May 25, 2010


Instead of getting online during nap time like I normally would,
I'm usually catching a few Z's as well, these days.
Instead of blogging after the boys are tucked in bed at night,
I'm usually eating a little snack and getting ready to tuck myself in too.

Instead of daydreaming
about this tall, dark, loveliness...
I fantasize about
THIS tall, dark loveliness:
Oh, man. Hold me back, people!  Hold me back!

Speaking of cravings,
whenever I see Richard eating something on screen or in a photo,
I switch from RA-viewing mode to tummy-growling mode and want to know
what he is eating and how quickly I can get it too. 

Somebody get me a grilled cheese, stat! (Or whatever that is...)
Richard, this is my current favorite picture of you.
Whenever I'm chowing down, (don't worry, folks... I usually keep it healthy)
I can think of this photo and pretend this was your hundreth snack of the day too.

I wish that anytime I had a craving (darn those food commercials)
I had my own delivery boy who would show up at my door with food-in-hand,
looking this handsome while he was at it.  (Not that I'd pay much attention to the
person standing there when the smell of the food hit me.)  Yes, please: 

I suddenly have a hankering for a midieval feast.  Who needs forks, right?

Did somebody say fork?
While the rest of you are enjoying the piercing stare...
I am wondering what John ordered, wishing it was included in the photo.

Well... I'm off to take an afternoon nap.
Now you'll know the reasons if I slack off of blog duty now and then.
If I'm not busy with my kids, I'm either snacking or snoozing.
(At least I can rationalize that having a bun-in-the-oven demands extra energy.)

Those of you who have seen Strike Back...
Does John Porter have any foodie moments?


millyMe said...

Lol at your well-chosen examples. At least you have the best excuse for your food obsession. What can I blame mine on?

Strange, I don't remember Porter scoffing any food, despite RA's talk of stuffing his face with sarnies during the filming. He seems to have survived the whole 6 eps on a few glugs from his water container, but then that's the Special Services for you, none of this namby-pamby needing a decent meal or I might faint soon in this endless wasteland!

Phylly3 said...

Funny post Natalie! You have a good excuse to think about food -- "eating for two" and all...
I just think about food all the time for no special reason whatsoever. (I have been planning a food post myself for quite awhile).
Love your screen caps. Gosh there do seem to be a lot of RA with food pictures.

LangfordGal said...

Where is that last picture from? I recognise it but it won't click in my head!

MillyMe said...

Bad boy, John Mulligan, wining and dining Ellie in Moving On. He's the smarmy one on the doorstep with fish and chips.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

LG- That photo is from "Moving On- Drowning Not Waving."

MillyMe & Phylly, I have to admit, I'm a major food-lover, even when I'm NOT pregnant, so you're not alone. I'm just worse lately... hiding leftovers in the fridge, while eating a meal I think about my next meal, etc. (Oh wait... I do that normally!) I have no idea how I'm usually thin. When I'm pregnant, however, I always become "pleasantly plump" quite quickly. :)

tyme_4_t said...

LOL Nat - think of RA in a tux feeding you the chocolate cake...that's a dream menu!
You just take care of you and the 2.5 kids and your hubby - don't worry about us RA fangurls - we always have SFR to keep us company!

Ohhhh - now there's an idea - SFR with food - there was the ice cream cone & I think a picnic too...what about SFR out to dinner....hope this whets your appetite!

Unknown said...

Nat, I somehow missed the news that you are expecting - congrats! And I never expected a Richard/Foodie post, but I LOVE IT! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

Twinkling Moon said...

Nat, take care of yourself, like tyme_4_tea said, don't worry about us.

And thanks so much for yet another great post!

BTW, where is that pic of "stuffing face with grilled cheese" taken from? I don't feel like I have seen many pics of RA that are not posed/professional, so I really appreciate the "au naturale" ones (okay, you know what I mean, mind out of the gutter ladies!)

Skully said...

Ha! Funny, I'm in the middle of writing a blog post about Lucas and food.. be warned, it may fuel your cravings!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Time4T, I like your way of thinking!

Ruth, always expect the unexpected here... pretty much anything flies. :)

TM, that sandwich pic is from the set of Spooks.

Skully, just the thought of your future post makes me want chocolate donuts! I wish there was a photo of RA eating a watermelon or orange, which is what I've been crazy about lately. Mmm...

PS: It's past midnight and son #1 is wide awake with a cold, which is WHY I'm still up!

@Rob said...

There is a prison scene in SB in which he carries a metal plate(no food). He does have a bottle of booze, but other than that JP survives on water, air, guns and his all around bad assness. You wonder how he'd truly survive with no sleep, food or water.

Hope your son feels better, poor guy!

On another note, JP's love interest looks so so so young and innocent, they make an odd pair. When she said that line,"Have you been a bad boy?" I almost laughed out loud. Anyone else feel that way? Why can't they find him a decent love interest??? He had more chemistry with the Russian stripper in Season 7 of Spooks. Or have I officially turned into a bitty?

diveknit said...

Nat, I hope your son feels better soon and you all get decent sleep.
Love this post and I do tend to snack a lot in the evenings after my DD's are in bad :) Can bring out the "bad" stuff.

@Rob, I was squirming in my seat when this "love scene" was running. Who wrote this script? It was rushed and very superficial, which is probably what it is supposed to be, but from the pics of them before (and where by the way is the picture of her "cornering" him in the episodes, did I miss them?) I expected something completely different. I did like their little exchange in ep5 though, it seemed more natural.

I do like her looks but yes they lack chemistry and I do agree he hasn't had a decent love interest in a while.

Myrtle said...

Lovely post, chocolate gateaux and RA,.... heaven!!!!!

Nat,you must rest as much as you can. Look after yourself.

No, I don't recall JP eating at all. He was Superman :D

fitzg said...

@Nat, hope you are feeling some renewed energy - can't think how you keep up with the blog.

Re: RA and food; in an interview, he mentioned that he could forget to eat. In another (older interview), he said he had "fast metabolism". Given his height and generally lean physique, I somehow thought he he was one of those blessed ones, who stuff themselves at every opportunity, and never show it! (I have a friend like that.) And that he required regular "refuelling"!

Avalon said...

Nat, I feel for you. I do not miss those days!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob and diveknit, I love you guys :) I had the same thoughts about SB as you, and when I said similar thoughts on another site the overwhelming majority basically made me feel like i was being bullied or stupid for even raising these questions! You guys have restored my faith in my own sanity, LOL!

Makes me realize that I need to hang out on this blog and the other light hearted RA sites more often :)

@Fitzhugh, I remember reading the same interviews. I wish I had the same trouble of 'forgetting' to eat, but no such luck my friends :)

@Nat, I suspected that the "sandwich" pic might be from Spooks, given his outfit, I am in the middle of S7 right now and I swear the poor man wears the same clothes every time, LOL! I remember in the DVD extras in one of the earlier seasons (S5 or 6 maybe) that Miranda Raison showed the wardrobe for the show and there were a ton of clothes for herself, HN, and RPJ too. But alas, seems that's not the case for our poor RA :(

@Rob said...

@TM Right back at ya!!! this moment, my Jane Austen doll and Guy of G doll are "hugging" not sure if I am a great barometer for sanity! But in any event, we are hanging out on an actor's fan blog, not sure how seriously we can or should take it all!!!

SB is good for what it is. Not sure why the Brits are so interested in making big budget American shoot 'em up films, when they make far superior thoughtful intelligent films to anything we produce here.

On another note, I read an article in which he said he was obessed with food and could stop eating. Something smells funny here.

@Rob said...

I meant to say... could not stop eating. :)

diveknit said...

@ Rob and @TM, same goes back to you and thank you rob for the comment about the British wanting to copy the Americans. I don't get it, they make such good movies and TV series, why try to change it. Keep the variety going so we have more choice.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob and diveknit,

Thanks for the affirmations :) As for good British Tv, yeah, I used to think the same too and was always puzzled when I would read interviews where RA would say "the Americans have been making good tv for years, and we are catching up" or something to that effect. I never knew what he was talking about until I realized so many of the reality tv shows we have are UK imports! Apparently there is a lot of junk on UK tv, they could give us a run for our money in that department.

I had been mistaking the quality period dramas on PBS, and all the Masterpiece theater stuff (classic dramas, contemporary, mystery ) as being the standard UK viewing material. Apparently, that is suppose to be the best of their television. That actually makes sense because those PBS shows are based on classics, and classics are classics for a reason. They stand the test of time for their quality. I forget that not all British writing is automatically a classic.

I've learned that the hard way :)

@ Nat, thanks so much for being the vehicle where so many of us thinking women have been able to meet and have fan girl crushes, but still manage to sound intelligent and support one another :)

Here's to many more fan girl moments with quality British TV (hopefully starring Mr.A!)