May 4, 2010

This Morning's GMTV Interview

Richard was interviewed on GMTV this morning and Heather was nice enough to upload
it for us on YouTube.  (I love how he calls himself a "tall, gangly bloke.")
And what's this about Lucas not being who we thought he was?  Oh, the suspense!!!
*Pause the blog's background music before viewing.*


MillyMe said...

Oh Richard, how lovely to see and hear you again, the eyes, the smiles and sudden grins, the familiar hand gestures! This was far too short! And yes, of course we're now dying to know what Lucas' secret is.

PS. At least there was no mention of the blasted circus!

Thanks, Nat, for putting this up on your blog.

Myrtle said...

At least LK let him talk this time, last time she interviewed him she rambled on and called him a beautiful boy!

I think she was nervous, imagine that!!!!!!

Thanks for posting Nat

flandersdreamer said...

Lovely, cute, nice, gorgeous ...
What could be Lucas''s secret? Now we have all summer to lie awake about it all night!

tyme_4_t said...

OMG ... I adore him even more! I can't wait until the secret of Lucas is revealed!

Thanks Nat for the post!

Anonymous said...

freeze frame at 3:56

Twinkling Moon said...

OMG! Thanks bunches to Heather and to Nat for sharing. You guys rock!

@Myrtle, during which interview did she call him "beautiful boy" LOL!

I think he must have been running to go tape Spooks or just came from there, I'm watching S7 of Spooks right now (I just watched Epi 3) and I swear, the boy is wearing the same shirt, LOL! I know I've commented on this before but I can't help but notice the guy wears shirts that are always one of 3-4 colors. Don't get me wrong, he looks great! But just can't help but notice :)

As for Lucas' secret...maybe he's not the good guy we all thought he was?

PS any chance that some benevolent UKer is going to post SB somewhere so the rest of the world can see it too? Pretty Please!

Skully said...

What a great big teaser! I can't wait for season nine!!

@Rob said...

OMG is lucas an american or russian, under-cover secret agent??? This is just too too too much.

He is a super tease!!! Love it and hate it.

Myrtle said...

Twinklingmoon - I think it was GMTV October 2007, it is on RA online. He looks so embarrassed. She then prattles on for most of the interview.

Traxy said...


Awww, he's awesome. And gorgeous to boot. No mention of circus - or the AA! Which is good. Must get a bit annoying to always be asked about his fans just because of the catchy name.

(And my word verification word is "hexema"? What's that, some sort of witch's ecsema? o.O I didn't do it!)

Twinkling Moon said...

@myrtle, the woman just prattled on after calling him "beautiful boy"? Ha! ha! it sounds almost creepy, like an older, sexually dissatisfied woman going on inappropriately about a younger, almost to the point of being illegal younger man!

@Traxy, I thought the same thing you did about no mention of the circus or the army. I was surprised that neither was mentioned. but then I took a look at some of the recent interviews RA did to promote SB and i don't think the interviewers ask him about either of those at all. makes me wonder if his agents or he told them not to ask him about that stuff again.

And seriously, we'd appreciate it if some kind UK soul would have pity on the rest of us and provide us with some way to catch SB :)

MillyMe said...

Twinkling Moon, aren't you being slightly harsh on Lorraine Kelly? I think she seemed unprofessional in not being able to hide her fascination with Richard, but come on, faced with Richard in close proximity on a sofa, I wouldn't be surprised if "beautiful boy" burst from my lips, too. RA once said that he received fanmail from women between the ages of 16 and 80. We all slot in there somewhere, not least Lorraine!

RAFrenzy said...

It's interesting how it's feast or famine with RA. We go months and months surviving on almost no information and now we can barely consume all the crumbs he's throwing us. Lucas isn't who we thought?!! That ought to keep me busy for weeks.

Miss Morgan said...

He's planning on going back on stage!!! As RA is my witness, I'll jump on a plane just to see him live. Here in Spain we suffer a painful and complete RA dearth so any news on the "going on stage" front would be much appreciated!

Thanks for the wonderful work bringing the latest RA news.