Jun 10, 2010

Rallying Support, Plus an Education in RA's Hunkiness

Calling all reinforcements!!!
Go HERE and vote for Richard
as TV's Sexiest Hunk!

So far, Richard has the lead, thanks to the word spreading amongst his loyal fanbase.
However, that muscley Spartacus guy (Andy Whitfield) is gaining some steam,
thanks to his facebook page... which is being led by none other than Dezmond  himself! 
(The fellow who runs the Hollywood Spy blog.) Apparently he's a fan of this Whitfield beef cake
and doesn't want Richard to have an easy victory, as you can see HERE by his comments.
(Don't hold it against him... Dez is a nice guy who just hasn't been converted to RA fandom yet.)

Are we going to take this lying down?  NO WAY!  Please help rally
other RA supporters by posting the link on your twitter,
facebook, email or whatever.
Sure, this isn't some big important event like an awards show... but Richard is definitely
the hunkiest man on TV, right ladies? Therefore, it's the principle of the thing. 
And we must win. (I'm normally not a very competitive person...
I don't know what has come over me.)

Oh... and for the Whitfield fans who "haven't heard of Richard Armitage,"
let me educate you in his TV hunkiness so that you won't be
deprived any
longer, you poor, poor dears.  Here are just a few examples.

Exhibit A:
John Thornon
from the mini series "North & South."
A brooding cotton mill owner with a piercing stare that will
melt anyone who looks directly into his gaze.

Exhibit B:
Sir Guy of Gisborne
from the BBC series, Robin Hood.
The powerful, dark, handsome bad boy with a big sword.

Exhibit C:
Harry Kennedy
from "The Vicar of Dibley"
The guy who makes sweaters and scarves sexy.

Exhibit D:
Lucas North
from "Spooks" (or in America, "MI-5")
The crime-fighting, tattoo-covered government agent
with a tormented past.

Exhibit E:
John Porter
from "Strike Back"
The strong, tan, gun-slinging military guy
who will open a can of whoop-ass on any Spartacus
guy who crosses his path.  :)

Exhibit F:
Stick-Figure Richard
who is not the real Richard, but was inspired
by the hunkiness of Mr. Armitage.
Do the other candidates of that poll have their own
stick figure comic? 
Didn't think so.

There ya go.
You're welcome.


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I'm such a brat.

Phylly3 said...

Keep it up! Richard should win -- those other boys ain't got nothing on him! LOL
By the way, I can only vote once! :(

Traxy said...

I would vote from work but I don't think the site is quite work-safe as most of the pictures on that page are a bit racy. :/ Voted last night though, and RA led by a vast majority then! Will vote again when I get home - one has more than one computer. ;)

(Part of me also wants to vote for Nathan Fillion. He's luuurvly! The rest I couldn't give a stuff about. But no, more votes for RA!)

tyme_4_t said...

SFR wins everytime!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are such a GREAT brat.

Unknown said...

Brat? Why? RA needs to win!!!

By the way if you're having trouble voting again just clear your cookies.

DEZMOND said...

now, Nat, admit it that you'd expected I would spice up this little adventure for you :)) It would be totally boring if just one guy took all the votes. And this is a chance for you to prove yourselves against a respectable opponent :)

diveknit said...

@phylly3: change browsers and you should be able to vote again. Firefox wouldn't let me vote again as well, so I used Explorer and voted a second time.
Off to try it again on both browsers :)

Joan Crenshaw said...

Honestly, I would rather see him just win because there are more of us, not us voting more -- hey Chicago Native, got that "Vote Early, Vote Often" thing to live down! Dezmond, not so sure about a respectable opponent -- Whitfield is conventionally good-looking, excellent body, but there are many more like him floating around Hollywood.

Hey, just one woman's opinion. (OK, I happen to think that everyone should fall in line BEHIND that opinion...)

(That was a joke, gentle readers.)

Sue said...

I wish they'd included a more up-to-date piccy of Richard on that site, that photo is from his Cold Feet days and I firmly believe he's grown hunkier with age! One of those bare chested pics from Strike Back would beat them all into a cocked-hat!

Not sure whether Richard will be impressed about being voted "Best Hunk" but I hope he takes it all in good humour.

PS:I'm ashamed to say that I've never heard or seen of the other entrants, but none of them can compete with Richard in my view.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

If fixed that FB link problem for those who clicked on it and saw my profile instead.

Dez, bring it on! :)

Myrtle said...

Being one of the 'middle aged, radio 4 listening' group, I really don't have a clue who the other chaps are, but I know Richard is simply the best!!!!

Nat, you are naughty but nice, not a brat.

DEZMOND said...

Nat, I just wish at least some of those ladies, who are voting like crazy, were polite as Richard Armitage seems to be. They come to HOLLYWOOD SPY in hordes but not one is following the site, commenting ... it's like visiting someone's home and not even saying HELLO :((

Twinkling Moon said...

LOL Nat! I love your "exhibits of evidence" regarding RA's hunkiness, In my mind I swap "hunkiness" for "swoonworthyness" as I think hunk often only has a physical connotation to it but "Swoonworthy" is the whole kit & caboodle, the package deal, you know?

@Dezmond, you are right, RA is a polite guy, which only adds to his dreamboat status :)

Sorry for dropping by your site and not saying hello, so Hello Dezmond!

@Joan Crenshaw, I completely understand that having more voters rather than the same group voting over and over again would carry more "weight" in the poll, I think RA would be more impressed if he had the same number of people voting for him as votes actually registered.

@Sue, yeah, I do hope RA takes it all in good fun :)

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, I forgot to say that I love the "open a can of whoop-ass on any Spartacus guy who crosses his path."

That to me is such an American line, that it has me cracking up! And BTW, I never even heard of this Spartacus person.

I don't see my earlier comment, so just in case it didn't get posted, I want to say:

@Dezmond, sorry I didn't say hello when I voted at your site, so Hello!

Anonymous said...

@DEZMOND I felt so bad about my vote-and-run that I immediately went to your page and clicked "Follow." I'll confess, I'm not a Hollywood entertainment enthusiast, but I am a serious fan of any site that posts pictures of RA. Kudos for the poll (and thanks for giving us RAddicts some representation).

@Nat If SFR can't convince 'em, who can? That sexy pose, those sleek shades, that cool expression, not to mention the 'do and sideburns... he's just got it all.

flandersdreamer said...

RA Fanblog is one of the first sites I open in the morning. Just to make sure I am in a happy, cheerful state of mind for the rest of the day. It works every time! Thanks!

mulubinba said...

Visited Hollywood Spy and voted but also got enthralled by the blog itself. Spent quite a lot of time reading Dezmond's posts.

Sue said...

I must admit I loved Richard's northern accent and dry sense of humour in Strike Back. I find him sexier with a northern accent than his own voice for some reason. Some of the one liners in SB were so comical, but I do wonder if they will translate to the American sense of humour. I particualrly loved the line, when they were being searched etc. in the last episode "if you're not on the list, you're not comin' in" and the way he delivered the lines were so funny. After comments on some websites about swearing I was expecting a string of expletives. I found that when there was any swearing it was in context. I mean "damn and blast" would hardly convey some of JP's emotions in some scenes. I also like the fact that they didn't just keep to the boring "F" and "S" words, that most American films seem to use. There was plenty of choice. As Richard is playing a northerner then the swear words should reflect this as we seem to have various swear words that are more common place in the north than in the South for some reason. I'm glad JP has a good sense of humour, it adds to the character and gives another dimension to him. Loved it!

By the way did anyone recognise the Scottish nut job that Richard has to rescue in the last episodes of SB? It was the same actor that Hermione Norris kept losing in Spooks 8 and he wass just as batty in that. Talk about type-casting!

MillyMe said...

@Sue, how about "Hold on, love, don't get your burkha in a twist!"?
Hunky John Porter has certainly been worth getting to know. I would like to see him a new series in the not-too-distant future! In Chris Ryan's book John is from Luton, but lives in Nottingham, so can he be considered a Northerner (or have I got my burkha in a twist about his origins?)

About the swearing, there are definite regional differences in Norway, too, with the North being renowned for a wide range and choice of explicit swear words and salty language, while the South's swear words are considered unexciting and limited. I wonder if these regional differences exist in most countries?

DEZMOND said...

thanx for the kind words ;)

fitzg said...

Love the Northern accents - they're very comfortable somehow.

@Dezmond - thank you for putting Mr. Armitage on your blog. Your blog is great fun, by the way.

kaprekar said...

I feel the poll is a bit unfair because no way can any of the fans (fanclubs?) of any of those other guys stand up to the RA fans onslaught - we're too well organised, word gets about so fast and we are committed (or we need to be!!). Still it's just for fun.

I realise I did know one of the other guys in the poll though I claimed previously I did not, don't know how I missed him first time round but of course I know Nathan Fillian of Buffy/Firefly/Serenity - I even own a copy of Serenity! I feel kind of minded to vote for him too, but currently seem to have run out of the ability to vote for anyone, am bit technically challenged that way.

DEZMOND said...

thanks Fitzg ;)

MillyMe said...

Dear Dezmond,

I, too, must apologise for quick visits to your blog just to vote. There are two reasons for that: Richard is the only celebrity I've ever been interested in, and RL has got its claws into me at present and I can't spare much time.

My first and fleeting impression of your blog is that it's exceptionally well-organised and has a very pleasing design. Don't despair, yet, many of us might be tempted back, especially if another Fanstravaganza was organised.

I should probably post this on your blog, but it might take time to find out where it belongs, and Nat's an angel who allows us room for all sorts on here.

Sue said...


I loved the scene about not getting their burkha in a twist. The actual phrase should be "don't get your knickers in a twist" or "don't get you knickers in a knot".

I've not read the Chris Ryan book and I purposely decided not to as I didn't want to have any preconceived ideas about the character John Porter, but see it with a fresh eye. Luton certainly isn't in the north of England.

I hope there is a second series, although I think there is a danger that some of the storylines may get a little repetitive. I mean each story of Strike Back was different but with the same purpose, to extract someone from a dangerous situation be it hostage, prisoner or whatever, each with a different outcome, but none-the-less a bit too similar. Maybe a little more variety (it is the spice of life you know!). Loved the landscapes in Strike Back , they were a spectacular backdrop to the story.

Despite John Porter bagging Dannii (or should that be the other way around?) I think there are definite vibes between Layla and John and a "will they won't we" story might emerge, which would make things interesting. A little more "love" wouldn't go amiss either. I mean in every war film you'll find some kind of love interest running through it and it's definitely missing in Strike Back, (quickies don't count) so scriptwriters take note!

Am I the only one that found similarities between episode 3/4 (or episode 2 on the DVD - how about giving a title to these episodes so that us viewers know where we are?) and Cool Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman. Remember a certain fight scene in that film? Even the uniforms were similar. Loved how Paul Newman devised a way of escaping prison, pretending to answer the call of nature and getting released from the chain-gang to go into the undergrowth and keep moving the reeds to show he was there. Turned out he was pulling the grass with a bit of string and had legged it! Another time he escaped shackled to a black man.

Then there was the scene where they jumped off the cliff into the water, very Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Do you think Chris Ryan is a Paul Newman fan?

MillyMe said...

Hi Sue,

Chris Ryan was only responsible for the the subject matter of the first two episodes (Katie's rescue). Blame Jed Mercutio for the Newman fixation!

I'm so glad that RA's Porter is nothing like he was in the book; a nearly toothless alcoholic with two fingers missing sleeping rough in London for 17 years! He manages to rehabilitate himself in two(!) days, have nookie with Danni and then off to Iraq on a strenuous rescue mission, come on.

Porter is my hero, hunky and handsome, a real action hero with tenderness, too. You're not the only person who likes the Porter/Layla combo. A good fanfic writer, fedoralady, has already written 5 chapters called Truce and it's hot stuff!

I also liked how all the fanvidders got busy and delivered fantastic vids almost immediately the series got underway. Porter is alive and well and kciking ass on Youtube, yay!

Sue said...


Thanks for the info about the book. Thinking about it the first two episodes were slightly different than the later ones. He also seems to have gained his northern accent in the later episodes too! (Not to mention a sense of humour). The scenes where John Porter rescues hostage Katie were very tender at times, as though Richard were talking to a young child (I wondered whether he imagined he was talking to his young nephew, Abe, and had practiced his lines on him first).

There are certain moves Richard has taken from Lucas North, the hitting someone with his forearm, which looks very slick, made it to the final cut. Personally I think a northerner would use a head-butt or two when fighting, especially if his arms are tied up, (just a suggestion).

I don't think it would have been possible to include all the backstory contained in Chris Ryan's book in the series. It would have taken too much screen time. I'm sure they will lift certain ideas from his book though if they do proceed with a second series. I still think he should have the odd fling during each episode (or a kiss and a promise at the very least!)