Apr 8, 2010

SFR Preview

I'm cracking myself up working on a new Stick-Figure Richard video.
It's only half-way done, but here are a few preview sketches...
Isn't he cute?  Haha!  I'm so excited to post it soon. :)
(If you know what this episode is about, please keep your lips keyboards sealed for now.)

By the way, I could use your suggestions, blog readers.
Are there any cute/fun SFR poses you'd like to see captured in ink?
Please share!  Your idea might wind up in the next video.  :)


Anonymous said...

i'd like to see stick figure gisborne on a horse. lol!

Jen said...

SFR playing a sport like tennis or golf or something.

Jen said...

Forgot to say, cute drawings!

Phylly3 said...

Ooooo! Love that icecream!
How about SFR reading a CBeebies bedtime story? (That is SO my fantasy!)
Also love him patching up wounds as in the Golden Hour or even as John Standring (putting a bandage on Carol).
Definitely love that SFR tux -- strutting down the red carpet to the BAFTAs!
Keep those SFR videos coming Nat!
***!happy dance!***

Anonymous said...

Too cute! How about SFR reads the RA Fan Blog!

Anonymous said...

I want to see SFR busting a move. Is there any footage of RA dancing?

tyme_4_t said...

Singing SFR!

And a personal "dream" of mine...Tom Quinn, Adam Carter & Lucas North working together/meeting - I know I know Tom is decomissioned and Adam's blown up...but Stick Figure world is a perfect place where dreams do come true (SFR Part 6 for example)

Long Live SFR!

Myrtle said...

There are a few poses I might think of but they probably wouldn't be allowed :D, so I will go for SFR as Ricahrd 111 in a romantic clinch with Anne Neville.

Love SFR in the shades.

flandersdreamer said...

I love the tongue thinghie!
Just fantastic!
You didn't draw him yet as Bill Chatford with the moustavhe of evil!
Might get a bit tricky as he has no nose!

Avalon said...

You are delirious, but I like that about you.

Manda said...

Absolutely NOTHING cheers me up as much as a new SFR vid. The drawings are wonderful.

bZirk said...

I can't wait to see this, Nat. I love your cleverness.

MaryKwizMiz said...

aaaaaaaawwh.. he is sooo cute! The tongue one has just put pictures in my head that I can't elaborate here :P
I'm dying to watch the new vid - not that I want t hurry you but.. please?!? LOL

OML said...

Yay! Previews look great.

I'd like to see something like 'How S3Ep12-13 should have been', Lucy as Marian and Richard as Guy discussing scenes of those eps while filming, how they're wrong for their characters :P. I don't think I've seen SF-Marian.