Jul 19, 2010

More Voting

As reported on Armitage Daily,
Richard is a candidate for "Hunkie of the Month"
on The Hunkies.com. 
So head over HERE and vote for Mr. Armitage
by clicking the heart under his name.

We (his fans) know Richard is more than a pretty face, but it's fun...
nay, our duty to bring attention to him in whatever way possible.
*Imagine the above statement being said in an overly dramatic way,
with your head tilted up and one hand over your heart.*

Hopefully others who see him on that site will think,
"What's so great about this guy? I better check out his work."
We do have power in numbers, after all. :)


tyme_4_t said...

I was vote #94!!!

Myrtle said...

Sometimes, a girl simply has to do her duty!!! I was vote 117

Millyme said...

To know Richard is to vote for him! Can we vote several times?

Anonymous said...

Vote #222.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

I forgot to pay attention!! Too distracted by the Pic ... :-)

Twinkling Moon said...

Already voted!