Oct 7, 2010

Lovely Guy+Marian Art

This gorgeous digital drawing was created by Sandra aka: mybeckett. 
I especially like the way she captured Gizzy's profile~ sideburns, eyes & stubble... *swoon.*
(I love it when Richard's characters do that lean-in and gaze intently thing.)
You can see more of mybeckett's artwork HERE.


bZirk said...

Yeah, Richard has that down. LOL!

Sandra said...

I'm glad you liked it! :)

bZirk said...

Kudos to you, Sandra. That is really well done, and after watching how difficult it is to draw digitally, I really commend you. It looks just like them!

twinkling moon said...

Wow! This is so awesome Sandra.

@Nat, yeah, I'm with you and bZirk, RA really does know how to do that "leaning in" thing.

Do you guys remember the last epi of S1 of RH when Marian goes to Guy to ask if he tried to kill the King in the Holy land? In that scene, he circles her like a predator and then goes in for the kill, ahem, I meant kiss ;) Of course she believes him after that, the girl didn't stand a chance, LOL!

Phylly3 said...

This is really well done! I visited your site, Sandra and I also love your RA wallpaper with siggie. It's very swoonworthy!
Thanks for this post Nat. You always find the good stuff!

Myrtle said...


diveknit said...

@ Sarah wow this image stole my breath for a second, it is so well done and captures both sets of emotions so well!!!

Yes, I also always hold my breath when RA's characters lean in, sigh :)