Aug 24, 2010

Passing on the laughs.

You have to check out Skully's hilarious post HERE 
at the Spooks Fan Blog.  It's great.

And then there are these Robin Hood spoofs put together
by a bunch of kids with a video camera.  I can't help but like them!
*Rembember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

Gisborne's attempted deep voice and brooding... Robin's slap-happy smile...
Alan and Little John's one liners... come on, you've got to admit you cracked up a little bit, right?

I think this one is even better:

This reminds me of those geeky jr. high days when my friends and I used to make homemade movies.
Thank goodness they didn't have YouTube back then!!!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing these Nat!

Phylly3 said...

Too Funny!! What a band of merry, clever children they are!!
That's the show, in a nutshell!
Thanks for finding and sharing these!

Anonymous said...

I´m not beeing funny, but that WAS so much FUN. ROFL:


twinkling moon said...

Oh my gosh, freaking hysterical! I'm not being funny, but are those kids american trying to be british?

I have to say, those vids make you realize how dopey the writing was on that show (and I say that as a fan of the show, LOL!) Even the kids are having a hard time not laughing at the dopeyness of the lines, ha! ha!

The best line: "Marian, do you still think I'm a boy?" ROTFL at that one!

Avalon said...

lol....leave it to Nat to find the funny ones!

pi said...

I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Bwah! I could tell it was Guy by the black clothes. did they miss the guyliner?? And Djac sounded Welsh. Heh.

Clever and cute. I hope they had fun.

pi said...

@twinkling moon,

I thought there was a lot that was dopey but some of it was glorious. Especially in the first season. The buzzwords don't really bother me. I figure kids would love them and certainly this video gang picked up on them. Overall it was fun; shame about the skewering of Marian though. Rather put a damper on things.

ETA: Heh. My verified word is "UPIRCING".

twinkling moon said...

@Pi, yeah, I think part of the dopeyness is what made it a fun show to watch :P