Sep 3, 2010

Photo Friday~ Lucas Crinkles + Gun

I saw this pic on Richard Armitage Net this week
and swooned.  RA's profile pics are my fave.
I'm not really a big fan of guns, but he makes them look sexy.

As many of you probably know,
thanks to the wonderful RA sites out there,
Spooks Season 9 is set to air in the UK beginning September 18th.
How exciting... more Lucas North, coming right up!!!

After last year's whirlwind of Spooks Season 8 publicity
(which included countless magazine interviews and spoilers), I'm going to
 attempt to avoid as much of that as possible to not taint my viewing experience of the season,
 like Skully at The Spooks Fan Blog.  We'll see how much self-restraint I have.  May not be much.
I can't resist glancing at the promo pics.  New RA pics are just
WAY too tempting not to take a peek!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

And sorry for the blog slacking this week...
I've been busy traveling the world collecting RA items for The Richard Room.
Actually, with a best friend getting married,  my husband's birthday, oldest son starting preschool, 
youngest son with a cold, and nesting syndrome kicking in, things have been CRAZY! 
Posts may be cut back a bit from now on... but keep checking in!


Anonymous said...

Lucas North, waiting for the hordes of female fans to disperse.

twinklingmoon said...

Sept 18th! I'm hoping there's some way we Americans can watch it on the internet *crossing fingers*

Have a great Labor Day weekend Nat!

Phylly3 said...

That photo is definitely swoonable. Love the sideburns too!
You are such a dedicated blogger to apologize for having a real life -- and what a busy one! I hope your little man had a wonderful first day of preschool! :)

pi said...

I agree, his profile pix are non pareil ('peerless', just wanted to use a word I rarely get a chance to use and actually learned it as a teen reading G Heyer).

I'm in Canada, so I don't have a clue when Spooks 9 will show here and I don't have the upper cable tiers like BBC Canada. I originally caught up online at free websites, way beyond the original date.

I am in a quandary because I hate, hate, hate being left out of the discussions once the eps begin airing. And in all things, I stay away from spoilers. Yet I don't think I can do that this time because I can't wait so looooong to see the eps. I used to be an adamant spoiler virgin but in this case, I've already succumbed and am hungrily checking everything out. Colour me ricocheting off the walls.

BTW, I like the pic you posted way more than the official BBC portraits.

And oh how wonderful that you have such a full and rich life. A great excuse I think :).

pi said...


BWAH! No lie!

Anonymous said...

@twinkling moom and pi

If you don't mind watching the show online, does a fairly decent job finding links to the episodes shortly after they air. And if you can't find links on ovguide, I'd recommend checking

Anonymous said...

ummm... sorry, I meant twinkling"moon"

pi said...


w00t! Not bittorrent, right (haven't got a handle on that yet)?

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Will definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...

@pi Hmmmmm I'm not sure. There are several viewing options, and I know they're files for streaming (not downloading) but I'm not sure about the types. Most link to megavideo. If you can watch this {}, then you won't have a problem. (Warning: Push play twice. Pop-ups are inevitable, yet ignorable.)

Anonymous said...

Nat, so much appreciated your co-ordination of Fanstravaganza this year, which was my almost first intro to the actor, after BBCca RH broadcast. And love the continued witty and visual postings.

Have a wonderful experience with #3. We'll be waiting for your return.

@pi, frustrating to have not seen the works under discussion. Still waiting for SB. But our industry is possibly in the headlights for a shake-up. Netflix is coming here (across the country, I think) and there are a few other technologies in the works.


pi said...


I am only interested in streaming. That's how I saw Spooks and SB (and SB is finally coming to Canadian TV in November, way too late!).

Very familiar with Megavideo, and also StageVu. I saw almost everything on StageVu because you don't have to wait till a certain amount of minutes elapses till the next view and a lot of the vids have high def if you have the player.

What I really want to know is how long after initial airing we can get Spooks9 streaming for free online.

I haven't ventured into pay video, but at this point, I would probably pay. You're in Canada?

RAFrenzy said...

If you ladies get really brave, you might venture onto the pirate bay.


Great minds think alike. :D

Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

@pi Oh, they're pretty good at keeping up, at least they were last year. They had links to streaming Spooks sometimes as soon as the day it aired. Hope they keep it up this series.

Jessica said...

Wow, it's early this year! Someone always posts it on youtube(have to watch it in 9-10 min. segments). They are good at getting it put up the next day- so not much if a wait. I saved the user who did it last year and will check it out again. Can't wait!!

@Rob said...

I heart those crinkles!!!

Violet8886 said...

It's nice that some post the videos for the series early. Those of us in the U.S. won't be able to purchase Spooks 9 until about January 2011. By the time we get to view one season, the next season has already aired...LOL I'll take my Lucas North where I can get him. :)

Myrtle said...

Oh! I am so excited.:D
Spoilers are my weakness, I must try to show some self restraint.

pi said...

@ All,

You guys are just the best! You've given me hope. I'm suddenly totally stoked about series9. I can stop reading spoilers. Oh my, this series sounds so mysterious. I hope it's not overhyped like the Sarah debacle.

@Jessica, Could you let me know the name of the YT user? I've watched lots in installments, so it's not a problem.

@ Frenz- thanks so much for the torrent info. Good to have it as a back up and to have an advisor. Happy to be in the torrent foxhole with you. :)

BTW, Nat, I got so excited at all this news I didn't really address the 'crinkles and gun'. Bwah! How unusual a hero is that- who sports crinkles and carries a gun? 'Have crinkles, will travel''? 'Crinkles for hire?'

twinkling moon said...

@littlevictories, thanks for the info on and on Thanks for the tip to push play twice for megavideo too!

I have used in the past; and stagevu to see Strike Back.

As for youtube, Jessica can you please share the name of the channel with us? Like Pi, I don't mind watching it via YT in 10 minute intervals. I've done it in the past, but I didn't save the name of the channel.

@pi, like you I've tried to be a good girl by not reading the spoilers, but I've been very naughty, LOL! I'm still trying not to check out any other spoilers because I like to be surprised. Let's see how long it lasts :)

twinkling moon said...

@pi, So I just went on youtube to track down the channel I saw Spooks S8 on. You can find S8 of MI-5 on youtube on unbeliever71 channnel. Hopefully unbeliever will post S9 too!

Jessica said...

@twinkling moon- that is the youtube user I watch Spooks from. Hoping he/she will do the same for season 9. Usually takes a day or less for them to be posted from original airdate. So excited, it's been way too long!

Myrtle said...

Who is Nat kidding!!!!
All this pretence about being so busy with family ete etc, we know that she is relaxing in her 'Richard Room' dreaming of crinkles, tattoos, tight jeans, blue shirts, tight tee shirts, Belfast Jackets, tight jeans, tight tee shirts..................

lol :D

twinkling moon said...

Ok, don't know what happened to my comment...

Anyhow, @Jessica, thanks for confirming the name of the YT channel :)