Jun 22, 2010

Victory is ours!

Click HERE.
Dang right... you don't mess with Richard's hunky status!  :)
Thanks to everyone who voted and spread the word.


BETH said...

Of course the winner is Richard! Does anyone believe he could have won another? affection from Argentina.

Phylly3 said...

What a coup!! You have outdone yourself Nat! Thanks for sending more Armitage-love out into the Blogosphere.
Dezmond was a super good sport about it all. I am sitting here with a big grin on my face! :D

mg said...

Whooohoooo - go Richard. Great job Nat on the write-up :) sooo true.

I totally agree with phylly3 - I am too sitting here staring at the screen with a stupid grin on my face.
Thanks to Dezmond for setting up the poll and helping to spread RA goodness to those who were clueless so far ;) :D

twinkling moon said...

@Nat, thanks for being gracious enough to accept the award on Richard's behalf, LOL!

And of course, thanks to Dezmond for including our man in the poll and putting up with us crazies who voted for him :)

bZirk said...


What I want to know is whether or not you can present this award in person?


You and me both with the big grin.

@Dezmond (I assume he'll read this post), thanks for putting up with us, but you must it admit it was for a great cause. :)

MillyMe said...

To know Richard is to vote for him, it's as simple as that.

I find it slightly frightening that just six months ago I'd also have been going "who-he" like another poster on Desmond's blog. But pre-North and South, I didn't read blogs about actors anyway either, so it's as Nat wrote, suddenly after North and South you're immersing yourself in all this other stuff associated with Richard. I had a life before, but I didn't have Richard or these amusing creative people in it, so it's all good!

DEZMOND said...

Since Nat still hasn't paid me the agreed six figure sum for putting Armitage in the poll, I really must protest by saying - I still think Jonas Armstrong was the biggest star in ROBIN HOOD :pppppp (oh, I've just hit you where it hurts most, yes?) :))

Myrtle said...

Whoo Hoo!, well done RA, well done everyone who voted, well done Nat well done Dezmond!:D

Jonas who????

Avalon said...

Dezmond, Stop being naughty and enticing debates! Now it is my turn to scold you. (Don't get me wrong I like Jonas too, but RA is my favorite bad-guy)

Hooray for Nat!

And of course hooray for sweet, sexy RA!

Sue said...

Yep, just as I expected, Richard whooped his opponents real good! I still prefer the later piccies from Strike Back. Those peaches have ripened an awful lot since Cold Feet! (Must be all that sun they've been getting lately!) I just hope they didn't get too sunburnt from standing in the nuddie too long in that hot sun in South Africa. Just for the record I'm always available should he ever need a quick dab with the old cammomile lotion!

bZirk said...


Definitely gives new meaning to being a make-up artist. ;-)

Myrtle said...

@Sue, I am sure that you are suitably qualified to apply cammomile to RA, you must have done the course? It is very advanced training and requires good hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. :D :D

@Rob said...

@Dez -- you are so outnumbered here that it is impossible to hit us where it hurts. Jonas is adorable, I would love to put him in my pocket and pat him on the head.

RA is a man, and, well, I would want to do waaay more than put him in my pocket, so let's just leave at that.

bZirk said...

LOL!! Part of that comment needs to be repeated:

@rob said:

Jonas is adorable, I would love to put him in my pocket and pat him on the head.

RA is a man, and, well, I would want to do waaay more than put him in my pocket, so let's just leave at that.

@Rob said...

@bZ -- so glad i amuse u. :)

Phylly3 said...

Oh, you amuse more than just BZirk! LOL Couldn't agree more!

bZirk said...

I hope it's clear I agree! Just love the way @Rob put that.

@Rob said...

It is crystal clear. Got ya bZ! I try to be funny to make my "interest" less creepy. :O

bZirk said...

I undersand. :O)

DEZMOND said...

ah, I'm not sure that all of this could fit into a pocket, but I wouldn't mind trying :) - http://correcttimezone.com/2009/01/images/20090101_JonasArmstrong.jpg

@Rob said...

@Dez I couldn't get your link to work. May want to re-post.

@Rob said...

okay, never mind, got it. really? that's the best you got on Jonas? because that looked like a boy to me, and i much perfer grown men.

when you got a man, a real grown up man, let us know, otherwise, this is just sad @Dez. you are so barking up the wrong tree here.

bZirk said...

It worked for me but maybe someone already fixed it.


I like Jonas Armstrong but he's no Richard Armitage. Take that:


If you had put up this picture to begin with, it would have shut up that nebular person. :D

DEZMOND said...

ah, if we are talking about naked Richard, I think he looks best with those tattoos all over his abs and chest (I've seen those pics of him from some show I think) :)) But I still don't believe anyone of you would refuse that stroll on the beach with Jonas ;)

bZirk said...

Some show? ;-)

You mean this guy?


bZirk said...

Or better yet John Porter. I don't have a picture of him handy, but I'm sure someone does. :D

bZirk said...

I meant a shirtless picture.


We need more JP without his shirt.

After three consecutive posts, I think I'm done.

@Rob said...

no don't go, more shirtless picys!!!

@Rob said...

@ Dez I already have a child to walk on the beach with. What am I going to do with him? Build sand castles and feed him treats? Put sun screen on him and make sure he doesn't drowned in the sea.

DEZMOND said...

Now, Rob, I'm sure it would be a bit inappropriate for me to go into details of all the things you could do with Jonas, some sunscreen and nobody else on the beach :)

yep, those two pics are just the ones I head in mind (many times) :)

diveknit said...

@ Rob, I know I am way late (packing up the house to move next week), but I couldn't agree more.
Grown women need a man not a boy (not that Jonas isn't cute - but that's it - cute), a lot of us here have children :)

@ bZirk, thanks for the 2nd LN picture, hadn't seen that one :)

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob, bZirk, and Dez, you guys have me cracking up with this "war" of RA vs. JA! Even though Robin Hood has been put to rest, I think this great debate will continue to rage on, LOL!

Debra said...

As a charter member of the "MULTI- LUSTERS CLUB". I usually find it amusing when bloggers team up and take sides against each other about the issue of "what is attractive"?

I've only been reading fan forums and blog sites for a few short years. But it happens every once in a while, and sometimes escalates to mean spirited comments and negative remarks (which is where I usually draw the line and quit reading).

Someone posted (elsewhere) that having a differing opinion does not give the other person the right to call someone names or post negative comments about them.

I totally agree. I realize that my taste is neither wrong or right. But mine. And mine alone. No amount of "posted" negativity on a forum will change it.

I can see where women find JA attractive. I just prefer RA (and a few other TV HOTTIES that I could name).

Thanks to everyone who remembers that this is all in fun. And to Nat for making me laugh on a weekly basis.

RAFrenzy said...

I don't think hardly anything I say is serious.

If there are people who think that what's been said is serious, then sadly, they do have a problem. Thankfully, I don't think anyone here has done that, and hopefully, no one on DEZMOND's site has done it.

@Rob said...

@Dez -- okay, my friend, let's just agree to disagree on this topic. You can have JA and I'll take RA. Sounds like a good deal to me.

I hope it was evident that I was teasing @Dez. :)

DEZMOND said...

Yes, we were joking and teasing each other here in a very amicable manner as always, and I believe it's more than obvious.

Unfortunately, over at my site, the things went shockingly bad in one moment, when one of my friends became impolite at the RA poll post, even though he knew that nobody has ever argued bitterly about anything at my blog because HOLLYWOOD SPY promotes just positive and cheerful comments, posts and energy.
I'm heartbroken and pretty much devastated right now because a totally innocent discussion among my readers about RA has influenced him to break our year long friendship and erase all of his comments there even though I didn't even take part in the whole debate. You can't imagine how hurt I feel about that.

My heart is broken because of that case. But I want to thank all of you who were very decent, polite and dignified in your comments at HOLLYWOOD SPY.

RAFrenzy said...


I'm so sorry. I'll be happy to erase all of my comments as well. Your call.

But I hope you know you did not do one thing wrong, and really I don't think anyone teasing did. I can't help but wonder if your friend has something else going on or maybe someone is using his account. As much as we don't want to think about that happening, those things do happen.

Case in point is several years ago one of my little SOs signed me up for Classmates.com (of course with my real name and schools) and then went to town saying all kinds of things (as kids sometimes will) that I would have NEVER said!

I don't know if that's the case here, but hey, I know painfully that things can happen.

Hang in there, and maybe your friend will have second thoughts and come back.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Dezmond, I am so, SO SORRY! I don't know what happened there! (I was the person who was conversing with the other guy before he deleted his posts) It's very true that I wasn't all that worried about defending RA (we're all okay with the idea that tastes differ) but I was only trying to have a conversation and make a few points about more general things. I kept on trying to lighten it up, hoping he'd understand! But things somehow went wrong. I am *so sorry*!

I hope he comes back. I was not upset by anything he said. (A little frustrated because I felt he misunderstood me sometimes, but that's all.) I definitely didn't take anything he said personally and I'm sure no one else did either!

I suspect RAfrenzy is right, and something else is going on with this guy. I hope things are well with him, in any case, since he has been a good friend to you.

@Rob said...

@Dez that is such a bummer! I am so sorry that, that happened to you. It is so easy to misconstrue things online, esp when you can't see the person's expressions to tell that they are in fact joking.

Well, you did the right thing by deleting the comments. You can't control what people say and do.

Nat had to take us all in hand a few months ago, when a picy appeared with RA and a date. The comments went a bit crazy, so she took them off of the site.

RAFrenzy said...


I forgot about that. Uh, wait, I didn't exist when that happened, so she didn't have to discipline me. ;-)

DEZMOND said...

no, I didn't erase any of the comments myself, I would never really do that, he did it as a sign that he is leaving my blog and my life obviously, he even erased my banners and link over at his site, and I feel horrible, because as RAFrenzy said neither me, myself, nor any of you commenting over there did anything wrong.
I believe he got angry after I said I was shocked by the last comment he left there in which he attacked Delicateblossom in a very vicious way. I never knew him like that, we always loved each other dearly and were each other's biggest support in the blogging world.

Debra said...

I was reading the comments on Dezmond's site. But it was after the BAD comments had already been deleted.

Thank goodness.

Because I think that it would have broken my heart to read them (also).

I am one of those people who has a hard time picking up on who is joking and who is being serious.

I know that it has happened to me (in the past). I joked - but it is totally taken the wrong way.

@ Dezmond : Maybe your friend will reconsider and come back? None of this should cause friendships to end (IMO). Good luck.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Sorry to hear it, Dezz. I've had online buddies get upset with me over issues I had nothing to do with, but was considered "guilty by association" or something. It stinks. I hope your buddy realizes how much your frienship is valued and makes ammends. :)

bZirk said...


This is for you:



I'm sorry that happened, and I've wondered if it could be a culture gap that created some sort of miscommunication. Hopefully, your friend will come back and explain why he was so offended.

bZirk said...

I forgot to say that picture came from the gallery at Richard Armitage Central!

DEZMOND said...

Nat, in this case the problem is when different elements mix together - water with fire, calm vs impulsive, cool vs rash ...
I left a new comment over at my blog, hoping he will read it and understand things (although I explained it to him already in a private e-mail)...
thanks for your support over there.

@Rob said...


thank YOU!!! Ahh...i am just going to mediate on that picy for a few minutes.

Debra said...

Just read the latest on your blog Dezmond.

Yes. I think that the honeymoon may be over. **so sorry***

I'll change gears on everyone here because we need to focus on some FUN THINGS (now).

So can we move on?

Because I voted for Richard.
And I love, love, love him as Lucas North...and so many other roles. He is my absolute favorite TV HUNK.

But I have recently discovered another YouTube Brit Hottie: Jeremy Northam.

As much as I love my Richard.
No one does love scenes on screen as well as Jeremy Northam....and I am 100% sure of that.

I've been watching some of Mr Northam's films lately and they couldn't (even) show some of his love scenes on YouTube...(unfortunately). They are perfection! (IMO) he is THE MASTER!!!! Whoa!

**Way to go Jeremy!**

@ Dezmond and Nat: Have either of you considered doing a poll on the hottest Youtube LOVE SCENES video?

I know that there are some re-e-ally GREAT ones out there.

diveknit said...

@ Debra I had to google Jeremy Northam, only to discover that I recently saw him in Possession. He is very nice and a very good actor. He definitely gets feelings over very well. Which movie are you referring to?

Debra said...

Two Jeremy Northam movies come to mind immediately: THE TRIBE and The SINGING DETECTIVE. Then there are 2 YT videos called "Jeremy Northam Bad Things" and "Jeremy Northam SEX BOMB"..

I'm in the middle of a BIG JN buying spree right now. And there are so many more...but let me warn you that I had to take several cold showers after viewing some of these.

Anonymous said...

here is a full list of everything he has been in:

he played mr knightly in the 1996 ver of Emma