Jul 2, 2010

Spooks ~ 7.3 and 7.4

For those of you just tuning in, I'm watching Spooks (aka: MI-5) Season 7
for the first time and sharing my random thoughts about it.
(See previous post Spooks ~ 7.1 and 7.2  HERE.)

Episode 3

I didn't get too wrapped up in the storyline of this episode,
thanks to being distracted by Lucas and his peacoat,
the latter being like an additional character in the cast.

So this is basically what I remember happening...
*spoilers to follow!*

Lucas, his peacoat, and Ros chat with this fellow,
who turns out to be the bad guy behind all the bombings.

Lucas and his peacoat take a secret stroll with Ben, who is undercover.

Lucas and his peacoat enjoy singing and dancing in the rain,
when he isn't having flashbacks of being tourtured in a Russian prison.

Lucas and his peacoat chase a terrorist through the city.

Lucas and his peacoat are glad another crisis is over.
Lucas flashes the cute crinkles to Ros, who somehow doesn't melt.

Episode 4

I have to say I'm really becoming a fan of Spooks, and not just
watching it for RA anymore.  I enjoy the other characters as well.

So far, my list of faves:
1. Lucas
2. Harry
3. Ros
4. Malcom

I want Harry to be my mentor and gain his approval.
He is cute and cuddly (in a non oo-la-la way, though some may beg to differ),
yet tough as nails.  I enjoy watching Ros kick butt and love her great one-liners.
Malcom reminds me of those loyal, convenient friends who are always around
when you need them, even though you forget to thank them properly.
I like the other characters too, but haven't felt a "bond" towards them yet.

Okay, back to episode 4
and random thoughts.

Elizaveta lets her hair down.
Ponytail, begone!

This is "the Harry face."
Harry wears this exact expression, no matter what.
Whether being faced with impending doom...
or a CIA agent (because we all know how annoying those
Americans are, according to the 'Spooks' writers)
he keeps his cool... and his pouty lips entact.

How great that Lucas can smile while disarming a bomb...
by sticking it in a microwave.  Piece of cake.

Thankfully, this pair had more chemistry in episode 4. 
(She should have laid a big ol' smooch on his lips!)

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trudereads said...

Lovely pictures, and yes, he wears his peacoat very well!!

Skully said...

Woohoo! Another Spooks convert! Next up.. 7.5 and dreamy "Pete" :)

MillyMe said...

I really enjoy your witty RA-specific take on Spooks. I watched and still watch for RA, but the others have grown on me, too!

I've often wondered how Elizaveta could resist Lucas' attempts at reviving memories of their life together!

tyme_4_t said...

That's the thing with this show...you start watching it because you like watching gorgeous men run around saving the world, but the humour and the characters pull you in.
Trust us spooksfantragics (Skully's word) when we say - watch the earlier series...

Enjoy meeting "Pete"!

Musa said...

Oh yes, I love Spooks too (MI-5 for us). Have been a fan since the Tom Quinn days...but now of course, I'm in love with Lucas :) Like you,thanks to Netflix. Waiting, waiting, for the next season. Love your comments about Lucas' peacoat in this episode. Especially like when he's all buttoned up :) (I secretly wish I was Ros in real life).

@Rob said...

His relationship with his ex-wife worked for me. I believed that they had a long shared history together. Unlike, his relationship with "the other woman" in season 8.

Jessica said...

I started Spooks at season 7 because of RA(every week as soon as they were put up on youtube), then immediately went back and rented/watched seasons 1-6 then 7 again. It took about a month with weekend marathons of Spooks. It's fun to watch everything back to back it really gets you into that world. Most of the episodes were so suspenseful that I had to watch the next episode immediately anyway. Most seasons(if not all now) are available to watch instantly online on Netflix. Also, I think the ending of the season 1 finale is one of the best moments of suspense on tv. Spooks is definitely one of the best shows that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. The only negatives would be some minor anti-Americanism that runs through it(Americans always seem to be either pure evil or stupid with bad accents! and America/policies portrayed as always completely selfish in any situation) and the other negative is the writers do not have any qualms about killing off long time main characters- grrrrrr! I was glad to see Ruth come back this year!

Unknown said...

@Musa - I want to be Ros too! She kicks a**!! Wait I think I'd rather be "Jenny" (of Jenny & Pete) hahaha

@Jessica - I did the same thing, started watching Spooks from S7 & 8 then went back from S1 to 8 again. Its addicting, and I'll keep watching after S9 (if it continues) even if LN gets killed off.

pi said...


I, too, am CRAZY about the peacoat, so am totally chuffed that you see that its presence is it's own Presence. LOL Out of all the looks, this is the one I love best.

I am not really a fan of Spooks. I imagine it's a lot like 24 which I have never watched. I find it too restrictive and repressive when it comes to emotions and emotional range. Having said that, I still was drawn in and because I watched Series 7 and 8 over a period of several days, I found it engrossing. But without RA- meh. (Although I do adore Ros! What a kick-ass dame, and my fantasy alter ego :))

Yeah, Lucas surely has more chemistry with Elizaveta than in a future pairing *cough*. I still hope that she'll appear in Series 9.

Another delightful and original post. A real sanctuary amidst some of the RA craziness I've encountered.

Twinkling Moon said...

Yay! A Spooks convert :)

And yep, @Rob, he definitely had a lot more going on with his ex-wife than with "the other woman," in S8, we dare not say her name, LOL!

The only thing I can think of that made Elizabeta (BTW is it ElizaBeta or ElizaVeta? I've seen it both ways) resist our Mr.North is the fact that she's married now. SO I guess we got to respect that, ;)

Anonymous said...

In Russian the "B" is pronounced as "V", so spelling her name phonetically it is "Elizaveta"

Anonymous said...

Actually, the correct Anglo-Phonetic translation of her Russian name would be "Yelisaveta" or "Yelisavet".

Myrtle said...

I love the chemistry between Ros and Lucas. I am sad she will not be around in S9.

The 'Peacoat' (that term is new to me) is one of my favourites too.

Anonymous said...

Pea coats were originally heavy woolen dark blue colored coats used by various Navies starting from the early 19th century. In the late 20th century they have become fashionable (with various slight design changes) for both men and women. I have heard two sources for the term from the Dutch "Pij" meaning "twilled" referring to the woolen cloth they were made of, and that they were used when the fog was "pea soup thick". It more likely to be the former, but I don't know for sure.

Myrtle said...

Thanks Anon :D

The photo when Lucas is smiling & diffusing the bomb in the micro- wave.They then fake an explosion.

I recall he turns to Ros and says something like " which are you best at, real thing or faking it?" Naughty Lucas!

Twinkling Moon said...

I'm with everyone else here, I am so going to miss Ros' exchanges with Lucas. This was really the only season that I was pro-Ros. Her comments cracked me up. I felt like both she and Lucas had the same kind of humor, they understood each other I think.

Well, here's hoping they don't give Lucas the boot this season. I think all the other male leads got to lead section D the entire time they were on the show. Let's see how long Lucas gets.

twinkling moon said...

I forgot, @ Anonymous, thanks for answering my question about Elizbeta's name!