Jun 17, 2010

23rd Poll Results ~ Richard's Best BAFTA Look

After swooning over Richard's latest formal ensemble
at the 2010 BAFTA's earlier this month, I wondered
which has been your favorite BAFTA Armitage look so far?

Unfortunately, with only 1 day left in the voting process, 
the poll experienced some  technical difficulties (for the
first time ever) showing a "Google error" (huh!?)
instead of the poll results.  *sigh*

So anyway~ I'm just going to have to go 
by memory this time.  Sorry, peeps.

When I checked the poll the night before
the error occurred, there were roughly 260 votes and
Mr. Armitage's 2010 BAFTA look  had a MAJOR lead on
the others.  (Like 75%- 80%.)
So I think it's safe to say
that 2010 takes 1st place.

#1 favorite BAFTA look~ 2010:
This year Richard sported a medium-length, slightly tousled hairdo,
a pinstripe suit with slimmer-fitting legs,
and some buckled boots:
(Perhaps he was channeling his inner Gizzy?)

Oh yes, and he was armed with that gorgeous grin as well...
(The sound that can faintly be heard
when Richard's teeth shimmer.)

Now that I think of it,
I'm not sure that asking this poll question
right after the 2010 BAFTAs aired was exactly fair
since most of you were probably still
drooling over the latest appearance.

I can't deny that Richard looked mighty fine this year,
but my personal favorite and 2nd place winner was 2009.

#2 favorite BAFTA look~ 2009:
I think this look is jaw-droppingly swoontastic!
(The hair... the tux... perfection.)

Coming last in line,
but not too far behind 2009...

#3 favorite BAFTA look~ 2007:
Thanks to his Robin Hood Season 1 or 2 hairdo,
Richard looks like Gisborne in a tux, minus the guyliner. :)


Phylly3 said...

I always love to see a man in a nice suit and THIS man in a nice suit is amost TOO much to contemplate! WOWZA!

Jane said...

I totally agree with phylly3!

Also, on a sidenote: Nat, I love the background music for the page. So much so that I started hunting around for the North & South soundtrack, only to find out that it doesn't actually exist (http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/forum/displayquestion.php?topicid=9854). Thus, my habit of leaving your blog open on my desktop while I do other things will continue ;)

Myrtle said...

I voted for 2010, but 2009 is so 'James Bond' it's unreal and I just want to run my fingers through the 2007 hair, even though his suit was rather ill fitting.

bZirk said...

I can't help it; I love 2007.

Twinkling Moon said...

I voted for 2009 all the way! Although 2010 wasn't exactly bad either :)

It's funny you mentioned the "ting", LOL! I thought of that wedding scene in VofD :) when I saw that pic!

Sue said...

He looked rather awkward, or "gangly" as Richard might describe it, in 2007. The suit didn't seem to fit properly. I loved the suit in 2009, perfect fit in every sense! I loved his shoes in 2010, talk about one, two, buckle my shoe, very flash! I also seem to remember him wearing a shirt like the white one he was wearing recently, only it was in black, but had the same ridges/lines, very nice.(Do you think he buys them in job lots or is it a case of buy one get one free?) I think I liked 2009 best, but I'm not fussy I'll take him any way I can get! (I do prefer the dickie bow look, rather than a tie though).How about a nice silk waistcoat for 2011? I've seen him wearing a waistcoat and it really suits his figure (it also means you don't have to bother ironing the shirt so much!)

Twinkling Moon said...

@Sue, LOL at your "don't have to iron the shirt much" comment,
I do wonder how comfy RA is in suits, he did take off his bowtie in the middle of the award show after he presented. Makes he just might be more of a jeans and shirt kind of guy

Myrtle said...

I always think it is so funny that he took the Tube to the Baftas in 2007. Imagine getting on the Circle Line and finding oneself sitting next to him.........mmmm

Sue said...

Twinkling Moon,

I didn't know he had taken his bow tie off during the award show. I think most men dislike having to wear ties/dickie bows, especially if they are rather tight around the neck. I do think he is happier in jeans and a t-shirt like you say and they do suit him best, I certainly prefer the casual look of jeans.


I remember him saying in an interview about taking the tube to an award show.

I like Richard when he appeared on the National TV awards one year (can't remember which year) and presented an award along with Jonas Armstrong and Lucy Griffiths. It must be an awesome experience to look at all those people in the audience and be the centre of attention if only for a few minutes. I loved the grey suit he wore for that show, but he didn't wear a tie, nor did Jonas as I remember. I think many men will admit to hating having to wear ties if they are honest. Personally I think a tie looks better with a suit, somehow an open shirt just doesn't look right somehow. Mind you I remember many moons ago when I was at school hating to wear school ties, I could never tie the damn thing properly and when quite young resorted to wearing a tie on a piece of elastic, couldn't wait to get home at night and take the flippin' thing off!

Twinkling Moon said...

@sue, I think it was absolutely adorable that he took the subway to the awards show! It means he didn't have a swelled head, you know?

As for the tie and suit thing, well, it reminded me of the huge uproar many years ago now (sometime in the early 90s I think) that Sharon Stone caused when she showed up to the Oscars wearing a turtleneck from The GAP! People acted like she had personally insulted them or something; sometimes I feel like screaming to those self-appointed fashion police "get a life already!"

Sue said...

Twinkling Moon,

Yes, I seem to remember the publicity surrounding Sharon Stone and the turtleneck. Mind you when you think that most of the high profile actresses get the opportunity of wearing (and therefore promoting) a well known designer dress, I think I'd wear something flash given the chance. I'm sure the pressure on actresses at these events to look their best must be more intense than for their male counterparts. I wonder if Richard will get the opportunity of wearing a designer suit for free? Mind you he couldn't look any better in it than he already does. He could turn up buck-naked and still outdo the lot of them in style. (Now there's a thought!If only!)

diveknit said...

@ Sue, haha, yes there is a thought! But I do agree.