Jun 4, 2010

So exciting!

I just read on Richard Armitage Net that our favorite actor 
WILL be appearing at the BAFTAs (a British award show) this Sunday, June 6th!

You know what this means, ladies...
(I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.)
To see a plethora of gorgeous RA tux pics,
click HERE for "Tux Week."

Richard will once again be presenting an award.

If that isn't enough to make
us jump up and down with glee...
take a look at this:

Love them!

These were posted on Richard Armitage Net (thanks Ali for all the goods),
originally from the Studio Canal website.


Ali said...

You're welcome Nat, it's so exciting to hear that he'll be at the BAFTAs presenting an award just as he did last year. I can't wait to see the pictures!

The close-up Guy pic was a lucky find as I didn't notice it originally. If you click on 'votre avis' on the Studio Canal site you will see it.

Thanks once again for the link to the site.

Myrtle said...

Exciting news.

bZirk said...

Love the picture, and can't wait to see the pictures from the upcoming BAFTAs! Thanks for posting, Natalie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the news Nat. I hope some kind soul posts his segment on YouTube again.

kaprekar said...

Fab news Nat! It's a very busy day in RL for me tomorrow but I'll be back in time for that, you can be sure!

Adore your blog!

Judith Johnson said...

What a big sword Guy has *_*

tyme_4_t said...

Does anyone else think that BBCCanada & BBCAmerica should be showing the BAFTAS? Wouldn't it make sense for them to air the ceremonies if for nothing else to expose viewers to other great programming?
I have to say I have a love/hate relatioinship with BBCCanada. First off their website is RUBBISH! They have incorrect and incomplete information throughout.
Also the actual programming has too much Canadian content - yup that's right - when I want to watch Canadian shows, hmmmm, I watch them on Canadian channels!@!
Plus - Wife Swap - is it really necessary? "A clue: NO!"

But without BBCCanada...I would not have been able to watch RH series 1 through 3 so many times on tv or enjoy watching [spooks] series 7 & 8 only a few weeks after the seasons ended in December. Also, I discovered other programs (Waking the Dead/Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes) thanks partly to BBCC - so I continue to subscribe.

Again, Nat I apologize for taking up your blog with this little rant & rave - but I am just wondering if anyone else feels the same way about BBCCanada & BBCAmerica (btw BBCA has a better website!)

OK - enough said - gonna watch some RH Series 3 on dvd from the library...

PS Hope [spooks] & Matthew Macfadyen win at the BAFTAS and bring on RA in a tux ;)

Musa said...


I agree with you - I have a similar opinion of BBCAmerica. But, I also subscribe because once in a while there are programs I do watch, like RH of course. I also wish they were showing the TV BAFTA's tomorrow. But at least we'll get to live vicariously through those that will be there taking photos of RA tomorrow, and will be nice enough to share with the rest of us.

bZirk said...

I agree with you both. BBCA is mostly garbage. I mean how many times a day can you show Cash in the Attic? What a shame with all the really good stuff the BBC makes. I don't get it. Do they want to sell that stuff to A&E and PBS rather than air it on their station, or is BBCA even owned by the BBC?

MillyMe said...

Guy in the last pic: what big intense eyes he has, and lovely lips and gorgeous stubble! All offset by that huge sword and lit to advantage. I like it a lot!

Looking forward to Richard at the Baftas and hoping Spooks win!

Anonymous said...

@judithj1 LOL

@tyme_4_t I'm so with you! As bad as you say BBCCanada is, it sounds as if it has superior programming to the BBC channel down here. I've NEVER seen Spooks or Robin Hood (RH was on PBS I believe) on the BBC station. I've basically seen a lot of Gordon Ramsey and very little else. [sigh]

Twinkling Moon said...

just echoing everyone's frustration about BBCAmerica. I think BBC Canada is probably better than America. I've had BBCA for 1 year now and I've never seen Spooks on it, even in syndication with old epis running. All I see is a lot of crappy reality tv and american tv! I can't believe how much Star Trek they show!

Honestly, I think they sell the rights to their best stuff to PBS, then sell off the rest to other stations where they create American versions of their shows.

I agree with tyme_4_tea that they should at least air the BAFTAs to give more exposure to their shows to a US audience. It seems like often times the industry there complains about not being appreciated over here. Well, for goodness sake, they should take up every opportunity they have to showcase their work!

Sorry for the rant here Nat!

Anonymous said...

@Twinkling Moon Totally agree. And I so tend to enjoy the original British versions in comparison to their American counterparts. If only the BBC knew how much we (across the pond) rely on sites such as You Tube and Megavideo to watch their programming. Seems to me they are missing out on some advertising dollars. Of course I'm a bit biased. I believe if people out here got a chance to see more RA, they'd fall in love as well.

Twinkling Moon said...

@littlevictories, yes, God Bless youtube! that was how I first learned of RA. I think BBC just keeps shooting themselves in the foot by not taking advantage of opportunities to gain their footing in the American market. Maybe we BBCA viewers should be running the BBC, LOL! I have a feeling we couldn't possibly do a worst job then the folks running BP, and that's suppose to be the largest corporation in the UK!

Sue said...

Love Richard in a tux at the BAFTA's. Did anyone notice that it's not only his clothes he nicks from his screen characters? When he was on the red carpet he said to the female interviewer from This Morning "you're looking lovely". The little minx said the same thing to Geraldine (Dawn French) in the Vicar of Dibley. I bet he says that to all the girls! Personally I thought she looked like a sack of spuds in that dress (I bet she paid a fortune for it too!). Big King Edwards at that! (Catty aren't I, but truthful mind you!)