Aug 4, 2010

A Monet Limerick

There once was a fellow named Claude,
who dressed a little bit odd.
But there was no constraint,
for that talent to paint,
So who cares if his fashion was flawed?

Claude wore an impressive squirrel beard,
and though some may think it looked weird,
his friends didn't mind
(though one was quite blind)
So who cares if he wasn't well sheared?

Claude endured much heartache and strife,
with poverty, and losing his first wife.
But he managed to be strong,
and keep moving on,
Isn't that what we learn out of life?

Monet was a painter of light.
His work is a beautiful sight.
With a cap on his head,
that paint he did spread,
making our world more lovely and bright.

See more Monet paintings HERE and HERE.

Monet's self portrait:
The real Claude Monet, in his older years:

Read my past review of "The Impressionists" HERE.

Screencaps from Richard Armitage Net's gallery.


MillyMe said...

Nat, I love your Monet limerick! I think you've managed to cover all the essential details of the series in a witty and humorous way.

What struck me about the series was the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean landscape, of Monet's clothes and Richard's luminous azure eyes. Lovely to see Richard in a sunny role, where he gets to laugh and have fun with friends in spite of early hardship and worries.

tyme_4_t said...

brilliant! Lovely poem and tribute to a wonderful series imo.

Musa said...

Agree, lovely poem and covers the series and the true (art) history :)
I also love this series, and RA as Monet. Men's fashion in that era was not the most flattering, but he still looked wonderful (those blue eyes).

Musa said...

Agree, lovely poem and covers the series and the true (art) history :)
I also love this series, and RA as Monet. Men's fashion in that era was not the most flattering, but he still looked wonderful (those blue eyes).

bZirk said...

These just keep getting better. I want to know if you start talking like this after a while. :D

The couple of limericks I wrote way back had me thinking that way for probably a day and a half.

diveknit said...

Thank you for making me smile on a rainy day. I love your limericks.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Your limericks always make my day!
Do you just dream them up??
I so like RA as Monet...

And can I note: a coat like that just serves one purpose, taking it off ;))

Fanny/iz4blue said...

@MillyMe my favorite in this production was seeing the painting being painted and then going to the famous painting. Colors and smiles all around and the opposite emotions as well.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Nat's secret to writing limericks: (like there's a fine art to it or something... *snort*) One phrase, or two words that rhyme will stick out to me, like "squirrel beard and weird" and then I'll write the rest around it. If I don't have something that rhymes, I will just make up my own words, like "Lucas, spookus and tattooses" or "Maggie and braggie." (Is braggie a word?) Anyhoo... there ya go. The only sort of poetry I remember how to write from my school days.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

That was my favorite part of the movie too... seeing RA as Monet painting something and then a flash of the real Monet painting. I had studied Monet in high school and college, so it was awesome to feel as if I were watching him paint it. :)

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Hey Nat, it only just now dawned on me that you got the soundtrack of the impressionists in your player! Was it used for the Cider House Rules soundtrack??
Love that piece!
Never studied Monet, it was "shown" to me by an English boyfriend. Years later I travelled the French Gardens and Givenchy where the American I had met in Versailles insisted we had to do pastels....

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Shame on me: it's Giverny of course! Btw it still looks exactly like his paintings, I was lucky enough to be there the start of the Lily season.

@Nat: Poetry is all about creative license.

Phylly3 said...

This one is truly inspired! It is my favourite so far of all your limericks! It is especially nice to read it while listening to the music playing the theme from "Cider House Rules" which reminded me of the music from "The Impressionists".
I just finished reading RAFrenzy's latest post: (with all the clips from RA's roles), and the clip I chose to rewatch was him as Monet.
I love the screencaps you have chosen for your poem as well.
Well done!

Ann Marie said...


Love your limericks!

Here's mine:

There was an artist named Monet,
in the Impressionists he was played by RA,
at 6 foot 2, his eyes were blue -
that's all I needed to say!

Ann Marie

Cobalt60 said...

I have just stumbled onto your blog- well done!! Now if I only had half a day to read everything that would be fun;)

Best- Cobalt60 ( my moniker everywhere these days) from Maine

bZirk said...


You may have solved my dilemma in getting my sister-in-law interested in watching RA. She is a major Monet fan. I mean all of her userids have monet in them, and she is an artist herself. I have to send her to this blog! Don't know why I never thought of that and never thought of sending her The Impressionists. Hmmm. I think I just crossed off a Christmas to do.

bZirk said...

I forgot to say, Welcome, Cobalt60! :D

Twinkling Moon said...

Another killer limerick Nat!
And I really appreciated your revealing how you come up with these, the making up of words really had me cracking up! I'm with iz4blue, instead of calling it "making words up," I think I prefer to see it as "creative license" LOL!

cobalt60 said...

thanks for the welcome :)

Myrtle said...

Lovely :D