Sep 22, 2010

Sharing: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. *UPDATED*

First, the ugly:
One down side to having kids  (besides the
potty training phase) is they bring home and share every little germ.
Good thing those boys are so dang adorable and lovable! :)
Right now we have the lovely stomach flu going through our house (right after
getting over colds! ARGH!!!) which is why blogging has been (and will be) put on hold for a bit.
So, for you who have wondered, I haven't had #3 yet. (My future North & South-watching
companion isn't due to come until November.)

Oh, the fun we'll have bonding over JT!
This pic doesn't count as "the ugly."
This is "the pretty."

Switching gears to Lucas...
I hope all who are able have been enjoying the Spooks frenzy!

The Bad:
I haven't yet seen Season 9 Lucas North in all of his MI-5 glory.
Hopefully I'll soon have the time/energy to indulge in the latest of Mr. North & comrades!
(I'm still spoiler free.  I can't believe my own restraint since curiosity usually gets the better of me.)
*Oh, the suspense!!!*  (Please refrain from giving anything away!)

Quit brooding, Lucas... I'll catch up soon.
Actually, keep brooding.
I like it.

The Good:
Here's what I WOULD like you to share~

Those of you who have seen the Season 9 premier,
did you enjoy it?  Did it live up to your expectations of Spooks awesomeness?
(Again, no spoilers, please.)

Those of you who haven't seen the newest episode,
have you been peeking at spoilers or refrained from them?

Anyway, stay tuned...
once things are back to normal around my house,
I'll continue my usual RA ogling.


Update 9/23/10

Thanks for all of the unspoiling, yet great thoughts on episode 1. 
Each time I read a new comment, I thought, "Oh my gosh, I have to watch it ASAP!!!"
I finally had the chance this morning and LOVED it and can't wait for the rest of Season 9 to unfold! :)
(More of my spoiler-free thoughts on S9 Episode 1 to come.)

For those of you living outside the UK,
I've watched all of Season 8 and now, Season 9 here:
In the search tab, start typing "Spooks" and then click "Spooks (TV page)"
when the option comes up.  This will take you to a screen where you can
select any currently aired episode of Spooks from all 9 seasons.


Millyme said...

I indulged in news, reviews, interviews and plenty of spoilers before watching the first episode! As a newbie, I'm just so excited at being a part of the run-up to a new series as it's happening. Yes, Spooks 9 ep 1 is certainly worth watching. Richard has said in interviews that rumours of the series being discontinued made all the major players up their game, both the writers and the actors. The new members are a great addition and it's lovely to see the old hands. We're in for a nail-biting roller-coaster ride and my hero Lucas plays a central role!

MillyMe said...

Sorry, thinking about Lucas made me forget my manners. I hope that the family will soon be over the stomach flu. Do you get any chance of me-time, to sneak off and relax with RA-characters?

Sunflowersue said...

Yuk! It's going around here too but has mercifully left me alone. Sorry for your bout with the bug and yes, I wondered if #3 had arrived.

So I've read/listened to interviews or all I could find. Sigh, how the heck are US fans supposed to see this? Do we wait for DVDs like next year. Not fair, I say. Not fair. In the meantime, I will live vicariously thru others. Just not fair.

pi said...

I saw it thanks to some helpful online fans. Thank you! I remain a spoiler virgin.

Feel better, Nat. I enjoyed it, some of it was gripping, I did have to suspend disbelief, the new characters are terrific (I especially like Beth), Peter Firth got to act the screen off, and our RA got his moment as well.

In fact, if that one scene of RA's where he really got to show his acting chops is all that I ever got to watch, I would be satisfied.

Sunflowersue said...

"In fact, if that one scene of RA's where he really got to show his acting chops is all that I ever got to watch, I would be satisfied."

Thanks loads pi! Wahhh! Guess the themesong here will just have to suffice....

Joan Crenshaw said...

Thanks to the kindness of one UK fan, I stayed up way too late last night to watch the first episode. Let's just say Harry left me aghast and rather proud. Not NEARLY enough Lucas on screen, but what choice moments those were! Beth annoyed me which means I will eventually like her a lot. I miss Roz -- who'da thunk it?

Poor babies (and their Mommy)! Flu is no fun. I share my house with son, daughter-in-law, and two grandbabies so I had my nasty flu shot to keep from bringing it home to them. (They have an apartment on the ground floor -- it's a great arrangement.) I hope everyone gets well soon.

Still, cuteness goes a very long way, doesn't it? God makes babies cute so we don't kill them, I have been told.

tyme_4_t said...

Hoping all feel better soon!

The 1st episode is freakin' awesome!! So worth finding it online to watch...I was able to watch on Monday night - few hours after it actually aired in UK!
Can't wait til ep 2!

Avalon said...

No Nat, I am refraining. I am waiting for the DVD (in Feb) so the whole family can enjoy it with me.

Sorry about the sour tummies. But since everyone is sick, now is a great time to watch North and South. It will make everyone feel better!

Anonymous said...

Nat, I sure hope you feel better soon. Got pregnant, got a cold AND got the flu... you're a trooper girl! I think you've earned a little time with Lucas North.

Didn't indulge in any spoilers and had to refrain from visiting some terrific blogs until I watched the show. Apart from what I thought was a flimsy start, episode 1 ended strong. Love the new characters.

Colleen said...

Nat - sorry you are under the weather and your little ones too. Get well soon! At my house we have been passing around head colds and coughing all night long. Sorry, I can't wait until next year to see season 9. I had to watch it NOW!!!! Living in the US in Idaho has put some dampers on being able to view RA's most recent recordings, tv,etc. Someone on this blog gave the idea to go to to watch Strike Back. I just watched Season 9 Episode 1 of Spooks (MI-5)and I am so pumped for this season. Can't wait until next week :) I really enjoyed Strike Back, however, it seemed to be choppy and some scenes were not shown, i.e. the one where JP is tied to a chair and they throw water on him. I saw that scene in a Strike Back vid on Youtube - but it was not in any of the episodes I watched on - hmmmmm any ideas why?? What episode was that scene supposed to be in??

@Rob said...

I wish I could send John Porter over to your house, to disinfect, change diapers, and make chicken soup for you all. He seems like he'd have it all taken care of in no time!!! :)

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, hopefully you don't have pregnancy related discomfort on top of the flu, yuck!

@sunflower sue, check out and look up under tv shows. The show is listed under spooks and you can watch for free!

I have refrained from spoilers/interviews until after I watched the season opener. I have to say, it is AWESOME! I didn't really go into this with high expectations because I felt the last couple of seasons did not live up to the previous ones. But this opener has set the bar high. i did have a few "wait a minute moments" and had to suspend disbelief. But the ending left you going "What the heck?!" which made me think this show has found it's way back to it's roots.

Acting wise I thought RA kicked butt, so did PF and NW. Newbies held their own I thought.

So happy viewing to all those who have yet to see it :)

Ann Marie said...

Hi Nat,

To avoid giving anything away, I will describe it this way:

Awww, sniff,sniff...awww...oogle, thud with a small heart flutter.....yikes!....hmmm...hah, hah...uh-oh....and finally...WHAT?????!!!! oh, no!

Sunflowersue said...

@TM...thanks a million!! I'll give 'er a whirl.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Sunflowersue, hope it works!

@ann marie, well summarized :)

Sunflowersue said...

@TM...IT WORKS!!! Glory be, I am now caught up on yet another techno thingy. Who knew?!!

Did I say thank you? From the bottom of my clueless heart.

B* said...

Thanks, TM, for the link to
I was watching the Spooks intro and heard strangely familiar music...I soon realized that Nat's soundtrack was playing as well! I must say the combo of the Spooks dialogue and N&S's "I've Seen Hell" went quite well together!

flandersdreamer said...

Spooks 9/1 is awsome!
Compelling from the first til the last second. Lucas North is just the way we want him. Strong, swift in response to danger and ... also heart-wrenchingly vulnerable.

Hope things will lighten up for you and your family, Nat!

Skully said...

I concur with everyone, 9.1 is brilliant! AND worth remaining spoiler free for I think. More exciting that way :)

Wishing you and your household a speedy recovery.

Traxy said...

I also indulged in a number of teasers/spoilers beforehand but thought 9.1 was excellent. Better than s7 and 8! Sort of reminiscent of Strike Back ... but with a better script.

Hope you all feel better soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I watched the 1st episode already and it was fantastic! Got home from work on Monday and desperately searched online to find it. The person who posted to youtube last year, didn't do it yet this year. I was so disappointed and frantic. Finally, I was able to watch it on the BBC iplayer even though I'm in US(they block out foreigners by IP address). I have a program on my computer called Hide My IP. It can hide your IP(which tells your location) and gives you a new redirected one. I changed it until it gave me a UK based IP(thankfully it only took one change) and then the BBC iplayer worked. Have had that program for couple of years, and can't believe I never thought of doing that until now. No more crappy quality youtube vids, can go right to the source.

After 8 seasons, Spooks is still on the edge of seat thrilling(and nerve wracking) as ever. Now Mondays can't get here soon enough! RA was stunning as always.

Anyway, hope you feel better soon Nat! Take care!


diveknit said...

I hope you feel better soon, Nat. No fun being pregnant and sick.

I have refrained from reading any spoilers since I want to watch it and be surprised. I did start reading one BBc review and as soon as they started to give a way the story line, I stopped. I remembered how much I liked it to watch seasons 7 & 8 with all the suspense :)
Thanks for the tip of I had searched other sites and couldn't find it. Will watch it tonight or tomorrow. I am very excited and can't wait.

Myrtle said...

Did I enjoy it? YES

Did it live up to Spooks awesomeness? YES

I can't say any more, because if I do, I know I will say too much and Nat will ban me from the fanblog:D
So that's it

Hope that the 'Nat household' is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon.

Like everyone else here, I loved it. Did not look at any interviews or spoilers after about mid-July, so it was truly suspenseful apart from what everyone was expecting to happen in the first scene of the show, which did. This show is really better when you don't know what happens the first time you watched it.

I thought Mr. Armitage was great -- the script is a lot more focused than last season, and I think this benefits all the actors, who are not struggling so much to figure out who their characters are in certain contexts, and that is particularly true for Mr. Armitage. He's absolutely at the top of his game again in his "big scene" in 9.1, and it is so gratifying to watch.

Hang in there.

Violet8886 said...

Season 9 is starting out really good. Thanks for the link, Nat on Casttv :) Other links want you to do surveys or download stuff to watch. Youtube redirects you to those sites to watch Spooks. I don't know why. I hope you feel better, Nat. The nasty colds are going around early this year..For those who want to wait to watch. It will be worth the wait. :)

Twinkling Moon said...

@Sunflowersue and B*, glad the link worked. But the thanks goes to Nat who made me hip to the site last year when Spooks 8 came out. Yet another reason we love Nat :)

@Jessica, I've never heard of Hide My IP, sounds like a handy program to have. I too first looked for last year's YT channel that posted Spooks but found no updates :( Thank goodness for Nat!

I totally agree with everyone that watching spoiler free makes the show more exciting. It definitley leaves the "what the heck?!" factor in the show which is a big part of Spooks.

@Flandersdreamer, you said it best:
"Lucas North is just the way we want him. Strong, swift in response to danger and ... also heart-wrenchingly vulnerable."

As of right now, the only really negative thing I can say about the show is...why are there only 8 epis!