14 where Shelly Conn is examining him very closely:


I remember fans were discussing whether or not we preferrred Richard "waxed" or "unwaxed". Any takers Nat?

By the way only on this website could I mention this particular topic as elsewhere I would be hung, drawn and quartered for daring to mention such a sensitive issue as Richard's bare chest! (Personally I think such RA fans need to start a "Therapies R Us" forum and leave us lesser mortals to drool in peace!)

@Rob said...

@ Sue...waxed or unwaxed it all works for me. When I get my hands on SB, there's going to be a lot of FF'd to certain bits. :O

@Phylly3 I think that is super sweet. I'm sure he's brought lesser women to tears.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I have had a little trouble concentrating this morning. It MIGHT be the long day yesterday which included a "short meeting" from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m....or it MIGHT be the Strike Back web site.

I am bouncing in my chair!

Sue, I was sitting at my desk and almost fell off the chair, trying not to laugh at your post. Now if you will excuse me, I am off to stare glassy-eyed at the pictures to prove your theory.

Anonymous said...

Hello, really enjoying your blog espcially the SFR!

Question for you...do you know if we are able to watch Strike Back here in the US? I tried going to the Sky website, it looks like Sky is a cable channel like HBO and we need a subscription? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Traxy said...

There could be some serious smooching involved in pic #2. ...In my dreams! ;) I'd be like loriBear - just standing there not quite knowing what to say! Oooh looking forward to May! :D

Twinkling Moon said...

@Sue, I am giggling as I read your comment :) The kicker is, as silly as I thought it was that we ponder these points, there I was, rushing to take a look at the link you posted, hee! hee!

But I took a look at pic #17, and can I just say I have never seen any dentist in real life, in book, magazine or anywhere else hold a handpiece like that! Where was the dentist that they consulted when planning out that scene? He stinks! If they need a real dentist to do consultant work, I am free ;)

Anonymous said...

@Sue: Despite popular believe that anyone who dares to say anything on one of the big forum would be hung, drawn and quartered, the topic of his chest hair has been discussed at length and repeatedly.

I personally think it is a non-issue. In high res pics taken when he wasn't filming you could always see a few hairs in his collar, so it was obvious that he has a some chest hair though not a thick black jungle. Perhaps he thought it was not enough to look impressive?

tyme_4_t said...

chest hair and dentistry...I love this group!

Sue said...


Usually the odd bit of chest hair only appears inbetween Richard's acting jobs. I think he only waxes for the screen otherwise he doesn't bother.

I know this subject has been discussed at great length on the Armitage Army forum, without restriction, unfortunately elsewhere RA fans often run into a few kiljoys who don't seem to have any sense of humour or at best are annally retentive.

As I say I've seen a few stray hairs poking from beneath his shirt before but never whilst in character. If he has decided to refrain from waxing it's a habit I could learn to live with (or even love!) I think a man sporting chest hair is a very masculine thing. (As long as there's not a massive thicket of the stuff)

Myrtle said...

The picture of RA and Shelley Conn is fabulous. I would have to work hard to control my breathing and my nervous twitch!!

Chest hair! there is chest hair, I can see it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now if Lucas suddenly has chest hair that would be a severe continuity error.

But I think a totally smooth chest would probably not suit a character like JP.

Unknown said...

So funny - all the comments! Don't know about chest hair, but it's very thick on the neck....

And don't forget the Lucas tattoos, and the hours it takes to apply them. An actor does have to do whatever it takes.

Absurd - discussions about eeth and dentistry in various countries, but all in good fun.

And I love SFR! Who would have know a stick-figure could be so expressive?

Sue said...

Looks like Richard plans to go back to the stage. Apparently it's a Restoration play called "The Rover". He calls it a comedy but from what I can gather it isn't exactly a barrel of laughs! I'm not sure it's my cup of tea at all.

Here's the link: