Oct 22, 2010

Richard scores a role in "The Hobbit."

I just checked my email to find many excited messages from fellow
RA admirers informing me of the great news:

Richard Armitage is set to portray the dwarf,
Thorin Oakenshield, in the upcoming film "The Hobbit."
Peter Jackson was quoted saying this about our favorite actor:
"Richard is one of the most exciting and dynamic actors working on screen today and we know he is
going to make an amazing Thorin Oakenshield. We cannot wait to start this adventure with him and
feel very lucky that one of the most beloved characters in Middle Earth is in such good hands."
(The amazing Peter Jackson said that, people!)

Before I go any further, I must take a moment to get this off my chest:  YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Ohmygoodness... if I weren't gigantically pregnant right now, I'd be doing cartwheels around my house.
My excitement is the same feeling currently being expressed all over the RA blog world and forums. :)
Although I haven't read Tolkien's books (shame on me!) I LOVE "The Lord of the Rings" movie trilogies.
(In fact I just had a LOTR marathon a few weeks ago. Good times.)  I've been anxiously awaiting
"The Hobbit" to be made and wondering who would be cast.  The news that Richard will
be a part of this production makes it 10 times more exciting! 

After taking a moment to clap my hands and let out a shriek of glee at such great news...
my first thought was, "A dwarf!?"  (Have they not seen RA in all of his tall glory?)
But hey, I'm not picky when it comes to Richard getting a role in this movie.
He can pull of anything.  Plus, I like Gimli and his dwarf buddies.

For those of you who haven't yet read "The Hobbit,"
here is some information about Richard's character according to wikipedia:
Thorin Oakenshield is a major character in The Hobbit and is mentioned
in passing in The Lord of the Rings. He was the leader of the Company of Dwarves
who aimed to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon, and was the son of Thráin II
and the grandson of King Thrór.   Thorin is described as being very haughty, stern, and officious.
He has a talent for singing and playing the harp, wears a gold chain, and has a very long beard.
He refers to his homes in the Blue Mountains as "poor lodgings in exile." He is a capable
and a cunning warrior, if not a particularly inspiring or clever leader.

Here are a list of links confirming Richard's upcoming role:
*Thanks to those of you who filled me in on the info & links!*

"Peter Jackson Sets First Names for The Hobbit"

By the way... my husband is a huge fan of Tolkien's books and has read them all.
I can't wait to see the look on his face when I tell him "that one actor I like too much"
will be playing a major character in the movie he has been looking so forward to seeing. :)
Mwaaa-haaaa-haaaa!!! *evil laugh*


Phylly3 said...

Love your picture of Richard as Thorin!! Great info. and Yippeee! is right! My husband also said he is looking forward to this movie!

kaprekar said...

Your picture of Richard as Thorin is stunning, Nat. I'm beside myself at this news too - stunning.

Do read The Hobbit - it's a wonderful book and a much much easier read than The Lord of the Rings.

Still in shock *squueeee* I'm shaking!!

Myrtle said...

This is brilliant news! I agree, super picture of Thorin.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought you were kidding, Nat. Mostly, like you mentioned, because I can't picture RA in the role of a dwarf. That is, until I saw your rendering. That picture is priceless. So hot. LOL! Thanks for sharing the news.

mulubinba said...

I am soooo excited as I've been following The Hobbit movie developments (and lack of), since 2008!! I wanted RA cast as Bard but the fact that RA has Thorin is absolutely amazing!! It's a big role!!! Congratulations to him!

tyme_4_t said...

I can see the media coverage now...
"Die-hard Hobbit fans were shocked to arrive at the movie premiere only to see a huge queue outside the theatre. The line up consisted of wild-eyed women eager to get the best seats. One woman was asked "Why the frenzy?" "IT'S RICHARD ARMITAGE ON THE BIG SCREEN!" she shouted as she and her fangurl sisters crashed the front doors."
So where does the line start *wink*

Judith Johnson said...

Yeah Richard, finally a big screen role! Great comments for Peter Jackson and look what LOTR did for Viggo Monrtensen's career!

Musa said...

You made me see Richard as Thorin-great job! Wonderful news for him and for his fans. How very exciting for his career!
Now time to read up on The Hobbit (or maybe to read The Hobbit!).

DEZMOND said...

congrats, my darling ladies, this is a great day for the RA universe :)

Zyradustorm said...

I'm far too excited about this film! I too wanted him as Bard, but seeing Richard cast as a main role is more amazing still! Finally the big screen! GO RICHARD!

@Rob said...

So happy for him!!!!!!!!!! This is huge. Love the Peter Jackson quote too.

Unknown said...

I am so freaking excited. The dwarf thing doesn't bother me though...because no matter what he looks like, we'll still have his voice. :) *swoon*

bZirk said...

I'm so pumped that he got this role!! And I'm not even a huge fan of LOTR, et al.

I guess I'll have to break down and read The Hobbit again. It's been like, uh, 36 years since I read it. Seriously, I think it was 36 years ago when Tolkien was experiencing his first big revival in the 70s. Only Richard could inspire me to read that again.

Ann Marie said...

I am so happy for him! Finally, the movies! I can't wait to see him and hear his voice on the big screen. Character actors have much longer careers and this is great exposure for him! YAY...

Nat, will your baby be named Thorin?

Violet8886 said...

At last someone appreciates Richard enough to have him star in a "major" role onscreen...Most directors cast British actors as only bad guys who don't do too much...Now we know why Richard's career is described as busy...Richard was mentioning in interviews that he is doing some scenes in dark water [he has to overcome his fear of that]but he couldn't say for what project..I guess it must be for the Hobbit...

One thing...Richard as a "dwarf"? Even a leader of dwarfs...He's pretty tall to be a dwarf..LOL....

sunflowersue said...

Yeah, the dwarf thing is bugging me too. Maybe we should send PJ a letter concerning such:

Dear Pete,

You've shown amazing taste and wisdom in casting Mr. RA in your upcoming movie, "The Hobbit"!! However, as leading RA experts, you might consider garnering more wisdom and insights with the following suggestions:

A cravat is a very useful tool for RA re: N&S. You could up the hotness factor considerably by having Thorin remove said cravat at some point...slowly. Granted I am not cravat history buff, so they may not have even existed within the timeframe of your movie, but that's a minor detail, I'm sure.

Don't even think about hiding those gorgeous blue eyes behind, say, green contact, too much hair or a goofy hat. Consider this a warning.

And black leather would be good for fight scenes, a la Giz. But I'm sure you knew that already.

Are long beards really necessary? Let the other dwarfs take care of that one...all he needs is stubble.

While dwarfs are reputed to be short, that should not apply to Mr. RA. We're all a little concerned about cramming all that hotness into a 4' bod. Yikes! He could be sort of a freak of nature type dwarf and retain all 6'2" of his stature?

Lastly, some blogs are reporting that Thorin "might" have really hairy feet. Please say it ain't so. That is just SO wrong.

Thank you for your patience Mr. Jackson. We're all excited about your movie and RA's participation in it. Just don't do anything stupid!:)

Signed, RA Experts who are lining up now for tickets now matter what you do

Off for more coffee. Either the lack of it or the cold drugs are getting to my already severely addled brain. But I rejoice with the rest of you in this latest news!!! Consider me a fellow cheerleader?!!

diveknit said...

This is very exciting - what grat news. I do hope this is the big break for him as they call it. I am sure RA must be thrilled, since he mentioned a couple of times how much he loves LOTR.
The Peter Jackson trilogy are my favourite movies of all time, since I am a big fan of the books since I was introduced to them (includind The Hobbit) when I was 15. I am sure Peter Jackson will do an equally good job on this movie. I can't wait for it to come out (have they even started fiming yet?).

@tyme-4-t we should line up for it together in Hfx :)

pi said...

This is huge. I never imagined this....I'm speechless. It's so huge.


Karma found your husband. Bwah!

Anonymous said...

I am really excited by this news, not least because I live in Wellington, NZ. So if they can resolve the issues with NZ Actors Equity and Warners agrees to go ahead with NZ as a location (they are deciding next week hopefully), then all the cast etc will be based in Wellington for the 12months or so of filming. For the person who asked if it was filming, not yet. The studio gave it the green light last weekend financially, there are a few industrial issues with NZAE and an Australian Actors union which is making Warners a little jumpy, they are meeting next week to decide if it will remain in NZ. Filming is scheduled to begin Feb 2011.

BETH said...

Hola! This is great news for all fans of RA, Richard on the big screen, Richard in an amazing saga, but .. Richard dwarf? I would have liked to see him play at a high and beautiful Lorien elf! whatever ... well good for him and good for us. Richard must be more than excited about this project because he is a big fan of Professor Tolkien books, like me. Ah! my two loves together on the big screen. SÍ!!

violet8886 said...

Wow, that is a big commitment to film in NZ for 12 months. That will not leave Richard much time for other projects. He wanted to do a play..the Retoration play, The Rover in the upcoming year..I don't know when that will happen..Unless Richard's role will not require him to film for the whole 12 months..Fascinating...

Anonymous said...

Violet8886 you are right, it is a big commitment for the actors. I am going on the experience with the LOTR movies, where the actors lived in Wellington for the duration, though I think some did have long breaks in the middle of filming, so were back and forward, so it will depend on the size of the role in the movie, and if he will be required for the full period of filming. And the 12months is what I have seen quoted in the media in NZ, but as it will be two movies, and no doubt filmed concurrently as with LOTR 12months seems to be about right. Maybe he can fit in a play in Wellington.... I would like that! :)

I would hazard a guess that he is finished in Spooks though. :(

Violet8886@yahoo.com said...

I know Anonymous. I was thinking that too. If Richard is committed to 12 months in New Zealand, how indeed would he come back to do Spooks when filming starts Feb 2011? Unless they have Lucas take off,be on the run, and he won't come back til' Richard is done filming The Hobbit. Hermione Norris took time off from Spooks a few seasons ago to have a baby..So, it's possible.

Or Richard will be able to squeeze in spooks cos' like you said, Richard's role may not require him to be in NZ for the whole 12 months..I am sure many of those months are devoted to post-production stuff and adding computer generated graphics to the film...

We will have to see..Spooks usually surprises us..Usually, what you expect will happen is exactly what does not happen...

Anonymous said...

I remember about Hermione Norris, he could take time off... (fingers crossed).

Of course, if WB can't be convinced that there will be no further unwarranted action by MEAA and Actors Equity they are going to move the filming, and apparently it is most likely going to be to the UK, so it may be a moot point!! Hopefully they won't move the filming though it should be made in NZ!!

I think the 12 months is a conservative estimate too, there is some other rumours it is only Feb-Dec for the filming. The post-production will be another 10-12 months after that, the movie is due to open Dec 2012. LOTR was a solid 18months of filming, the lead guys lived here for the full 18months, so I can't see it being less than about 10-12months. Sir PJ tends to take his time over filming.

twinkling moon said...

My first reaction was "holy crap!" Then I thought, is this even for real? Well, I'm thrilled for RA :)

As Dezmond said:

"this is a great day for the RA universe :) "

@tyme_4_tea, you portrayed so well what could happen at the premiere :)

@Sunflowersue, LOL at your letter!

I know people are wondering about RA as a dwarf. But I can't help but think if he wasn't deliberately chosen to play the role he will play because it is a dwarf. IIRC the dwarves all have facial hair, are hidden under armour etc., leaving so much of the actor as unseen. He has to rely on his facial expressions, what he can communicate with his eyes, (and in this case crinkles, LOL!). I think RA does that so well, maybe that is part of what sold PJ on RA as the dwarf?

cobalt60 said...

Hip hip hooray for a film!!!!

Charleybrown said...

Nat, thank you for that lovely music playing on your site. It helps me to calm down amidst the scary images of RA as Thorin. I'm not yet part of the group of those eager to see our beloved Richard look like your photo :)

Anonymous said...

@Twinkling Moon Good point.

Twinkling Moon said...

@littlevictories, Thanks!

Traxy said...

Ya know, that top half of the RA dwarf picture actually looks a lot like my hubby. :) Not the huge beard, though. Or the axe. But in general. (Does that mean that my hubby looks anything like RA? Erm, well, no. Just this picture.)

Sue said...

Perhaps it's just as well Richard is single if he's going to be spending so much time on the other side of the world! I'm afraid I'm a Hobbit virgin, so don't know anything about the role of Thorin at all. Will Richard be in both films? I.e. Part one and two, and just how long will it take to film in all? It really is expecting a tremendous amount of commitment from those involved isn't it? Hope he gets time off to bob back and forth to blighty, but it doesn't look like fans will be seeing much of him over the next two years.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention this earlier Nat, but you really must add that picture to his character roster on the right (as in direction, not correct) side of your blog. That is, until we have a proper screen cap. ;)