May 27, 2010

You know you're a Richard Armitage fan when...

There could be hundreds of possibilities to fill in this blank.
In fact, I think I've seen some funny lists on blogs and/or forums, but I can't remember
where at the moment. (Please feel free to provide links, if you know.)
*Update: Traxy at The Squeee posted a hilarious list a while ago (HEREwhich is the one I'd read before.*
The other day, my husband and I were on the weird subject of what would happen if one of us died.
I said I was totally fine with the idea of him getting remarried as long as the new wife was rather ugly.
(Y'know... so I could always be the pretty one or something.)  He was rather taken aback by that comment,
and with his chin up and brow slightly furrowed said, "So you wouldn't want me to ever be attracted to
anyone else, Mrs. Armitage?"  (In an attempt to make a point that I currently do have a crush on someone
else.)  Instead of coming back with a sarcastic comment like he was expecting, I burst into fits of laughter
and couldn't stop for several minutes.  It was just so darn funny (maybe you had to be there) and the Hubs
looked so adorable all pouty and... I would say jealous, but that's not the right word... disgruntled?
Luckily, Mr. Nat knows my crush on Richard is harmless and if he knew how much lovin' it got him,
he'd be encouraging me to watch RA shows 24/7. :)
So, in my recent experience,
you know you're an RA fan when: your significant other calls you "Mrs. Armitage."
HAHAHAHA!  Love it. :)


@Rob said...

OMG!!! You nailed it so perfectly with this post. It's like hubby love is like having your baby and a crush is like watching N&S for the millionth time!!! If our hubbies only knew how much they have benefited from Thornton, G of G, Lucas and Porter, as you said they'd encourage us to watch RA 24/7!!! I think RA is improving the sex lives of many men accross the globe and they are completely unaward of it!!!

I think it is a good thing for grown women to have crushes, it reminds us of our younger, freer selves, the selves that didn't have mortgages, kids, and jobs to worry about.

I knew I was a RA fan when I scoured the Internet for TWO HOURS to get my hands on a Guy of G doll. I knew I was a fan when I sat through SB just because our man was starring in it. I watch while my hubby shakes his head in disblief while I watch the show. I don't even watch the news bec it's too violent for me.

But if having a RA crush is wrong, then I don't wanna be RIGHT. thanks for this post. It made my day. :)

MillyMe said...

What's the saying, there is safety in numbers? Sometimes I think I'm the only person silly enough to have a crush and go all fangirly and squeeing when all around are sensible and talking of weighty matters, and then I discover this delicious fellowship of the divine RA!

My hubby and boys were bemused to say the least when I would insist on watching RH2 every Sunday after I had dismissed series 1 as substandard child's stuff (pre-North and South and my RA-awakening!)

And let's just say hubby is currently having the time of his life after a certain hunky Porter made his appearance in SB, pics and fanvids, whoo hoo!

At least we are discerning women with an eye for quality!

Traxy said...

You mean like this one? You know you've become a Richard Armitage fangirl when... :D

And I wholly agree. Partners should be very supportive of our RA-fancy, seeing as how it benefits them rather well! Not meaning necessarily that we're picturing RA in certain situations, but still. :) I insist that I'd love to see my hubby in 19th century clothing, but that he wouldn't get to have them on for very long. ;)

fitzg said...

Too funny!!

For me, it's when 1) son rolls eyes and says "Whatever happened to Sean the Grumpy Scot, Mom?") (PS Sir Sean, I still adore you...)
2) Astonished at actually participating in "fan sites" for the first time ever....

btw, "disgruntled" is a lovely description!

mulubinba said...

Agree with fitzg above with Number (2).

1. When reading RA blogs and sites takes priority over work.
2. When you try to convert family and colleagues to RA's worksaying "you'd really like this!".
3. When you hope that every new work he does is a success and the ratings are high. (A bit like your favourite team winning a grand final).

Anonymous said...

You all are too funny! Can totally relate.

Here's mine:
1. When you obsessively check Nat's blog for new RA pictures and stories.
2. When you'd stoop to cinematic lows such as watching the BBC sequel to "Dude, Where's My Car?" ("Oi, Where the Bloody Hell IS My Car?") simply because you heard RA had a cameo.

Or is that just me?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and when the words "Richard Armitage" becomes the first auto-fill option when doing searches on Google and You Tube.

Anonymous said...

@Traxy Just read your list and I love it.

diveknit said...

Thank you Nat and all you lovely ladies for your comments, because you have all nailed my feelings and thoughts completely and made me laugh out loud.
I do feel great coming here, not so weird, I am in the Thornton-swooning Thirties category, happily married too with 2 daughters and I think this my first serious crush on any actor. I am still baffled by it, usually my crushes would be gone in a couple of weeks but this has been month now for me (ever since I found N&S) and it is not letting up.

You know you have become an RA fan when you buy an audio book just because he is reading it. I got Venetia today and am looking forward to reading it.

tyme_4_t said...

I have no children and I am single (happy but still hoping) so none of the SO applies to me...

However, I work on a computer all day and during my breaks & lunch at work - I go to a computer just in case any of my regular RA haunts have updated some new tidbit or pic...should I don't know - maybe converse with my co-workers or go for a walk on a sunny day - nope...checking to see if there's something new in RA world or if one of my "colleagues" has liked one of my comments...

OK...I'm off to pick up RH series 3 from my local library...1st on the waiting list to view and it's finally processed...

@Rob said...

@Dive -- you are so a newbie! Only a month! I have been working this crush for FIVE YEARS. Now that I think about it, it is a bit alarming. Hmmm, lucky my hubby is understanding. The audio books are the best, I love them. You can also get Sylvester and he read two episodes of RH too. I am happy to feed another RA addiction.

So glad to hear that other people check this site throughout the day too. I was worried. I check it so often, first thing in the am even. Good God...

twinkling moon said...

@tyme_4_tea, I'm in the same boat as you, so I have no hubby to complain about my RA love,

Like others have said, I am so shocked at myself for having such a crush on this guy. I never hung posters on my wall of some actor/singer as a teen, was never a fan girl of any type whatsoever, and then comes along Mr.A...and BAM! A fan girl was born! It's been a year and I am stunned that I am still into this guy.

So here I am, checking out blogs made by other RA devotees, and for the longest time I thought "OMG! I am officially a weirdo, checking out websites by people I don't know, about a guy that not only will I never meet, but most Americans have never even heard of him!"

And yet, here I am :) Happy to know that I am not alone, that it is possible to be "normal" and still be "just that into him"

So for me, I guess I knew I was a RA fan when:

1) I googled this actor to find more of his work, something I've never done for any actor before
2) Discovered because of him that there is a phenomenon called "vidding" and "fan fic" Honestly, I never even heard of such things until I became an RA fan and found out that such things even exist!
3) I actually registered onto a community for fans; I never register for anything on line, in fact I don't even make deposits using the ATM because I don't trust technology/computers and am absolutely paranoid when it comes to Identity theft! Yet I chucked my inhibitions out the window if it meant I could enter the world of RA fandom :)
4) When my friends who don't watch any UK shows or period dramas of any type ask me "oh, is that British guy you like in it?" whenever I recommend a movie to them
5) when I am searching for ways to watch UK shows online because I can't wait for them to be released in the US, simply because Mr. A is in them

Yes, I love you Mr. A, but not in a creepy way, at least I hope I'm not creepy :)

Skully said...

LOL, that's so funny :)

diveknit said...

@Rob - made a little typo, it has been a couple of month not just a month! It was either January or February when I watched N&S for the first time. So I am still a newbie, but it has never been like this before :) Concerning at first but you guys make me feel normal and better after all!
I can second as well what twinkling moon wrote.

Myrtle said...

You know you're an RA fan when:

you pick up a tin of peaches and think mmmmmm...............

Phylly3 said...

Fabulous post Natalie! Your hubs sounds great! You are so totally right about our SOs getting lucky from all the RA love! So funny!!
I am loving hearing from the newbies and the ones who are still hanging in since the beginning.
I have been in the throes of this obsession for close to a year, and that means rarely going a day without checking out the net for any RA news or posts -- usually yours as your blog was my gateway to the rest of the RA fan phenomenon. The first time you took an extended blogging break (I think it was Thanksgiving) I missed you so much it was kinda scary!! <:o
If I take Traxy's test again, I will get a much higher mark now!

flandersdreamer said...

RA fandom is a blessing, period.
1) At 55 I got all teenager again which was very rejuvenating (for me)!
2) Hubby and me got huge profits for afore mentioned rejuvenation. He started to look like RA in my mind! (tall, blue eyed, hooked nose, thin lips, strong jaw line, need I say more?)
3) I began writing fanfic about his Thornton character which was great fun!

So, why not indulge myself and enjoy my RA crush?

Traxy said...

Thanks for the linklove, Nat! :)

Do I have permission from y'all to put the things mentioned here on the list? After all, it's meant to be a collaboration thing and you've shared some fab ideas! :)

sophie said...

I am also shocked at myself for being a FAN.I never was before ! the good thing is that it makes me progressing in English if I want read and understand everything I find about RA

Unknown said...

When you get your seven year old son hooked on Robin Hood just so you can have an excuse (like I really need one!) to watch it....again!

cesta said...

Mrs. Armitage haha. This post made me smile like a fool. :D Your hubby rocks!

JEMAA said...

This is great! I can certainly relate to all the comments, particularily flandersdreamer - at the ripe old age of 58, I am completely flabergasted that I have developed such a crush, when , while there certainly have been other actors who I have admired, it has never been like this. Makes me think of Monty Python's Spamalot and the song , "I'm not dead yet!" (Funniest musical ever - if you have a chance to see it, go!)

Here's my list -
1) I need to buy shares in Amamzon, to benfit from all the $$ I have spent (though not reluctantly) on DVD's and audio books that feature a certain RA. (Love the audio books - I think they particularily showcase his talent)
2) I have read North and South, Birdsong( mentioned by Harry in VoD) and am planning to read Crime and Punishment, just because!
3)I have watched the final scene from N&S about 100 times (which may even be a conservative estimate)and I am not even remotely tired of it yet.

Thanks for helping to make a very sensible, "feet on the floor" kind of person feel that she is not totally bonkers!

Nat, enjoy your long weekend - we had one here in Canada last weekend and the weather where I was was perfect. Hope yours will be too.

fitzg said...

jemaa, please don't talk about Amazon. $$groan$$) Now when will Spooks 8 and Strike be available in Region 2? (think that's us.)

Close to your age, madame, no apologies for an "actor crush". NOT dead yet, indeed!

Very hot on the Rideau Canal, just beginning to cool off now...

B* said...

You know you're an RA fan when...

1) All you ask for Xmas is a region-free DVD player
...waiting patiently for North American DVD
releases is unthinkable!
2) You realize that you've heard RA's voice more than your own SO's over the last while
... I'd like to think I could listen to mine for 5 hours straight, but I'm not so sure - :)

Unknown said...

@JEMAA I'm totally with you on the books, just finished reading Sunne in Splendour and Crime ad Punishment is on my list (anyone know of a good translation?). And I'm so glad you mentioned Birdsong because I also looked it up on Amazon from Harry's recommendation (and felt kinda ridiculous doing it) couldn't figure out who the author was..McCleran or somebody? Can you tell me who the author was ? As Alice would say "Snap!" :)

JEMAA said...

@sandra - Birdsong is written by Sebastian Faulks. It is a difficult book to read - about WW1 and how it was in the trenches for the British soldiers. We just have no idea what those men went through. There is also a love story element too. It is a book that will stay with you. I too felt a bit ridiculous checking it out, but as I love to read, am always looking for new books. I wonder if RA has ever read it? Now, if I could only get a copy of Jill's Gymkhna! (Sp?) Don't you just love Alice?

MillyMe said...

Just checked for you,JEMAA, it seems Jill's Gymkhana is available at Amazon. I always laugh at Harry's agreeing with Alice as this is very much the sort of book I read as a horsey little girl. Alice has good taste, as well as being a good laugh!

Myrtle said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't realise that there is actully a book called Jill's Gymkhana. I assumed it was just made up for VOD, ha ha. I must check it out.

I too am going to try reading Birdsong, my hubby has read it, although I fear it may be rather emotional. Sunne in Splendour is a great read, hopefully good prep for RA's furture Richard 111 project.

So, I suppose you know that you are an RA fan when you read every book that either he or his characters mention.

JEMAA said...

I too had no idea that there was such a book as Jill's Gymkhana - I was just trying to be funny!! Must check it out. I will also check out Sunne in Splendour. Now - what about the book about the mole and poo!!!

MillyMe said...

The book about the mole who gets poo on his head exists too. I think the writers on VoD had great fun choosing obscure books that really do exist, a sort of in-joke.

Unknown said...

@JEMAA thanks for the author name!

Ok here's one more know you're an RA fan (and a book nerd) when you go back and re-watch the VoD clip to make sure you got all the book names/authors right and add some John LeCarre to your "to read list".

I think I'll pass on Jill's Gymkhana and the book about the mole with a poo...for now anyways!

Twinkling Moon said...

@phyllyl3, I just want to second your thoughts about Nat's blog. This was the first RA devoted site I really checked out and then became a regular of, checking it basically everyday and suffering from withdrawal when Nat, you had the audacity to spend time with your family over thanksgiving, LOL!

And just like so many others who have stated, I too had no idea those were real books they were talking about in VofD, Who knew?

@skully and diveknit, thanks for appreciating my comments :)