Sep 7, 2010

Rallying the US Troops

The following message was posted on the C-19 Forum.
Wanting to spread the word, I've copied & pasted
it here in hopes more American N&S fans will
contribute to the cause. :)

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Calling all US Fans of RA & North & South!!!

Another year goes by & still the US doesn’t broadcast North & South...
Maybe they don’t know what a ‘masterpiece’ it is. Why not spread the word?
We are searching for fans of North & South & Richard Armitage
who have access to PBS to join our postcard campaign.

The purpose is to contact Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer of Masterpiece,
to promote the screening in the US of our favorite adaptation. Those, who enjoy period dramas,
great literature, a heart-stopping romance & a hero to fall in love with, deserve to see it.
We want her to know that there is indeed an interest in seeing N&S and that
Masterpiece is the place for it to be!

We have an outstanding postcard on which you have ample room to place your
personal comments on why North & South should be broadcast by Masterpiece.
This 11-1/2 X 6-1/8” postcard has been designed by Heathra – it is so beautiful and designed to
catch the eye. We are so fortunate to have her creative talent as she has been so instrumental
in promoting North & South & RA’s career with her videos. Thanks Heather!
Imagine the impact on Ms. Eaton of receiving these lovely postcards with handwritten notes!

So join in by:

(1) Email your name & address to
Within 24 hours the pre-addressed postcard will be mailed to you.

(2) When you receive the card simply add your comments, put on a 44 cent stamp & off to
the mailbox you go! Please sign it with your name, city & state, not your screen name
(Your email with your name and address will be deleted once I send you your
postcard – your privacy will be honored!)

(3) Please help spread the word to blogs and websites that you frequent, hoping that they
will want to help. The more postcards that go out, the more attention we will receive,
and more likely to succeed. One postcard per email will be available.

Any responses from PBS will be shared with you via C-19 & participating websites.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

I have to agree...
how will Ms. Eaton resist Heather's
gorgeous post card!?  Love it.
Teamwork, ladies!


Avalon said...

Sounds Good

diveknit said...

I'm in. I do assume they will send it out to Canada and I can return it?

@Rob said...

done! go team RA. :)

Myrtle said...

You go girls!!!

Colleen said...

Yeah! Press on Ladies! Together we can move mountains! Well, maybe at least get N&S to air on PBS Masterpiece! Count me in for sure!

Ann Marie said...

We're on it! Got several friends to email for postcards already...we had to promise each other that we wouldn't keep them because they are so lovely!

Ann Marie

Eileen Fraser said...

I received 2 postcards last week and was blown away by the size and Heathra's wonderful artwork...most impressive! I have a very good feeling about this campaign. Ms. Eaton can't possibly ignore us.