May 18, 2010

Random Fandom

I still haven't seen "Strike Back" yet.
I feel like a late bloomer, waiting to catch up with everyone else.
I've just been really busy or really tired lately, so no luck.
(Thank you to those who have sent me links!  So nice of you.)

Don't worry Porter.
We'll have our day in the sun... eventually.
*Nat suddenly bursts out singing "There's a Place for Us" from Westside Story.*
I have been reading a few "Strike Back" reviews and spoilers
(because I have no RA self control) and here's what I've gathered so far:

*Something about a knife hidden somewhere awkward.  (Do I want to know?)
*Ink blot cards... enough said.  *blush*
*There's a lot of violence.  (I already gathered that much, since it's a war movie.)
*There's some Porter hanky-panky lovin'. 
*Richard's nekked bumsky is once again revealed for all to see.  *gasp!*
*There are flexing muscles!  (Looking forward to that part.)
*The storyline is more action-packed than thought-provoking.

Do I have it right?

Okay, moving on to a very deep topic,
so brace yourself...

I still can't decide who is sexier ~ Thornton or Gisborne.
In the scheme of things... does it really matter in life's big picture who is hotter? 
No.  (Yet, I find myself doing it often... somebody slap me.)

Maybe a few of you out there think Monet is the cream of the crop, eh?
(I just wanted an excuse to use this picture again.  It cracks me up.)

Just to let you know, I'll probably be taking a break from posting most of this week.
My baby sister is graduating from high school, we'll have tons of family visiting and it's going to be busy.
Perhaps I should skip the boring card and money and give Kate "North & South" to celebrate her big day!
(This is same sister I mentioned before, HERE, who keeps rejecting my movie night suggestions
and apparently needs a good swift kick in the right direction.)

Any-hoo, if I'm unable to pop in for a while,
have a wonderful week!
What a great bloke... giving us a thumbs up,
not to mention, wearing black leather for our viewing pleasure.
(Uh-oh... I feel the beginnings of a limerick coming on!)

    *     *     *    
Update: The above photo is from the Russian RA forum HERE.
I don't know what in the heck they're saying, but they have some great photos, so check it out!



Phylly3 said...

I haven't seen Strike Back yet either, Nat! :(
Love that thumbs up picture! Will miss you this week but have fun with your family and good luck with converting that sis of yours!!
Oh, and if you feel a limerick coming on, by all means -- go for it!
Never repress a limerick!!

flandersdreamer said...

Have a nice time with your family, Nat! Oh, and there's also a slap in the face from a NUN for Porter!
In case you're too drowned in family and work to watch SB, this is meant to torture you until you've time to see it!

virginie said...

I'm a lucky who has seen the first 2 episodes of Strike back, and here is the link for all to watch ! It's on Megarelease, you can watch AND download the episodes ^^ It's updated every week after each episode is aired on sky1; Enjoy girls :D

virginie said...

I forgot: Gisborne or Thornton ? Well, I used to answer Gisborne, but now it's definitely Porter ! *sigh*

mulubinba said...

I've seen the first four eps of SB and loved them. I have to say that Porter may eclipse Gisborne.
This thumbs up picture - is that RA in real life?

(PS not sure about the ink blot cards ... did I miss something?)

Have fun with your sister!!

Ali said...

Oh that pic of Monet is so funny! Yep you've got the gist of Strike Back there, it's pretty good fun if you like that sort of thing...which I do incidentally!

Love that thumbs up pic, that jacket appears at the end of episode 2 btw.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of SB when you finally get to see it.

Judith Johnson said...

@Mulubinba-ink blot test are part of the set-up in E1 although I found it a bit off putting (JT would never have that reaction). It is alluded to in E3 and based on previews and what I have read I believe that it will come back into play in the final two episodes.

Nat-I really liked E. 3-4 of SB and am looking forward to the remainder.

As to the burning question of JT or GoG, I think that JT is a great candidate for baby daddy but GoG is the hottest sadist around!

tyme_4_t said...

@Nat - I think N&S is a great gift!

My pick for sexiest - John Porter!!

Have a good week!

MillyMe said...

Have fun with the family this week.

Thornton was my first love, but what, there are others who have fallen for Porter's charms? I'm madly in lust with him! You have something to look forward to Nat, when viewing time comes.

Joan Crenshaw said...

Gisborne will always be my favorite, probably because he was my introduction to Richard. Thornton has allowed me to introduce a number of my girlfriends to Richard in a way that RH never would -- my bf thought the series wasn't worth her time, even for Gisborne.

Porter's carving out his own niche in my heart. I have worked for the military in some way, shape or form since I was 25, and I was a senior enlisted wife. So I am loving it. The whole thing with the ink blots made me laugh -- I KNOW people who would have answered the exact same way, just to mess with the shrink.

I may as well just say it: I'd watch Richard Armitage read the phone book.

@Rob said...

I wont pick a fav btw Thornton and GofG. That's like asking what type of chocolate do I like better, milk or dark. My answer... CHOCOLATE!!! So there.

As for SB, not loving it as much as the other ladies. I watch it under duress because our man is in it. Spooks is so not my thing, but I became hooked bec of the writing, acting, and subject matter. With SB not so much.

Have you noticed that most a running theme through many of the characters he plays? They all put work before life/family and are isolated because of it. Interesting.

BTW -- LOVE the leather and the jeans. YUMMY!!!

Myrtle said...

Have a lovely time with your family Nat.

I particularly enjoyed ep3/4 of SB, I just suspended reality and enjoyed it!

Mr Thornton will always be my first love. It's not just the handsome, brooding good looks but also the nature of his character that attracts me to him. Have I waffled on about this before, yes I have!!!

I'm loving the leather jacket and jeans too, sexy!!!

@rob, interesting thought?

MaryKwizMiz said...

bullet points as time presses.
- yep, you do have it right :D
JT or SGoG? gizzy especially since that's season 3 Giz
Claude - brilliant pic. he's actually my second favourite chRActer (tho obviously somewhat lacking in the HOT dept.)
that thumbs-up RL RA - gold!!!
Enjoy your hols, I'm off to see family & friends too, be back here next week :D

Eliza said...

Another spoiler for you: he wears that leather jacket in the second episode of Strike Back!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but the thumbs up picture cracks me up. Every time I look at it, I imagine a British accented "EH!" a la The Fonz.

Anonymous said...

N&S is a great gift in any occasion Nat! ;)

My fav is GoG, I have to admit JP is lust-able (flexing muscles...drool) but for me Guy is lust-able and more :D

The ink-blot scene made me laugh and I actually thought he *was* making fun of the doctors!

OML :)

Avalon said...

Don't fret Nat, I wont see the film until it is released on Dvd.
Thornton is handsome in an aristocrat sort of way, perhaps a little to dainty for my taste but Guy of Gisborne is another hair, leather, rough, alpha, can shoot an arrow, ride a horse, and slash a man into....Just my type!
Nice photo. Have a happy week!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, enjoy your time with your family :)

I'm with @Rob about choosing JT or GofG, chocolate is chocolate :)

I've never seen this pic before, thanks so much for sharing. Man, people have a good memory because I have no specific recollection what that outfit is from.

@littlevictorie, "a la Fonz" is dead on! I couldn't figure out what that pic reminded me of until you said it,

@Nat, that Monet pic is just something else, I never saw that production but that facial expression of his just cracks me up! Combining that look with that hair is just too much :)
And one more thing regarding SB, I've never seen RA have this much screen time as a character who is a parent, it is interesting to see. I understand that he has played parents before, but I haven't really seen those productions. I think playing a parent requires a different set of acting muscles and to combine that with an action-adventure hero is a different type of character for RA to play. Gives us a chance to see him as an actor in a different light.

diveknit said...

I enjoy SB for what it is, episodes 3&4 much more than 1&2. Didn't care for the dialogs in 1&2, but liked it for the RA viewing and the action. Looking forward to SB 5&6.

@Twinkling Moon: I do agree it is interesting about playing a parent, but I do think it was poorly written, too jaded and not enough explored. RA could have done so much more with it. If I hadn't read interviews about his thoughts on it, I wouldn't know what to make of those scenes.

JT is it for me. I was searching for more period dramas to watch on YouTube when part of the N&S train station scene caught my eye and I didn't rest until I found it - wonder why :) I am still trying to convince my DH to watch it with me. He thinks it's like any of the other period dramas, which he strongly dislikes. I will eventually prevail!

Nat, enjoy your time with your family.

@Rob said...

I love the fast there is a Russian RA forum. Love the pics of him leaving the studio. Clearly the women who is taking a picy with him doesn't really know who he is. Prob saw the SB billboards and was like I gotta get a pics with this guy. Bec if she had seen N&S or any of his works, and was standing right next to him, she'd lose control of her legs.

I hope u UK ladies bring your cameras when ur out and about and if u ever do run into RA, you'll take lots of picys for us US girls.

bZirk said...

Nataleeee! I love the thumbs up picture.

Who's sexier? They're both extremely sexy, but my heart belongs to Guy.

@Rob and TM,

No, chocolate isn't chocolate. There's milk and dark and some with coconut and some with strawberries. JT is milk chocolate and Guy is dark chocolate. I've always been a dark chocolate kind of gal especially if there's coconut with it. Yeah, Guy is dark chocolate with coconut.

bZirk said...

Just looking at the thumbs up pic again. Is he adorable or what? "And or what" is something really good. :D

Regarding this:

"she'd lose control of her legs."

I'm having to restrain myself from making a crack. LOL!

@Rob said...

@bZ -- love your chocolate analogy and so true Thornton is your nice creamy milk chocolate. And Guy is your deep dark chocolate. But with that being said, there is still room in my life for dark and milk chocolate and I refuse to choose.

It so comforting to know that if I ever found myself in Russia, there'd be a group of women that I could totally hang out with!

I mean look at that pic with that woman, she looks a bit dazed an confused, but there are no signs of swooning. She seems to have waay to much control of her faculties. He seems so sweet and not bothered at all by the attention. Or am I projecting here?

@bZ -- I'd find myself having to restrain myself from NOT jumping on top of him. Somehow I think that might not go over to well???

bZirk said...

Love those Russians. :D

I think you're projecting because the woman looks completely unfazed by him, which means she must be deaf and blind. Either that or he never really looked at her and did not speak. If he had done either, she would look nothing like this.

On second thought, you're probably right. She might be so paralyzed that she appears unfazed. I would be a gibbering idiot if I could even speak, and that's saying something for me.

Twinkling Moon said...

@diveknit, you're absolutely right about those parent scenes not being well written in SB. Huge discussion on C19 about that, I am with you, after watching the show I definitely have a better understanding as to why RA creates character biographies. Sometimes it seems the writers don't give you enough to work with so the actor must create some story in his mind, otherwise there is now way he can make it work

@bZirk, yes, you are right, there is defintely a variety in chocolate, but at the end of the day they all make me happy :)

bZirk said...

Okay, I won't make you choose. LOL!


I hope everything is going well for you this week, and that you are able to get some rest. Yes, I know I sound like your mother. Kick in the head, I'm probably the same age or maybe older than your mother. Lovely woman I'm sure. She produced you didn't she? :D

@Rob said...

I watched the last two episode. Gosh the blood is way too much for me, it looks too real. I am such a softie. Although, RA gets so lost in the character, forget that I am watching him. He is quite the bad ass. Now, isn't he?

The crying scene in the desert didn't quite work for me, but so be it, it's not Shakespeare now is it? It was interesting seeing us Americans as the bad guys. Because from our purview, we're the good guys.

@bZ once a mom always a mom. you can't really shake it can you?

@Nat hope you are having fun, we miss you.

diveknit said...

@ Rob Where did you see the last 2 episodes? I haven't been able to find them on the internet yet? I was hoping to see them yesterday.

Unknown said...

Eps 5 & 6 on Megavideo, they have a time limit so you'll have to watch one at a time...I know its tough!

30rock said...

I absolutely love that thumbs up pic, where do those Russian gals get these rare pics from?

I've seen all the Strike Bacs and I liked them all but I think that 3&4 are my favourites.

Debra said...

I really loved how they left that HUGE DOOR open in that last scene...
If Sky doesn't make a sequel in the near future...they are just plain nuts - IMO.

Anonymous said...

I finally finished SB and realize why I'm not a huge fan. I think they tried to cram too much plot into the series, leaving what I felt like were key story lines lacking. But even with the campy dialogue, Ramboesque action and underdeveloped narrative, it was great seeing so much RA, who I believe delivered a brilliant performance regardless. I don't know that I've ever seen any of his characters get so much camera time. [Mind suddenly wanders to sweaty tied-to-a-board-in-the-desert scene.]

Twinkling Moon said...

@rob and @littlevictories, I'm totally with you on your thoughts about SB.

@Sandra and @diveknit, i've been watching it on stagevu but 5 &6 aren't there so I went to I don't know if it's there now, but thanks so much for the tip to Sandra. You rock!

diveknit said...

@ Sandra and @Twinkling Moon, thanks for the tip Sandra, I have been finally able to watch it and @Twinkling Moon I also watched it on Stagevu before.

I did like Ep 5 and 6 but I also think that 3 & 4 are my favourites, somehow they drew me in more. But I would love to see more of it, especially after this cliff hanger they left us with.
Great acting over all by RA.