Jul 20, 2010

Spooks ~ 7.6

I've been watching Spooks Season 7 for the first time
and passing along my thoughts on each episode.

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Episode 6
I wish I would've written a post about episode 6 last week when I did episode 5
since I watched them at the same time (there are 2 episodes per DVD) and most of my
first reactions have faded. I can only remember Lucas-related thoughts for the most part,
even though I really like the other characters and am no longer watching Spooks
for the mere purpose of Lucas-love.  (Oh well. This is an RA blog, after all.)

First, I have to get one thing out of the way...
All along, Ros has reminded me of somebody,
but I couldn't quite put my finger on it until the other day when I realized WHO...

Nellie Oleson from "Little House on the Prairie!"
Does anyone else see the resemblance?
(Although I couldn't stand the character Nellie and love Ros.)

Okay... back to episode 6.

Lucas in green = hot.
And by the way, Ros, if Lucas offers to pick up a croissant, you don't turn him down! 
Why go after some boring weapon when you could have a pastery delivered by this cutie?

Lucas the bodyguard.  Love the thought!

Those are some long legs.
That poor little mother.  I felt so bad for her the entire episode,
not knowing what was going on with her son and worrying so much about him.
Little punk.

I enjoyed Lucas's little heart-to-heart with the kid.
We get a tiny peek at his past when Lucas tells him about his father.

And then there's the junkyard chase/fight scene,
where Lucas whipped out these sweet moves:

Unfortunately, this episode had a sad ending.

The grief of the mother and the looks on Lucas and Ros's faces
were sad to watch.  Why couldn't that kid have listened to Lucas!?  *sniff, sniff* 

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tyme_4_t said...

Hey Nat - you are so right Lucas in that green shirt! Happy Happy!

Sooooo funnny - Nellie Olsen and Ros comparison!

Did you watch the behind-the-scenes extra on the dvd? There is a great piece on the junkyard fight rehearsal - it really is amazing how they rehearse it - it's like a dance. And yes I would like Lucas/RA to be my partner!

Enjoy the next two episodes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
This episode was great and you would think that there would be a happy ending....but then you realize that this is "Spooks".... the ending is UNPREDICTABLE. Maybe that is why we are hooked to this show.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and of the comparision between Nellie Olsen and Ros. You are correct...they do look alike. LOL!

Have a great day and enjoy the hot summer.

Best Regards,
Christina P from Canada

Avalon said...

I am terrible, I only watched the ones with RA. It is just not interesting without him, lol.

Millyme said...

@avalon: funny thing that Richard effect! Norwegian tv showed Spooks 3 a few years ago and I was impressed with Matthew MacFadyen and Keeley Hawes, but I could miss a few eps without any problem. I now watch Spooks for Lucas, though the other charcters have grown on me.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I love Spooks so when Richard joined the cast, it was like Christmas.

EVERYONE detested Nellie Olson, didn't they? I do wish you hadn't figured out the resemblance, Nat. It may incite giggles at the wrong time.

I watched that same episode yesterday myself. The actress who played the mother was a teeny little woman who looked so small next to Lucas. The ending was gut-wrenching, especially for a mother. The look on Lucas' face when the mother is wailing over this boy was another haunting moment. I keep wondering when he will fall apart.

Myrtle said...

I loved this episode and enjoyed the rapport between Lucas and Dean.

Fav quote: Dean says " I'd make a good spy, I lie alot". :D

Also, Lucas lovingly divulges a little about his father.

kaprekar said...

This is the episode in Season 7 when I really noticed Lucas. You can see how he and Dean really start to develop a relationship (even though the ending demonstrates there are still some trust issues for Dean to overcome). You get the impression it's the first time Dean has ever started to look up to any adult male. And there are some great scenes and action throughout.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

What confused me with the S7 rewatch that somehow Lucas's eyes still remain blue regardless of that striking green t-shirt. But as Porter they appeared green with his green and kaki gear.
OMG the resemblance you point out! A good thing Ross doesn't have a voice anywhere near hers.
Lucas makes for a fabulous "Big Brother" sponsor and some cute interaction. But biggest fear is to have a teenager who doesn't know the limits of his/hers knowledge.

Fanny/iz4blue said...
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MillyMe said...

Don't you think the difference in eye colour might be due to lighting? As Porter Richard was filming in the hot African sun.

Lucas looked really good in the green top, but then he looks good in anything.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, when I first saw Roz on Spooks, the first thing I noticed was "she reminds me of somebody." It wasn't until a few months ago that I figured out it was Nellie Olson, LOL! It's nice to know that I'm in good company :) Actually, this is going to sound really weird now, but she also reminds me of Lady Elaine, the puppet from Mr. Rogers. Maybe it's because HN plays the role so well that she creeps me out a bit like Lady Elaine did when I was a kid. IDK.

Traxy said...

Nellie! You're right, she does! Never thought of that. :) Ahh, must've been 15 years or more since I last saw LHotP. Good show, that. Good show!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

@MillyMe I guess I can't contradict my own icon can I??? :-)
We've speculated in several places
Nat pardon me for linking.