Sep 17, 2010

Richard's TV Appearances Today *Updated*

Richard's Interview on Lorraine's Show with Myleene Klass:
*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

Cooking segment with Chef Richard Phillips:

Thanks to Heather and Richard Armitage Net for making these available!

Discussion time:
*I feel a little lost without the stubble, but clean-shaven RA
is handsome too. :)  Which do you prefer?
*Why oh why did Myleene have to bring up the circus!?
(-10 -100 points for her.)
*What do you think of the flippy-in-front hair?
It reminds me of his latest BAFTA look, but longer:

You can also see Richard's brief BBC Breakfast appearance today-
"Behind the Scenes with Spooks Stars" HERE.


tyme_4_t said...

I am at work now....can't wait to get home and play this and all the other clips!!!!!! ****SQUEE****

@Rob said...

Totally adorable. He's such a lovable guy, with just enough "geek" to keep him humble.

My real hubs has long hair, on my fake hubs I like it shorter. Not likin' the floppy hair.

- awkward flirting with host, when she asked it the tats were "real" and he told her to come find out. then said it was his "chat line." we need to help him come up with some better chat lines!!!

-stuffing the hot pepper into his mouth and having no water.

Did you notice that his leg starting rocking up and down when she asked about the circus?

sunflowersue said...

Must wipe this geeky grin off my face after watching the interview before my better half comes home for lunch. Just too cute!

As to The Stubble, I love it! Makes him look even more male...oops, there goes the geeky grin again.

MillyMe said...

Richard is a charmer in any situation and seems to manage a different look for each tv interview. The hair is looking a lot lighter than the Lucas midnight black. I think he looks very Harry Kennedy here and perhaps that's why Mylene was so into asking him about VoD. I could have slapped her when she kept referring to the circus and juggling. Here you have a man with so much to offer and you fall back on the lame, done-to-death circus topic! She revealed herself as a light-weight interviewer!

Anonymous said...

"a light-weight interviewer!" I think that was over generous. Richard must have hated every second of that. He tried to prompt Myleene when she couldn't find her notes and was rewarded by being constantly interupted by mindless gibbering. I noted that he parodied the celeb obsessed tone of the show by referring to 'Lily Allen's dad'.

Must say I loved his exclamations when he ate the chilli!!

Traxy said...

Gosh, he's had himself a busy ol' day! Thanks for the links, downloading the clips as we speak. Watched Myleene's interview earlier and wow. So he cooked as well? *squeee* MUST. WATCH. Did he do the Thai green curry??? Oh I'll find out soon enough! But that'd be awesome, I love Thai curries! (Nat - RA! Cooking! Food! Gasp! ;))

I LOVE that hair. It's gorgeous on him! Stubble or not, who cares? That haaaaaair! *squees some more*

Have a good weekend Nat, and everyone else too! :)

Myrtle said...

@Traxy, not cooking exactly, just chopping coriander, but he did it so well!

I like the floppy hair, very Harry:D & I can take him clean shaven or with stubble.

I yelled at the TV, "Not the circus AGAIN!!!" he has so much more to give, think of all the work he has done this year. Uhh!!!!

It would have been fun to see the two Richards' just cooking and having a 'blether'.

Violet8886 said...

I have a hard time playing this on my computer too. Haven't seen the part with the cooking yet. I think you need VLC or an updated version of realplayer to see this on your computer. I hate it when technology gets in the way! LOL...Thanks for posting the video. He is delicious!!!

Violet8886 said...

I think they just posted the Lorraine Show interview on Youtube. [The Cooking segment is on there too] Just type in Richard Armitage Lorraine in the search box and it will take you to the latest videos. Enjoy! :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks for the tip, Violet! I just added the cooking segment to this post.

It was bad enough that she mentioned the circus in the interview... and then she mentions it AGAIN in the cooking segment. UGH!!!

@Rob- "my fake hubs" HAHA! Love it. I also like shorter hair on my fake hubs... unless he's Gisborne and then I like the Season 3 look. :) I like shorter hair on my real hubs too, but his is currently long and curly (like Josh Groban) and I'm not a big fan of it.

Ali said...

I was slightly freaked out when I heard what he'd be cooking as we had thai green chicken curry for dinner last night.

Glad you're all enjoying the clips :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Nat!

I have to agree with MillyMe and Anon about Myleene's performance. I felt almost embarrassed for her during this interview and actually cringed/rolled eyes when she asked about the tattoos and brought up the circus. But I have to cut her some slack since she was clearly a bit unnerved and awkward in his presence. Granted, she does this for a living, but still, it IS Richard. How she mustered enough reserve to keep from yanking off his shirt when he told her to "come and find out" if those tattoos were real, I'll never know. (I know, I know. Pitiful that I think RA can pull off a corny line like that.)

I don't really have a preference as far as his hair or shaving habits go, but I wasn't a fan of his sweater. I like the color and collared shirt underneath, but it looked like something he might have owned before he bulked up a bit. It was too tight on his arms and loose in the belly, just IMO. I especially noticed it during the cooking bit. But I loved the jeans, and how he stood with there with his hands in his pockets. Oh and wasn't it cute when he joked around about talking to Harry when he left set?

Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry. Didn't realize I wrote a novel. LOL

BETH said...

Hola! I loved seeing Richard in a recent interview. Unfortunately I did not understand the comments about "the circus", sorry I do not understand the English language! But equally clearly understood that the interviewer did not seem very good in his own, she was nervous? RIchard Instead he looked very well and when they lick their fingers in the kitchen ... aahh! I'm happy with that gesture! Besos from Argentina!

Violet8886 said...

I think Myleene was nervous. She probably forgot what she really wanted to ask so she asked about the circus instead. In the cooking segment she didn't really look at Richard a lot. Maybe she felt nervous. She seemed nervous.I think all of us would be. But I would definitely be spending more time looking at Richard and touching his arm..Things like that. :):)

Anonymous said...

I think the interviewer was totally over awed by Richard or is she just an idiot? I'd be a gibbering idiot if i was given the job of interviewing him I'm sure ... how she didn't say ok take your shirt off I don't know .....

Myrtle said...

I think Myleene was nervous, she is a very talented musician, I wish I could play the piano like her. However, her interviewing skills are in need of some practice!!!

I thought it was quite touching how RA helped her out a little bit in the interview. She could also have included him a little more in the cookery section.

Anonymous said...

Relieved to learn that he likes spicy chiles, as one more obstacle to a possible emigration to Texas has been removed. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these Nat. Yes, RA was his usual charming and gracious self... :)
I was cringing listening to the interviewer; so unprofessional and ditsy. RA should put a NO CIRCUS clause in all his interviews. If we are sick of it, just think how he feels...
Maybe we should send along some interesting and intelligent questions for ITV to use next time - to make a point.
I know I sound grouchy, but enough already.

pi said...

I LOVE him clean shaven. Love the hair (miss the 'burns). Commenters are right, he looks like Harry, and behaves like Harry in the cooking segment. My, he is long and lanky. I love his laugh and his radiant smile. His voice is so musical.

I found the cooking segment awkward and just painful to watch. He was almost completely ignored and not remotely included. Bad interviewer. Bad! Consider yourself smacked.

He licked his fingers! He loves food! Yessss! He can come to my house ANY time.

Twinkling Moon said...

I totally thought of the BAFTA haircut when I saw him in the interview as well. In S9E1 he's sporting a similar type of do I think.

Favorite part of the Lorraine show interview was the licking fingers part, LOL!

I was tired of the circus question too, but honestly I don't think it's any worst than the whole "spooks is known for killing off their characters" conversation, which occurs in every interview I've ever seen of any actor who comes on in Spooks. Goodness! The show's been on for 9 years already. I think we all got that by now *rolling eyes*

B* said...

After seeing the pics of the Captain America set, I wonder if the floppy "do" is for this film which looks to be set in the 1930/40's?