May 4, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream in Weekends Gone By...

Hopefully you won't think I'm a jerk when I admit this,
but I always snicker to myself when people mention their Richard Armitage dreams.
I think, "I may be a bit obsessed... but he's never appeared in my dreams, so there!"
You know... rationalizing that others must be more engrossed than me and
therefore, I'm not in need of therapy after all.  (Even though dreams aren't necessarily
something a person can control, right?)  I should never ever be smug about anything
because it always comes back to bite me.  (And it's just not nice.)

As you might guess, it happened to me too, people!!!
I had my first-ever RA dream over the weekend. (Dang you, Richard.)
Nothing oo-la-la or anything.  (Thank goodness... I'm a married woman, you know!)

So here's what happened...

I was working for Richard's agent.
They had no idea that I was a huge RA fan who ran a blog and drew stick figures of the guy,
or else they probably would've kept me far away from any encounter with him.

Several of us were called into a meeting to discuss Richard's career...
and he was there!  I kept my cool, resisting the urge to run across the conference room and
give Richard a giant hug while closing my eyes and  humming the theme song to "North & South."
Richard asked for suggestions on how to give back to his fans.
Being totally sneaky and selfish, my hand shot up, eager to share my idea.
I told him that I knew of a fun fan blog, ran by a nice person who would *love*
to do an online interview, asking fan's questions.  Richard liked the idea and agreed
to meet in a private online chat with this blogger the next day.

The meeting ended and I excitedly ran to my desk,
already compiling a list of questions to ask Richard, and informing the rest of my blog readers
to submit their questions to me, ASAP.  I was feeling rather tricky and smug...
and then I woke up.

Now, I know it can be pointless to try and analyze dreams, but...  what the heck!?
What kind of cunning person was I in this dream?
When I had the opportunity to make ANY suggestion on how to give back to fans,
I chose an interview for my blog?  Lame-o!!!
I mean, an interview with THE Richard Armitage would be awesome, I'm not gonna lie.
(Did you hear that, Richard?  Have your people call my people...)
That being said, I'm not a scheming sort of person, which is why this dream cracked me up,
yet disturbed me at the same time!

Honestly, I think Richard is already pretty generous to his fans.
Not only does his work provide us with entertainment, but I've heard so many stories
about how kind he is in person and how he replies to the majority of his fan mail.
I mean, look at this guy signing autographs!!!  How adorable is that!?
(Thanks to Hedgey for letting me use this photo!)

However... a girl can "dream," right?
Had this been a real life situation and Richard asked if there was something *extra special*
he could do as a "thank you" to fans for their support... I may be tempted to make a few suggestions:

*Star in another period film
*Do a sequel to "Vicar of Dibley"
*Invite your fans to a free event, where you show up in your
Gisborne leathers and answer their questions in person
*Do a shirtless photoshoot
*Dance that much-talked-about Argentine tango on film...
and while you're at it, sing so we can hear that voice!
(I could go on and on.)

If you could make a suggestion to Richard, what would it be?
And does anyone know if United Agents is hiring at the moment?  Kidding. :)


Judith Johnson said...

Nat-I think you highlighted all the things his fans would like to see him do-love the sequel to Dibley idea. I was crushed that JT & M never danced or that GoG never serenaded Marian so yes the chocolate baritone and watching his graceful dance moves would thrill me to know end (and fuel lots of new fan vids)!

MaryKwizMiz said...

Grand .. I'm still waiting for my dream :D
(I might have had one already, seeing that I can't remeer anything I dream as soon as the eyes are fully open.
You never know Nat, you might just want to start collecting these questions/request. It's one of these hunches that tell me it's not entirely impossible he'll answer them :D

loriBear said...
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loriBear said...

Nat you crack me up! And you know it was BOUND to happen. I have had a couple of dreams over the course of the last 3 years and they usually have some "odd" element where it's me then I feel like I'm watching it happen. I also have never had a "raise the eyebrows* type of dream, instead I seem to be a "friend" or quiet admirer that is stunned with how much of a "regular guy he is".

Though your list is excellent, I would add,
"Do a modern production co-starring with DDA".

MillyMe said...

I am one of the lucky ones who's dreamed of RA, not sensible coherent ones like yours, Nat, rather sweet and tender and jumbled up.

Suggestions: I'd like to go along with his express wish of playing in a comedy, having a laugh and delighting his admirers. I'd of course have front-row seats and chortle the loudest!

BETH said...

Well, well, well ... if you need a partner to dance the tango ... here in Argentina there are very good dancers, but I offer, but not dance very well ... As will "sacrifice" ha ha.

Myrtle said...

Nat, you are funny. I have not yet experienced an RA dream.

Though I do day dream of him dressed in his Tux dancing the Argentine Tango. Oh yes, that would be lovely.

tyme_4_t said...

@Nat - Can I be included in the "Several of us were called into a meeting to discuss Richard's career..." hehehe

...I think I'll go take a nap now...

Anonymous said...

Love your post. How about an N&S sequel!!!!

flandersdreamer said...

I think you covered all the things we'd love him to do in the future.
What a detailed dream you had, I'm jealous! I dream of him on a regular base but it's all very vague. He is there, in my dream, but that's all. Usually I'm far away from him and I call out but he doesn't notice me. Hm ... story of my life!

fitzg said...

"Give back to his fans? Well, if we're really that demanding! Could he hold LN evening classes in Russian? Or bomb-defusing?

bZirk said...


I've never had an RA dream, and you know that's saying something for me. I've also snickered. Hate to admit that but it's true.

Actually, I think I would love it if I had an RA dream. :D

Oh, and if you ever do get an interview, can I be your assistant?!!

Skully said...

Haha! My theory is less RA viewing/reading, more RA dreams.. too much RA, no RA dreams! Since I've been blogging more... there's not been a RA dream in sight. LN and GoG have popped up though. But I dream about anything and everything!

Perhaps RA in your dream represents your blog... and you are looking for a way to give back to "the fans" :)

Traxy said...

I had a good laugh in a dream last night. I was sitting in a playground in my parents' neighbourhood reading the May edition of the Sky magazine and British corporate multimillionaire Richard Branson comes riding a bike. I wave to him and hold up the magazine and compliment him on an excellent publication (erm, it isn't really?) and as RA was on the cover, I pointed out that more of that, yes please. He said something about having a cover with Roman soldiers or something. He then went into one of the houses, because he lived there. In Sweden. In a little terraced house. Then I realised - in the dream - that Branson isn't the owner of Sky at all, but in fact, he owns rival company Virgin! So I had a good laugh at myself in-dream. Perhaps not that fun to read but umm, still?

Don't think I've dreamed of RA yet, but I'm sure he'll turn up eventually. Loved your dream, Nat! If only, eh? :)

*Chica Popcorn* said...

i would ask him to come to America especifically to Mexico ^^ to meet us there!!! AWSOME POST!!! APLAUSES

fitzg said...

Chica - a North American tour for Mr. A! Mexico, Canada and the U.S.!

Guapisimo, very handsome, il est tres beau!

Unknown said...

I would love to see him dancing the Argentine Tango but I'll go one step a contestant on Dancing with the Stars!!!