Aug 27, 2010

Photo Friday ~ Golden Moments

Here are a few pics from "The Golden Hour"
I hadn't seen before.

A cute girl + boy shot:
Plus, RA in a leather jacket, with a nice view of his height.
(Look at how she has to crane her neck to look up at him!  Aw...)
AND I just realized that his love interest in this show has reddish hair!
I keep thinking to myself, "I'd love to see Richard paired up with a redhead, dang it."
Obviously I should watch it.  Several of you have mentioned it's available on YT.

Look at RA working the camera with that gaze:
I like his shoes.

I don't know why, but I got a kick out of seeing
Richard... er, Alec, playing a video game. 
It's just so "normal."  (I'm used to seeing his characters  wearing a cravat,
yielding swords,  gun fighting or whatever... but not so much every day stuff.)

These photos are courtesy of
They have great stuff.


Maria Grazia said...

Thank you Nat for these shots: TGH is one of my favourite RA shows and I love his Dr Alec Track. Watching the first pic I've got dizzy... he's so tall!And that black leather jacket! By the way, if anyone is interested I uploaded the whole series on my channel
Happy Friday to you all!

pi said...

I have not watched the Golden Hour. Should I?

Damn, he does look tall. I wonder what it's like to be so tall. As a child I was taller than average and everyone thought me older and more mature. Did people ascribe that to his height as well, I wonder? Do they still?

BTW, redheads RULE! Of course that has nothing to do with my hair colour.

PS Nat, how can you say you like his shoes? Where are they ? Am I going blind?

@Maria Grazia- thanks. So convenient. I will have to check it out.

Myrtle said...

Lovely pic Nat, love the orange boiler suit.

Boiler suit, did I mention boiler suit:D

@pi TGH is OK, but not one of my personal favs. The series uses 'flashbacks' often, and I found it irritating after a while. But the thought of Dr Alec coming to give me cardiac massage tended to distract me!

I recall an interview where RA describes how he suddenly shot up in height when he was 14. He explained that he felt he was never the sort of 'hair ruffling' cute little little boy.

He seemed to feel this acutely.

How things have changed !!!!!

Myrtle said...

RA, Don't listen to any of these redheads, Blondes have more fun!!! and love chocolate cake.

Anonymous said...

The actress in question is minute!! I have seen her live on stage in London. But yep the lovely RA is tall at 6ft 2" swoon swoon

tyme_4_t said...

Hey Nat - check out TGH on MG's youtube - that's how I saw it. (And THANK YOU again for sharing Maria!!!)
I really enjoyed the series and was wishing that it had more episodes...oh well enjoy Dr. Sexy...I mean Dr. Track

RAFrenzy said...


You are in for a treat! He has talked several times about what it was like to be tall as a child. You ought to read one of the favorite interviews. I would have said 'my' favorite, but I think most of us who have read it, love it. Just Google 'Me, a sex god?' by Allison Pearson. Or just Google his name as I think that article has now made it to the first page of most Google searches on him.

I would have put the code in this comment, so you could just click, but Blogger now has more security bells and whistles and probably won't let me.

Speaking of which, Nat. I hope you're using that stuff. That improvement may lure me back to blogger.

@Rob said...

I tried to watch The Golden Hour, I think they were going for a Grey's Anatomy type of show, but it was just too real for me the accidents and such.

But that being said, I love him as this character. The idea of turning up at the hospital and having Dr. Alec taking care of me, I almost want to get sick.

I know it sounds werid, but he looks so cute as a "doctor." Totally works for me.

Avalon said...

He looks to be tallest in all three photos

Unknown said...

Blimey woman! Set an up alarm system when you do posts like that would ya?! Alec Track is one of my most favourite RA characters. And me nearly inhaling my morning tea isn't a pretty sight and kinda uncomfortable too.

And pi, yeah you should really watch it. Sounds like Maria Grazia has got this covered (ta the only DVD player I've got is in my bedroom so I can it whilst doing housework)...

Redheads DO rule. Again this has absolutely nothing to do with my colouring either...

Off now to have another look at the Russian RA site. Dirty job, but someone has to do it. Sigh.

pi said...

@Myrtle, @@Rob,

Dopey question I know, was his bedside manner? No, seriously. Stop laughing.


Me, a sex god? Hahahahaha!!!! Thanks! Will check it out.

pi said...

He looks like a giant here:

How does this fabulous Russian site get a hold of these behind the scenes photos?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Some of us should start a "Redheads for RA" club. Or maybe just a mug. :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

PS: Myrtle can be an honorary member if she brings chocolate cake. heh.

pi said...


I just finished reading the 'sex god' article. So, he's a late bloomer? And he thinks of himself as lame? I believe it. What a history!

I remember in the Spooks Series 7 DVD extras when each actor was trying to explain Sugarhorse, he asked to go back and redo it so he didn't look like an idiot. Awwwwww.

@ Myrtle,
It's clear that that sudden growth spurt was rather traumatic. Who would have thought it? And yet he is not stoop shouldered to compensate. A lot of feeling can be mined from those experiences, I imagine.

@ Nat
I will join any redheads club! But the fact is (since I've been there) blondes do have more fun (that is, get more attention, especially, IMO, from Brits!). Silly men. :) One day their consciousness will evolve to point that they will Understand the Ultimate Truth of The Red. Heh.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Maria, thanks for posting the GH at your site. I've already seen 2 epis from there, but must see the rest

I wonder why the show didn't do well. I thought it was pretty good. I found it interesting to see how the ER operates differently than ours in the US

Regarding blondes vs. redheads, well, I'm neither, LOL! Interesting undercover report was done though, comparing blondes to brunettes by 20/20, Dateline or something like that, where they had a blonde woman running up to a door to get into a building and found that if the woman was blonde and not a brunette, more men stopped to open the door to help her or apologized to her for bumping into her. But if the woman was a brunette, than fewere men would stop to help but interestingly more women would help her! Yet, no where in the study were red heads mentioned, poor guys :(

@Nat, you're right. That video game playing shot does catch my attention too. I never think of RA doing "regular" stuff.

And yes, I do wonder how on earth the Russians get all of these behind-the-scenes shots, when RA doesn't film in Russia? Maybe they have their own Sugarhorse/Tiresias network, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's been proven in a scientific survey that redheads have more sex.

And believe me, being a red head around men of certain cultures, such as Latino, you do get more attention than blonde. The "Red Head Mystique" (otherwise known as "I has to have one before I die") is very much alive and well.

Golden Hour was was a good idea, a medical mystery that worked it's way backward from the accident to reveal what happened, but they did use the flashbacks too much, showing information they had already shown the audience several times. And it pains me to say this, but Alec Track is the least developed character in the script and Armitage did not do much to change that. Track is very much the "Heroic Doctor" (TM) and not much else beside being in a relationship that is clearly doomed with no clue as to why he even likes this character. I mean, he does a great job playing a doctor *very* convincingly. I remember one of the review said he playing one of the most convincing doctors ever seen on TV, but he really did not push Alex to be more of a three dimensional engaging character outside the medical part of the character. (Though over only 4 shows he did not have much of a chance)

Someday I would like to ask him someday if what he did *not* do with Alec led into what he *did* do with Guy (which was the the role he played after Golden Hour), being very proactive and putting more personality into the character than what was presented on the page.

@Rob said...

Lucky red heads! I would like to see John Thornton playing a video game that would be funny.

Myrtle said...

Well, Nat says that I am allowed to come to the 'redhead club' because I am bringing the warm chocolate fudge cake with toffee sauce, so there you go!! ha ha

I agree with 'anon' that perhaps RA might have developed Dr Alec if the series had been allowed to progress.
@pi however...Dr T did have a lovely bedisde manner :D

Twinkling Moon said...

Interesting fact my friend shared with me, apparently redheads are a dying breed, natural redheads anyways. With people traveling and living all over the world, the gene pool is actually resulting in more people moving out of isolated communities and sharing genes more. As a result, the red-head gene is dying out!

So you red-heads really are a unique bunch :)

Phylly3 said...

Can I join your red-head club? I'm what's known as a "strawberry blonde"!
Love Dr. Track!! I wish this show had gone on for more than the 4 episodes. Thanks Maria Grazia for uploading the show to Youtube because otherwise I never would have seen it!

Anonymous said...

"I remember one of the review said he playing one of the most convincing doctors ever seen on TV, but he really did not push Alex to be more of a three dimensional engaging character outside the medical part of the character."

Maybe he was more focused on not just blurt out the medical jergon and sound convinced so left aside the complexity of the character. I like the series and found really interesting his struggle between trying to be the best in what he did while it pained him that it cost him the success in the other areas of his life. Or is it maybe that I'm a med student and took him very seriously...

OML :)