Jul 7, 2010

Those lazy hazy cRAzy days of summer

Isn't this time of year great?
(Well, I guess not if you're wearing black leather from head to toe
in the middle of the sweltering desert...)

Yesterday, the boys and I went swimming and
I did not see one of these...
which is good because I looked like one of these:
Probably because I've been doing a lot of this:
and some of this:
and watching too much of this:
but not doing any of this:
Not even the cutest personal trainer could change my ways at the moment. :)
(And growing belly + spandex = not a lovely sight.  At least it's temporary.  I hope.)

Real life has been less lazy and VERY crazy lately (I'm sure most of you can relate.)
This month is jam-packed with plans, so the blogging will be hit-and-miss
over the next several weeks.

In fact, I've been so busy these days that I rarely (if ever) had an Armitage-related
thought over the long (holiday) weekend!  Can you believe it!?

I know what you're thinking...
but seriously, it can happen, people!!!
Has it ever happened to you?

Tangent about having a life outside of something:
When I was little and would run into one of my elementary teachers in the grocery store
(or somewhere else in public) I was always surprised to realize that they had a life outside of
the classroom.  I don't know why the idea was so weird... after all, it's not like I thought they lived
at school (although I think the principal did) and my mother was/is a kindergarten teacher with a life
and family of her own.  Seeing my teachers out and about with their families or buying produce 
made them more... human, I guess, and it was so strange for my young mind to process
that being "teacher" was only a small part of who they really were.

I thought of those experiences recently because:
A- Blogging is only a sliver of what I do with my time on a weekly basis, though I really enjoy it.
B- Although my favorite actor and subject to blog about (not including my children on the family blog)
is Richard Armitage, some may be surprised to discover I have MANY other interests. 'Tis true.
C- Whenever I think I have a lot to balance in life, I remember those working
mothers (like my teachers) and realize my load isn't so big at all!

So here's to you, other busy ladies (and gents?)
who probably  have way more on your plates than I do.
Hopefully we can all squeeze some fun in there too and continue to enjoy the summer!
(Pretend Harry is wearing a t-shirt and shorts rather than his winter clothes.)

What have you been doing this summer?


flandersdreamer said...

Nat, enjoy your current, busy times as much as you can! There's no greater part in your life than being a young mother with todles and babies (though you might think otherwise). I'm retired after a busy life of my own, witj three kids, a husband and a job and I have time on my hands. That's why I wallow myself in RA fever and enjoying it. It's a substitute for real life.

MillyMe said...

Nat, I'm one of these mysterious creatures whom you assumed lived in a cupboard in a classroom. We have broken up for our summer holidays in Norway and I've been catching my breath after a hectic end of term period by watching Wimbledon (an annual ritual) and watching the World Cup in football (soccer) with my sons, and finally catching up on some of the reading (also fan fic) I never got time for during term-time.

When hubby's off work in a week or so, we'll take a trip to our cabin in the woods by a lake. His side of the family all have cabins there, too, so it's family-time, as well as boating, swimming, sunbathing, making good food and general summer pursuits. It's lovely to get away from town life and just relax.

Have a lovely summer!

Anonymous said...

My summer has just started 2 weeks ago and so far I've been doing those little things I haven't been able because of uni/work, like medical checking (usual stuff), solving little things in the bank, a little of shopping, read books non-uni related and give RA more time :P.

Have a wonderful summer Nat!

OML :)

Lady Gis-Monet Thornton said...

Awww, have fun! All your blogs are so cute! :D well, since my family and I take care of our 90-year-old great-grandma(she's had a broken hip and suffered 4 strokes), that means that we won't be able to go on vacation together *sobs*. But still, we arrange alot of gatherings at my house, so that'll be fun. :) Besides that, I'm graduationg (I'm homeschooled) so yay! Awesome! And we found out about a nearby pool that's Olympic size. Viva la summer!!!

bZirk said...

Lady Gis-Monet,

A homeschooler! Good for you. Congratulations on your graduation.


Your season of life goes by so quickly. It's like lightening really, so I'm glad you don't think about this stuff so much. You turn around about twice and those boys will be grown and gone. Yes, I know you've heard that, and in fact, I'm sure I've said it somewhere else on this blog. When I used to hear that comment, I would think, "yeah, I know that." But I didn't. It goes even more quickly than I thought, and this seems to be the consensus among people my age. That's why we make that comment so much. LOL!

But I'm glad you've shared some of your talent with us. It really is a treat.

Myrtle said...

My thoughts are pretty much the same as Bz & FD, it all goes by too quickly. So Nat, enjoy your lazy days of swimming with your boys. Even if there wasn't a handsome lifeguard in Speedo's around ha ha

We have just finished renovating our barn/steading conversion, so a few weeks of relaxation to enjoy the fruits of our labour beckons.

*Chica Popcorn* said...

Super interesting entry! funny and great as always...
Well, In my case, I haven't been in the computer latel becasue they are repearing it, so i'm dedicated completely to my books, especially, Breaking Dawn of Stephanie Meyer, and Harry Potter and theg Deathly Hallows (which I recommed I finished it yesterday and it is by far one of the best books I've ever read in my whole life), Ive been watching TV, and borrowing the compiuter of my sister! XD

And how have you been Nat? how's the baby? I hope you are having a very good time!! (RA-licious time!)Good luck annd have a nice summer!

Mary Jane said...

Loved the pic of Guy bellowing "blasphemy!" Just discovered your blog last night; sincerely enjoy your clever, lighthearted brand of humor, Nat! Thank you....

Joan Crenshaw said...

Summer at My House: Chaos!

I share a large house with my son and his wife, two grandbabies (22 months and 8 weeks), four cats, and a very lovable lab named Buddy.

I have a full-time job, two volunteer gigs (Junior League of Monterey County and Women's Fund of Monterey County), a fairly full social life, work as a Silpada rep, and three days a week go to fitness bootcamp.

Let there be NO Question that I am TIRED a great deal of the time. I retire at the end of 2011 and need to find something to keep me busy!

Thanks for the reminder, I need a nap now!!

bZirk said...

If it's the Monterey County I'm thinking of, I LOVE that place. One of my favorite places on earth. I'm also a big Steinbeck fan, so that might be part of it. That, and the fact it has Big Sur and Carmel. I'm Henry Miller fan too.

I like Silpada too, and usually I HATE that kind of stuff. Silpada is good. :D

Avalon said...

haha I have missed your blog

Lady Gis-Monet Thornton said...

@bZirk: Thanks! Yah, graduation's just around the corner. Homeschooling's not easy; it requires lots of discipline because you're in a very comfortable environment. It's well worth it though. And, to add to my summer happenings, I'm learning how to drive! Squeeeee! Thanks again Nat for a delightfully fun blog! :D

bZirk said...

@Lady Gis-Monet,

I think it's great! I've had four homeschoolers myself. Graduated two and about to graduate another one.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, I can't say enough how much I love your blog. After a long, tiring, stressful day I know I can always count on it to bring a smile to my face :) And what adds to it even more are the lovely comments left by all of your followers. You guys are a fantastic bunch of ladies!

But I must admit, as you said that for some reason unknown to you, as a child you forgot that teachers had a separate life from the world you knew them from, even though your own mom is a teacher. Well, embarrassed to admit here, but I forget you have a life outside of this blog, LOL! It clearly shows that you put time and effort into your posts, so I never really stopped to consider how it must be a small portion of your life, ha! ha!

Well, enjoy your summer, and when there is a bit of gap between posts, I'll just have to kick myself and say "hey, the girl's got a life you know!"

MTA: I'll probably just end up checking out an old post from the archives to get a good laugh :)

@LGMT, congrats on graduation! Natalie, it just goes to show what a range you have in terms of people who love your blog, (and RA :))

@Rob said...

You have a life outside of this blog? Say it ain't so!!! I work from home, so I start the day with your blog. I have been spending afternoons at the pool with my four year old. I squint my eyes real hard and pretend that the dads at the pool look like Richard Armitage.

Joan Crenshaw said...


Yes it is THAT Monterey County. I used to live about two blocks from the Big Sur Marathon's finish line at Coast Highway One and Rio Road in Carmel. Now I live in one of Steinbeck's favorite areas: the Pastures of Heaven. How nice to find someone else who loves Steinbeck. "East of Eden" is my favorite book. I read the first chapter when I am traveling to remind me of home. Henry Miller, not so much.

Lady Gis-Monet, congratulations on your graduation. Home-schooling is an enormous gift from patient parents.

Nat, will you tell us when you find out the baby's sex? I think you need a little girl to level the playing field.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

It sounds like many of you ARE in the middle of a busy, fun summer! I know that time with my little ones will fly by (since the last 4 1/2 years have whizzed by with my oldest) and I am enjoying as much as I can with them. I have to remember how quickly they'll grow up when they're driving me nuts, though. :)

TM, I hate to admit it, but most of my posts are done spur-of-the-moment without too much work going into them! (But let's pretend I'm a very deep thinker and plan everything out.) I'll usually sit down with one idea and then as I'm typing, other ideas pop into my head and then a half hour later, there's a post! :)

Joan, I found out a few weeks ago that the baby IS a girl! I had another ultrasound yesterday that confirmed it, so I guess it's safe to buy girl stuff and paint the nursery.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, you mean this only takes you 30 minutes?!

Ok, now, if I didn't like you, I'd hate you :) How can a person be so talented that they can whip something up so hysterical, enjoyed by like a gazillion people, and do it in no time? Do you detect a little jealousy here ;)

Natalie, I hope you are somehow marketing your creative juices and making a buck somewhere with all you have to offer. Honey, I think you got more talent than some tv show script writers, published authors, and Lord knows who else!

Anyhow, I consider all of us lucky that we get to enjoy all your creativity :) You're sharing the wealth, Thanks a bunch!

bZirk said...

A big fat ditto to TM's post!

Joan Crenshaw said...

It's a GIRL! Tip the balance a bit, toss a little pink into the blue. Of course, as long as they come healthy, stay healthy and grow happy, parents are happy.

RedPoppy said...

I am loving your posts, they are so funny! Excellent Spooks review, although i admit I've never seen an episode in its entirety...