Jun 23, 2010

Need a laugh?

Here are two videos from GizTheGunslinger that crack me up.
*Be sure to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing videos.*

The first features Robin and Gisborne and a "Sponge Bob Square Pants" song.
(Seriously... how can you go wrong with that combo!?)  Sponge Bob's voice represents Robin
and Plankton's voice represents Gisborne.  I love it.  I laughed through the whole thing.

The second video features bloopers from "The Impressionists."
Richard's part in this gag reel made me chuckle, even though I have no idea why he's laughing.
I kept watching it over and over, like I'd somehow get the inside joke.
(And I love how Richard says, "I cah-n't bear it!" So British.)
Thanks to tyme_4_t for bringing this one to my attention.

Thanks for the laughs, GisTheGunslinger!
(Check out the rest of her vids HERE.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is SO sweet. Love to see Mr. Armitage break out in laughter that way. You definitely made my day!

Phylly3 said...

The voices in the first video are just a HOOT! Love it!
Mulubinba had the 2nd video up on her blog a little while ago. Love to hear Richard laugh! :)

MillyMe said...

James Lance as Bazille keeps fluffing his lines which gets them all giggling. Richard's snorty laugh is so delightful!

tyme_4_t said...

Yes thanks to Mulubinba I discovered this video - I personally love bloopers/gag reels/behind the scenes! I also have the outtakes from Little Dorritt and Death at a Funeral (Matthew Macfadyen's version!) as favs on my youtube channel.

That first vid is a riot!

And let's not forget our favourite "Guy" who brings smiles & laughter to all ... SFR!!!

PS my word verification came up as "ingizz" - LOL

KiplingKat said...

It was Armitage's laugh that sealed my doom, as it were. I had noted him as an excellent actor and a handsome and generally nice man, but the last couple seconds of an interview on YouTube he broke out into that baritone chortle...I had never heard anything so adorable in my life.

That for the clips!

Unknown said...

That Spongebob video is HILARIOUS!

@Rob said...

I am smiling too! I love his smile and laugh, I wish we'd get to see him do more of it! He has a brillant smile and laugh.

@TM -- his teeth look different here, or am I going nuts??? I know I have asked you this before, but what is up or is it just the angle and the fact he's smiling???

Myrtle said...

So funny.

Felso said...

Very funny! Thanks for posting these!

Manda said...

I love both of them. I can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

So very funny, can't stop laughing :) the impressionist vid is too much fun. I simply looove Richard's laugh - cants stop my stupid giggle every time I see the vid. Like he said in one of his recent interviews, he should do more comedy.

Thanks a lot for sharing Nat.


Fanny/iz4blue said...

Yep, that vid is already a favorite for my gang. What a hoot!
Richard cracking up makes you wonder what they were drinking.. more likely they had a long day of shooting. What a great laugh, nothing so refreshing when you laugh and can't stop.

Anonymous said...

GizTheGunslinger is makes FANTASTIC fan videos. Everyone should look at her Strike Back vids; they're brilliant. She has a lot of talent and is getting better all the time. I can hardly wait to see what she'll come up with next!

Jessica said...

I've watched this a million times and laugh every time. Isn't it odd that when Plankton says "never- that is completely idiotic", he sounds a bit like Richard/Gisborne?

Unknown said...

Isn't it a little scary how well SpongeBob's voice goes with Robin?! LOL Hilarious!

As for the second vid....what can I say? Adorable!

Thank you so much for sharing and thanks to GisTheGunslinger!

twinkling moon said...

Thanks Nat for putting these vids up. I had seen the Impressionist one via Mulubinba's blog earlier (thanks Mulubinba) and like you Nat, I wish I got the inside joke :) BTW, are they just adding cans of laughter to the outtakes? I assume there is no live audience.

@Rob, you got me laughing about the teeth! You know something, when I saw him in the SB and especially in the BAFTA 2010 pics, his teeth looked different to me from his Gisbourne days! But I thought maybe I was going nuts. Who knows? He may have had some alterations, but as you said camera angles and lighting can make a huge difference too.

Man, I'd love to get RA in my chair and be able to take a look into his mouth and solve this mystery once and for all! I realize this sounds weird and creepy, but I can't help it...I find myself always staring at his lovely white teeth :)

Anonymous said...

RA certainly had work done on his bottom teeth at some point since N&S once he had some money and, no doubt, pressure from his agent. It would take a devoted fan to pour over hundreds of stills to work out when the work was done!!

Anonymous said...

Not that much time. Just someone that notices details when watching. He had his lower teeth fixed between Golden Hour (in which they are still natural) and the first series of Robin Hood. 2005-2006. In fact, I *think* that is why in pictures his "posed" full teeth-showing smiles look a little bit forced. What we call a smirk, that sweetly sardonic seeming closed lip smile, was in fact that way he smiled for most of his life because he was shy of revealing his lower teeth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should say I think that *might* be why his "smirk" seems more natural than his posed full teeth smile. I should not speak so absolutely about something I really have no idea about. But yeah, he had the lower teeth done sometime in 2005. ;)

@Rob said...

I am talking about his upper teeth, esp the front teeth, in the Monet pic, they look longer and fuller. And the front teeth look like they rest on the side teeth, (@TM knows what those teeth are called).

Now his teeth look like they have all been filed, they are the same length and the front teeth no longer rest on the teeth next to them. Okay, I am now worried about my level of "interest" in this matter. Maybe I should just let this one go, and say, "wow, he has a brillant smile."

bZirk said...

LOL!!! Thank you, Natalie.

The sponge bob bit is clever!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob and Anonymous, I feel vindicated in my "I can't help but notice his teeth" quirk :)

Yes, he definitely had the lower teeth done, but also I think the upper teeth. @Rob, FYI those front teeth are called 'incisors' LOL!

As for "filing" teeth down, well, that's pretty much a misconception, we don't file teeth down as that would risk nerve damage, but we do "even them up" if you will by building them up, by crowns and veneers. But the trick with that is that you pretty much have to do the whole group of teeth if you want to control color matching.

I do wonder though if his teeth looked different to me in his recent project because of how he exercised. This may sound silly, but by exercising his physique changed which can include jaw muscles. In fact, I understand that in Hollywood once upon a time, maybe even now, they would have actors chew a lot of gum to build up those muscles, to give a more defined, masculine looking jaw. The condition of the muscle can alter how the mouth looks overall and therefore change how his teeth look too, even if no real changes were ever made.

Hope that helps @Rob and Anonymous :)