Jun 28, 2010

The Gizzy Guide to Guyliner and Man Makeup.

It has been a year since we said good-bye to our beloved
Gisborne at the end of Robin Hood Season 3,
so let's chat about one of my favorite Gisborne topics...
the guyliner.

I don't know WHY I like it... I just do.
Only a few people can pull it off.  The rest look like weirdos.

For example,
in my opinion, it's okay for young rock & rollers
or pirates to have guyliner...

...but NOT old rock & rollers.  Too creepy.
(Sorry, Ozzy/Alice fans.)

However, these rules don't apply to everyone.
Sometimes it's okay for an old rocker to don guyliner...
but only if he has portrayed a pirate on-screen
and looks like a pirate in real life anyway.

Okay... back to Robin Hood.

I think the makeup department did an excellent job
with Gisborne and his guyliner, manscara, guyshadow,
or whatever they smeared on his face.

Gizzy is neither a rock star,
nor a pirate, but he is also an exception
to the guyliner-wearing rule, and also
the best example of how to look hot doing so.
(It would look all wrong on RA's other characters.)

I hope my husband doesn't read this post and get into my
makeup caboodle in search of the eyeliner.  (haha- yeah right!)
Oh, and try not to judge the fact that I still own a caboodle.
Perhaps the Robin Hood makeup artist carried his/her
tools of the trade in one too...
Super cool!
(Said in the dorkiest way possible)

Unfortunately for some of Richard's co-stars,
I think the makeup designers missed their
mark with a few looks.

For example, take Little John in Season 3.
What in the heck is going on there!?
I love Little John... but the eyeshadow overload was a bit too much.

The Sheriff had some eye makeup issues too.
His was sort of cool, yet sort of creepy.

Then there's poor Prince John and his way-too rosey cheeks!
Perhaps they piled on the blush to make him
look like more of the sissy that PJ is.
(And I love Toby.  So sexy as Rochester!)

In conclusion, I just have to say:
three cheers for Gisborne and his man makeup!

*Giz applies extra guyliner for his wedding day.*


flandersdreamer said...

It took me several episodes before I realized what it was that made Guy so attractive (apart from the gorgeous blue eyes, the firm stubbled chin and the yummy leather bum!): it was the eyeliner. Like you said, Nat, only few men can pull it off and Richard is one of them. Sigh ... I miss Gizzie so much ...

MillyMe said...

It's a simple equation really:

Guyliner + average eyes = an eyesore

Guyliner + beautiful eyes = a sight for sore eyes!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL MillyMe!

I agree with you Nat about the people who can pull off the make up but no one looks as manly and sexy as Guy of Gisborne ;).

OML :)

Avalon said...

I do not notice small details like this, so I am glad I follow your blog, lol. I love Guy's liner and Jack Sparrow's liner. You are right, it just doesn't look good on some. I like gothic and on some, it fits and others look loco.

DEZMOND said...

Not that I would ever use a guyliner on myself :)) although I believe it would accentuate the greenness of my eyes beautifully :)) I do like how it looks on young Adam Lambert and I couldn't imagine Ozzi Osbourne without it :)

@Rob said...

It makes him look so deliciously evil. I like in season 3 how as he was falling apart the guyliner smudged, to add to the over all disheveled appearance.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

MillyMe, so true.

Dezz, Adam Lambert falls into the "okay for young rockers" category (even though he's probably more pop than rock?) and I think it looks fine on him. The sad thing about Ozzy and Alice is that they look creepy to me WITHOUT their guyliner, so maybe they should just keep it on since at least it's familiar. :)

*Chica Popcorn* said...

LONG LIVE GUY'S LINNER! and to celebrate it I have some drawings about a story I'm creating about "the misadaventures of Guy" take a look:

and here we have all the characters XD

Hope everyone enjoy them!

Myrtle said...

Guy is usually my 3rd or 4th or
5th favourite RA character - depending on my mood. However, I simply cannot resist the 'wedding look' leather, extra guyliner and sleek hair tucked behind those lovely ears, gorgeous!

Manda said...

I totally want your caboodle. I have no idea whatever happened to mine. Color me jealous.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I noticed that as Series 3 went on, two things happened: the guyliner lessened AND his ability to handle himself in a fight increased.

The loss of the guyliner I attributed to his change from conflicted baddie to conflicted goodie.

I had decided back in Series One, that he simply didn't care enough about the "job" to risk himself in swordplay with Robin et al, so when he did, he was bound to lose. In later Series Three, he has a cause to fight for and redemption to seek, so his fighting becomes more agressive.

Guy will always be my favorite and hey, it's only been not-quite-7 months in the States since we lost him. Dec 5, 2009 -- I only know this because I deleted the last episode from my DVR last night.

bZirk said...


I'm with Manda -- love your caboodle.

Twinkling Moon said...

@MillyMe, well put!

@Nat, do they still make caboodles? LOL! Great observation about how some can pull off the guyliner and some poor guys just don't have that level of coolness :)

I thought I was the only one who noticed Gizzy's extra effort to look especially nice for Marian on his wedding, with that heavier Guyliner. Glad to know I'm in good company! But seriously, that extra liner always stumped me in that episode. I think they do tend to use it to identify a character as being unsavory, a bad guy generally speaking. And with Guy having the extra on he looks extra "don't mess with me." But at the same time I think the writers wanted us to feel Guy's vulnerability in that epi (remember Guy's conversation with Thornton, his lack of knowledge regarding marriage traditions, his acknowledgement of his "heinous" crimes and hope that Marian will wash away his sins.) So how does the heavy guyliner, "I'm-a-bad-guy look" jive with the "I'm vulnerable and need a friend" script? Ok, do people even say jive anymore?

Phylly3 said...

Totally love this post! I never really thought about men wearing makeup before except to go "ewww", but yep, he certainly pulls it off...like WOW!
I love what Millyme said!

pi said...


I'm a lurker on this most delightful and original blog. I've just finished the first season of RH. The guyliner thing irks me because it's so obvious. Did the producers have a purpose in adding this? This has been bugging me endlessly, so I hope someone has the answer.

I find it especially distracting on Guy. His eyes are so gorgeous to begin with that I think it's a bit of "gilding the lily". On the other hand, I'm not totally averse to it. Colour me conflicted. :)

And what's with the eyeshadow? (Not that I'm hating it.)

bZirk said...


Welcome, and yes, this is a great blog! :D

I'm not big on the eyeliner either, but if anyone can where it, it's Guy.

Have you seen Richard Armitage in anything else? I ask because his eyes are so light in shade and are set in a way that sometimes they do not show up as they should on film, Maybe the producers of RH felt the same way and didn't want to fight that when filming. I must admit the eyeliner does help with the malevolent look. The only place I don't care for it is in the wedding scene in season 1, but that doesn't mean I don't adore that scene. It might be my favorite of all three seasons.

bZirk said...

Geez, I need caffeine. I meant "wear it."

kaprekar said...

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kaprekar said...


I admit I like the guyliner too.


pi said...


Oh yes! I discovered RA in Vicar of Dibley and then watched N&S. And then Sparkhouse and George Gently and The Impressionists and..... His eyes didn't need any enhancement.

I'm just curious about the guyliner- why the producers chose it. Funny that there's not been any explanation from them (that I could find), when guyliner is not that common in film. Maybe it's to underline (heh) that bad boy rock star look.

Sue said...

I think the writers wanted to create a sort of modern "Goth" character and the guyliner fitted in with all that.

The last piccy, where Guy is about to be married, and he turns around to Marian to say how happy he is, with a kind of daft gormless expression, just for a second, reminded me of John Standring from Sparkhouse. That daft gormless look was soon replaced however, when Guy realises her father isn't with her, then he really does have "a face like thunder".(Sexy with it though!)

pi said...


Oh! That makes sense! Thanks!

Love the marriage leather and the neat hair. Very sleek. The "face like thunder" was astounding, but I think it was more than that. I've watched it several times, and I keep thinking that two sets of reactions/thoughts/emotions chase across his face- that Daddy didn't show up for the wedding, which is disrespectful (Guy wasn't worth it), and disappointing, and the sly realisation that Daddy is a traitor and walking into a death trap (with maybe just a smidgeon of vengeful satisfaction). Just remarkable to convey all that in one slow look. Which is why I bought the entire series of RH (I rarely buy DVDs).