Oct 29, 2010

Photo Friday ~ Boo!

To wrap up this year's haunted season,
here is another look at Angela's vampyre wallpaper:

What are your plans for Halloween?
Do you enjoy watching scary movies?
What was your favorite costume as a child?

My mom used to make all of our costumes out of whatever she could throw together
and they were always awesome!  My favorite was "Glinda the good witch" from The Wizard of Oz.
My boys (ages 5 and 2 1/2) are both obsessed with trains and requested to go as conductors this year.
They look SO cute in their little overalls, hats, and bandannas while blowing their whistles.
(I hope they get a lot of chocolate for my traditional "tax payment.")

One thing I definitely won't be doing this weekend is watching any horror movies! 
(Even if  Richard appeared in one, I don't think I could bring myself to watch it. I'm such a chicken!) 
I'm still traumatized from sneaking out of bed, tip-toeing down the hall and peeking at the scary movies my
parents watched on Halloween night. (I prefer the fun, non-scary Halloween-type flicks like Hocus Pocus,
Edward Scissorhands, Casper, etc.)   *Remember the Edward Scissorhands-Gizzy comparison HERE?*
Have a "thrilling" weekend! :)


Violet8886 said...

Hi Nat :)

My favorite Halloween costume as a child was going as Little Bo Peep..I even had the staff to herd my sheep..LOL..I am not into really scary movies either..I can watch the Shrek and Winnie the Pooh Halloween specials..I am not horror movies where people get slashed, etc..That's just me..Make my Halloween warm and fuzzy..I'll take Richard as a vampire as long as he was not too scary..only sexy and tender...:)

MsG68 said...

Maybe he should be cast in a star-stealing new role in True Blood and annoy his fellow brit Steven Moyer.

Violet8886 said...

Ms G68...that would be a great idea...I could see him on True Blood..He'd steal the scenery..that is for sure...

Hey, Richard as Michael Jackson in "Thriller"...the photo..It looks like Gizzy...Except if Gizzy traded his black leather for red...;)

Musa said...

Hello Nat,

My favorite Halloween costume as a child was a gypsy. I loved raiding my mother's jewelry to add to the effect.
I don't usually like horror movies, but it depends on the movie. I have watched my share of vampire movies and TV shows, I think I read "Dracula" at an impressionable age. Richard would make the perfect seductive vampire - oh yes! Happy Halloween to you and your family!

twinkling moon said...

Fave Halloween costume? I'd say a carrot! My mom made it for me, it really was a labor of love and creativity at her end :)

So you charge a chocolate tax, hunh Nat? Who would have thunk that you are the Sherrif of Nattingham, LOL! Hope your kids make out like bandits and you get some really great "taxes" :)

diveknit said...

I didn't have Halloween as a child in Germany, but I love it now, here in North America for my kids. My dd's will bedressed up as a shepardess and her sheep :) They looks so cute together and we also love the chocolate.

I don't like scary/horro movies and don't watch them.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Phylly3 said...

I got to dress up in my witch costume at Friday and did some facepainting for our school's Harvest Festival (they don't like to call it Halloween anymore -- trying to be more inclusive I guess).
My favourite costume as a child was a dalmation costume my mom sewed for me. I think I wore it at least 3 times.
Love that comparison you made between Gizzy and Edward Scissorhands. I just love that movie. And I'm not much for really scary movies either. They really upset me.
I bought the big chocolate bars to hand out this year as we get less and less trick or treaters every year, so I might as well make it worth their while to visit me!
Have a great Halloween!!

sunflowersue said...

I don't like scary movies. They give me bad dreams.

I don't like vampires. They give me bad dreams.

Halloween was never fun as I hated all the fuss over costumes etc.

Kinda grumpy aren't I?! But now...it's FUN to dress up grands. Last year was the year of The Butterfly...3 granddaughters got handmade sparkly wings made by "moi". Fun, fun!

But please no goblins or icky creatures. And get that red stuff off Mr. A's pretty pic, Nat! LOL! Really disgusting! May give me bad dreams...ok, maybe not so bad? Nice really! That might be the one vampire movie this old gal EVER buys a ticket for. (Does the "Thriller" pic make RA appear even more handsome? The old "if you want to look skinny, hang around fat folks???")

Baking cookies is next on my list...jack o'lantern cookies that is. Tons of them.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I don't even remember what I dressed up as for Halloween, but I am enjoying it three times as much as a grandmother. (Mommies enjoy it twice as much, I am certain!) My granddaughter was Belle, her cousin was Buzz Lightyear and the babie were Winnie-the-Pooh and a teeny skeleton.

Daughter-in-law's sister's inlaws take it WAAAAY over the top with fog machines and hideously scary costumes, full blown graveyards on the front lawn. Completely wild last night.

On the topic of True Blood, Stephen Moyer's already been upstaged a TEENY BIT by Alexander Skarsgaard. At least if Richard DID do TRUE BLOOD, it's got a huge fun side.

Watched Spooks 9.6 last evening -- that was scary enough for me.

Sue said...

Over here in blighty we seem to have embraced Trick or Treat at Halloween (never bothered when I was a kid much, we used to collect "penny for the Guy instead"). How about America celebrating Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes (another "Guy" who was hot stuff!) on November the
5th by setting off a few RA fireworks of our own!!!!

Violet8886 said...

I'm with you Sue..I say us Yanks should indeed celebrate Guy Fawkes every Nov 5 with Guy of Gisborne...I like the idea of fireworks in the autumn anyway..the Brits know how to brighten a dark month...