Aug 20, 2010

Photo Friday ~ A Lovely Sight

Just to point out a few things about why I love this pic~
1. Look at how John is staring at Margaret!!! (Yes, 3 exclamation points are required.)
2. No cravat, unbuttoned shirt!  (Plus "white puffy sleeves." See Mulubinba's posts HERE and HERE.)
3. I can't get enough RA profile pics.  The jawline, the sideburns, the straight nose... sexy!
4. Ah, the beloved "train scene."  The second John and Margaret lock eyes
as he's stepping off the train, I melt and giggles ensue during the rest of the movie.


Myrtle said...

Oh Nat, what a way to start a Friday. They way he looks at Margaret throughout the whole scene just makes me melt.

North and South is one reason I look forward to winter. I love to curl up on the sofa, when the weather is bad outside (and hubby is out!!!!) and have a 4hour N&S fix.

Phylly3 said...

Oh yes! **sigh!**

hedgeypig said...

I was where this was filmed a few weeks ago. Sadly he was not there :-(

Phylly3 said...

Oh! I wish I had known where to go to see it! Oh well, I didn't really have enough time to see everything I wanted to anyway...But what I DID see was FAB! :)

@Rob said...

I love how flustered Margaret gets when she sees and talks to him. Like a school girl, it's the first time she really loses her composure. You can see it in the pic the way her chin and eyes are cast down.

I love his expression, so tender, sweet and loving. He really softens in this last scene. OMG and the sideburns, lov 'em.

diveknit said...

I just happen to watch N&S yesterday while painting my girls rooms, but of course had to stop for this final scene. I get butterflies each time, sigh.
Thanks Nat for putting this picture up today.

pi said...

Wow, what a gorgeous pic. His expression is to die for. If ever there were a man in love, it's JT (thanks to RA's remarkably mobile face).

Profile is truly one of RA's best angles, puts him in a class above others. Everything is utterly perfect in this photo. RA is so convincing in love, and such softness of expression, such tenderness. I've never had anyone look at me like that.

So, ITA with every word you wrote, Nat. And can only add...Sigh and swoon...

loriBear said...

I never get tired of "examining" these screen caps. But it's all for the sake of "research" I assure you! lol

thanks Nat.. I needed this this morning!

RAFrenzy said...

That scene just never gets old!!! :D


I was there, but my camera DIDN'T WORK. I ended up getting another camera on that trip. So I don't know what's worse. Seeing and not getting a picture or not seeing it. Arrggh!! I still get mad about that day.

Twinkling Moon said...

Yes, I agree with everyone, RA's profile is just something else!

And the train seen, Good Lord! That entire sequence makes the whole movie! If anyone wonders what makes RA so swoonworthy, all they have to do is just watch this whole scene and the way he looks at DDA throughout, he can't take his eyes off of her (I'm smiling and swooning right now just thinking about it!) I cannot imagine any other actor who could carry off those facial expressions with such credibility.

And once again, ITA with @Rob!

@Pi, I think very few people get "that look" from someone, at least the way RA does it :)

@Rob said...

The "LooK @ me" scene is pretty compelling too. Watching him stare at the carriage drive I am going to have to re-watch N&S!!!

Thanks @TM :)

mulubinba said...

Lovely !!! What else is there to say? (... the white shirt unbuttoned as if he has discarded formality and is allowing his emotions to at last dictate his actions). I still wonder why N&S didn't cause as much of a stir as P&P. To me RA's JT is every bit as good as Colin Firth's Darcy.

pi said...

@ twinkling moon,

I think very few people get "that look" from someone, at least the way RA does it :)

You think???? Well, what a crying shame! A shame too they all don't look like RA. :)


To me RA's JT is every bit as good as Colin Firth's Darcy.

I beg to differ! I was crazy about Colin Firth's D'Arcy (gotta admit, it was the wet shirt *blush*), but once JT came along, there was no contest. I think that JT shows more depth, and has some fascinating inner processes going on (beyond pride and prejudice) that do not occur in P&P.

Amazing, too, how a guy taking off his cravat says more and is more swoon worthy to me than a guy emerging in a wet shirt from a pond! Yikes!

Colleen said...

Wow! What a wonderful site! (blog)this is my first time visiting (I have put it on my favorite bar) this is so fun to read comments, etc. about this wonderful actor from other fans!! I first saw him in this wonderful movie - N&S and fell head over hills! His expressions never cease to amaze me, and his eyes - oh my! No other actor I have ever seen can compare. OK, I have to stop, this is getting way too long. Hello to all you other RA fans out there - love from Idaho in the US.:)

BETH said...

Oh Natalie! I need not say that the series N & S is my favorite! I love Mr. Armitage in the role of John Thornton. I like their clothes, their sideburns, their hands ... Anyway, I love him haha. (I hope you understand me). Besos from Argentina.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob, Your welcome!

@Mulubinba, I'm just as stumped as to why N&S did not launch RA into international fame like P&P did for CF.

@Pi, ITA with all that you said! RA as JT beats Darcy every time! (And yes, it is a shame they don't all look like RA :))

@Colleen, welcome from a fellow American! I'm in New York State

@Beth, yep, I think N&S is my favorite period series too!

fussbudjit said...

Jumping in here for the first time?! Nat, I just have to tell you how much I love your blog. First time I read any of your postings, it was about 12am, hubby was asleep & I sat here & laughed until tears ran and Depends were needed! You are an absolute hoot!
As to JT...bye bye Darcy, HELLOOOooo Thornton. Proof positive that clothes do NOT have to be discarded to portray hot, hot...ackk, pass the smelling salts please!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

"Coming home with me??" rings like a melody in my ear.

I believe we should start a petition for North & South to be featured on Masterpiece Theatre. We had Cranford and Cranford revisited so perhaps as a way of revisiting Elisabeth Gaskell's works?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I think N&S is a fave for all RA fans, right? And I agree, iz4blue, Masterpiece Theatre needs to show it... especially on PBS in the states where it's not as well known.

Welcome, Colleen and fussbudjit! Nice to see some new folks around here. :)

Anonymous said...

@iz4blue I grin widely and then squee when he says that line...*sigh*

Whoever character brought you to RA or even if you aren't the period drama type, every fan of Richard loves (more or less passionately ;) ) North and South, IMO.

OML :)