Jun 25, 2010

Photo Friday~ Lucky Fan Encounter

What do you get when you take an adorably petite fan,
and place them next to a tall, handsome actor?

A great photo op!
This is RA fan "Soysauce" who was lucky enough to meet RA on the set of Spooks last year. 
Every time I search for Richard Armitage in photobucket, this picture pops up and I have to
look at it.  It's just too cute. I mean... look at the size difference! I love Soysauce's big grin and
the fact that Richard has his arm around her. (Aw...) You can read about her experience
meeting him HERE on the Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central's Forum
(if you are a
member) and see other pics of her with the Spooks cast HERE.
Thanks to Soysauce for posting these pics on photobucket for us to enjoy!


Maria Grazia said...

I've got two of these photos of Richard with fans, tiny fans. And I love watching them. First of all because though it seems Lucas, that is RICHARD, second reason ... ehm...I guess am just as small as they are and I would feel so embarassed to meet him in person! My caption for the folder containing these pics is MGG. Not my initials... M=my G=gorgeous G=giant!
Thanks Nat!

Anonymous said...

Is it in his contract that he gets to keep all his characters' cool jackets?

Anonymous said...

She is too cute! Great pic.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! You know you're an RA fan when you've never registered for an account on a fan site in your life but decide to join the Armitage Army just to live vicariously through a couple of lucky women who got to meet the man in person. I'm going to need to start going to a RAA support group or something. Thanks a lot Nat. LOL Kidding

Skully said...

Love the man bag!

Anonymous said...

That is a briefcase.

This is a manbag:


It's a purse for men.

Twinkling Moon said...

Thanks for posting that pic Nat! I don't even understand what photobucket is, so there's no way I would even find this photo (I know, I'm a big old techno phobe)

Anyhow, I just love the expression on Soysauce's face, I can feel her happiness and excitement beaming off the screen :)

@Skully, the man bag/briefcase totally caught my eye too!

@Littlevictories, your comment has me ROTFL! I'm totally in the same boat as you honey!

Myrtle said...

So cute! Lucky Soysauce.

I have created a 'back story' for the brief case;

It belonged to his Dad, John, who gave it to Richard. Richard now treasures it and cannot bring himself to buy a new one.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea of the briefcase's backstory but they have been photographed together three times now, it even accompanies him when he has to do interviews. I'm sure they are in love and will announce their engagement very soon. ,-)

(BTW good for him that he does not go for the supermodel-trophy-briefcase-type)

@Rob said...

@Anonymous -- vry funny and clever. We are going to have to find you a proper screen name.

Wonder what's IN the brief case, probably a few of Lucas's shirts he nipped from wardrobe, Guy's guy linner, gifts from fans, ...running out of clever ideas. Anyone? Anyone? Anonymous, have any ideas?

Anonymous said...

@Twinkling Moon I'm so happy to have company. ;)

@Anonymous Yes, You need a proper screen name. So funny! Only your comment could suddenly make me jealous of a briefcase.

@@Rob I bet Nat's letter is in there =)

Maike said...

That was just me. Noticed he likes brunette briefcases...and it looks as if it could be older than him? *runs away and hides*

Anonymous said...

LOL Maike

On a side note... I just read Soysauce's story (my account was approved) and she says (for those who expressed curiosity in the past) that he smells fantastic.

Phylly3 said...

LOL @Anonymous, @Rob and Myrtle!
Funny discussion about man bags vs. briefcases and jealousy thereof!

Here's a suggestion for Anonymous's screen name... since she seems to be an expert on bags..how about the french "sac a main" Which translates to "handbag" but I to untrained eyes could seem like man sack! LOL!! (I kill myself!) :D

@Rob said...

Must have description of smell...woodland forest, Irish Spring, men's cologne. Must know, if anyone knows pls share.

Phylly3 said...

Not sure where you are going with this @Rob? Are you writing something? Or are you talking about Anonymous's screen name? LOL
I remember an Avon men's cologne they described as "woody" when they should have used "woodsy". It was a hilarious description -- so much so that Jay Leno read it out on the Tonight Show!
How about "aromatic", or resinous, or sandalwood? That's all I've got for now.

twinkling moon said...

OMG! You ladies are freakin' hysterical!

@Myrtle, back story for the handbag, LOL! I think even RA would get a kick out of that :) Anonymous, @rob, great additions to the story.

BTW, @Rob, didn't someone on this blog "name" you? If so, maybe you can name "anonymous"?

@littlevictories, I'm so with you, I hope Nat's letter is in that bag and that he's in the middle of handwriting her a nice long response :) And I have to tell you, my side is hurting from laughing so hard at the "for those who expressed curiousity in the past, he smells fantastic." I thought we were the few weirdos who wondered about that stuff, LOL! Now I have to ask, did you ask Soysauce that question, or did she freely include this in her narrative? I'm just wondering if she, like us, thought it was an important bit of info to pass on :) I still haven't registered to the AA, I don't know what's holding me back here exactly.

@phylly3, your "sac a main" is not only killing you, but me too! The sad thing is, you said that to the untrained eye it could read as something else, *wink* but I actually minored in French in college and I didn't catch the real meaning at first. I blame the fact that my mind went immediately to the naughty route on Nat's other post, "the Tempest." I guess my mind was stuck on the description of those steamy scenes ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL Twinkling Moon. She actually volunteered the information in her narrative and I immediately thought of you all on this blog. I love that she thought this was an important detail, however, unfortunately, she didn't describe the scent, just that his cologne smelled good.

mulubinba said...

I've seen (photos of) RA with the satchel as well. I'm sure it has a sentimental history. Actors apparently do take a favourite item with them to auditions/performances as a sort of talisman so the briefcase must have a signficance. If only someone could set up a Q&A session with the fans ... I'm sure our questions would be far more interesting than those the journalists keep asking.

I read Soysauce and her friend's great account of their Spooks encounter last year. I think the really lovely thing was that these two ladies were diehard Spooks fans and liked all the cast members equally ... not just RA. The fact that they met RA and he was nice enough to talk to them and pose in a photo with them all happened almost by chance much to the (goodnatured) envy of people on the RA forums:)

@Rob said...

Yep, bZirk named me! How about @BagLady?

Twinkling Moon said...

@littlevictories, so we aren't the only weirdos contemplating his scent, LOL! I had no doubt that he would smell good, but now I want details (I know, I'm being greedy,) what kind of cologne was it? I hope it wasn't over powering. You know what I'm talking about, right? When a man has so much cologne on that even hours after he's put it on the cologne enters the room before he does, LOL! I'm betting that our man isn't one of those who bathes in cologne. At least I hope not :)

@Mulubinba, I think it's fantastic that Soysauce is a true Spooks fan, that makes her trip all the more memorable. I'm probably in the minority here, but like Soysauce I first started watching Spooks since its pre-RA days. I think I'd be thrilled to meet any of the cast, and RA would be an added bonus :) You also correctly termed his man-bag as a satchel. Why on earth that term didn't occur to me IDK. I seem to think there was a Seinfeld episode on this very topic, anyone remember?

Also, you're right, a fan based interview question would definitely be more interesting. But I feel like a BBCAmerica interview did something like that, where the interviewer read off a bunch of questions submitted by viewers. (It's on Youtube) but IIRC some of the questions were really dopey and I can't help but think that the journalist purposefully picked some of the more silly questions.

@Rob, Baglady sounds like a good name to me, only thing is will she agree? Are you out there BagLady?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Since Soysauce's encounter with RA happened LAST year, unfortunately our fan letter wouldn't be in his briefcase. We can pretend, though. :)

I'm dying to know what cologne Richard wears! Maybe that question deserves its own fan letter.

"Dear Richard,
Please end the suspense and tell me what cologne you wear.
Love, Nat"

Short and sweet... it would totally deserve a reply. :)

Anonymous said...

@Nat but it may be in there now =) A girl can dream...

@mulubinba I agree. Besides their being obvious fans of the series and entire cast, I think they should also be applauded for their gumption. It seems as if their encounter was well deserved. It was a pleasure to read.