May 10, 2010

Sexy Back ~ The Stick-Figure Richard Version

I couldn't resist.  Enjoy!
*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*
Do you have a favorite new SFR pose?
(I am particularly fond of Super SFR.)

Heathra Productions "Sexy Back" videos are some of
the most popular Richard Armitage fanvids around.

If you haven't seen them, you must!
Click here:
Sexy Back  and  Sexy Back 2

Heather said that Sexy Back 3 is currently in the works, but is
waiting for "Strike Back" to be released on dvd to add Porterlicious clips to the mix!
(Waiting on the edge of my seat...)


tyme_4_t said...

That was AWESOME!!!
I will have to watch that a few times - so many great SFRs!
Love Harry K with glasses!! and singing SFR!
You are the best Nat - thanks for starting my Monday on a happy note!

flandersdreamer said...

I definitively found Gisborne was the sexiest of all but I loved SFR Superman! That's something to explore,don't you think?
Thanks, Nat!

Judith Johnson said...

Scruffy Porter!! Yes!! Thanks 4 the smiles.

Lady Gis-Monet Thornton said...

Genius, Nat! You've succeeded again in creating yet another adorably funny SFR masterpiece! I had a goofy fan-girl smile the whole time I was watching. Super SFR was so funny, but one of my favorites was definitely SF Gisborne putting on his armor (yummy!). And SF Harry with the scarf. Cute! Thanks again. Viva SFR!

@Rob said...

love it! thanks for the monday morning smile. ur the best.

MaryKwizMiz said...

rats.. bloody Sony. can't watch over here. Just when I had been soooo looking forward to it.

Myrtle said...

SF Harry is gorgeous, SF Lee in the Speedo's is a hoot.

Love them all!

bZirk said...

ROFLOL!!! ROFLOL!!! Natlie, I can't take it! LOL!!! Richard Armitage has got to see these videos!! I may break down and write another fan letter. :D

Heathra said...

LOL! That was so funny!! I loved it! Thanks Nat for doing a spoof on my Sexy Back videos!! It was awesome! I especially love the "look at those hips" parts! HA HA HA

Avalon said...

This is cute. I cannot believe all the fresh ideas you come up with. You are amazing.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Stumbled upon your latest creation in YT as one of my suggestions. Sexy back made me swoon over RA and on my playlist because of Heathra, now it will make me grin too! Can't wait to play the game: what SFR is that w/my kids....:))

cesta said...

The picture of SFGuy trying on his armor by the fire just killed me. You're a very funny lady!

Phylly3 said...

Thanks Nat -- for more SFR!! Super SFR was inspired and I really liked Gizzy on the horse and Thornton with his top hat and his stare! "Makes ME smile!"

bZirk said...

Gisborne trying on the armor is perfect! But this video just gets better each time I watch it because I see something I missed the first time!

*Chica Popcorn* said...

I have a Terrific idea: why dont you add some "stick Richard drawings" to our letter? Richard will be ver please and he will smile I'm sure!! (IMAGINE!! STICK RICHARD MAKING THE REAL RICHARD TO SMILE!!! *____*) what do you think?

Traxy said...

Oooh, I'm with Chica Popcorn on that one! :D I wonder what his reaction would be!

Fab video, Nat! As always! Made me giggle with fangirly delight. Looking forward to both Heathra's "Sexy Back 3" and the next adventure of SFR! Keep up the good work, both of you! :D

pi said...

I'm catching up on your older posts bit by bit. SFR had me grinning like a fool. You have a real gift. Thank you!

Oh, and I never got into fanvids until I saw HeathRA's Sexy Back thanks to your recommendation. Mesmerising, LOL!

RAFrenzy said...

I think I might be just as much a fan of Nat as I am of RA. I agree that she's gifted, and I hope all of this is still a lot of fun for her.

Tiffany said...

I must say, I'm almost more in love with Stick Figure Richard than I am real Richard. Note: ALMOST

Loved Spooks finale. Can't wait to hear what you think!

Can't wait to see more of SFR :)