Oct 1, 2010

See ya, September!

Yay for a new month!

Why October is awesome:

*Spooks Season 9 is airing!

*Autumn weather.
(Gizzy isn't as excited about the beautiful foliage.
I suppose he wouldn't appreciate my tree-lined street, would he?)

*Fresh apples straight from the tree.
I am spoiled~ my in-laws have a mini orchard.

*Halloween is fun!
Long-time blog readers might remember
how this site was "decorated" last year.  (Click HERE to see.)
Not sure what I'll do this time around... maybe a new festive cheestastic vid
is in order!  (We don't have a Halloween one yet.)

If you have any Halloween-related RA pics
or would like to design one to be included in such a video,
please send them my way: armitageblog@yahoo.com. 
(You will be credited, of course.)

Recycled Photo Friday pic from last Oct.~

*Another month down
and only 7 weeks (or less) until waddling around
won't be necessary for me.
Heck yeah!

What do you look forward to this time of the year?


Phylly3 said...

Oooo! Another Cheestastic video for Halloween would be great!

Anonymous said...

Love the RAcula.

tyme_4_t said...

Bring on the Cheese!!! but only if you are feeling up to it!

I love this time of year for 4 very important reasons - My 2 nieces & 2 nephews were all born in Sept & Oct! Lots of cake to eat!!
And then of course Thanksgiving in Canada is in October ~ turkey & gravy & stuffing & pumpkin pie & apple pie....sorry Nat didn't mean to make you hungry with all this food :)

diveknit said...

Would love a Cheestastic Halloween video.

Looking forward to Halloween, my favourite "Holiday", the leaves are turning and now living in the country being able to appreciate it even more. Love the crisp morning air. Looking forward to close the outside of our house :)

MillyMe said...

We've been experiencing a lovely Indian summer in Norway, with crisp cold mornings that turn into warm days with blue skies and balmy weather. The leaves here have turned, too, and are so beautiful in their burnished autumn colours. I find such days invigorating. This coming week is our half-term holiday so I'll be relaxing and reading and going for long walks in the countryside.
And then there is Spooks and Lucas to look forward to each week!

Have a nice relaxing weekend, Nat!

Myrtle said...

' I love Autumn, the colours, crisp weather, cosy sweaters.....
'The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' Keats, I think?

Even though, just now in the UK it is raining heavily and blowing a flippin gale!!! Thank goodness for Spooks

Colleen said...

I love the cooler temps, the colors, and the crisp Autumn air. I love decorating my house for Holloween and Thanksgiving. But most of all the love how this time of year I get to bring out all of my soup, stew, and chili recipes. Yumm - Nothing so comforting as curling up in front of the fire with a big mug of homemade soup or chili!

Anonymous said...

It's slightly cooler in Texas, which means high of 80F instead of 100F. I'll take it. Love red sweater Armitage. Somehow the fangs make real something we've always suspected, no? That the man is dangerous! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat...in Canada definitely apple picking and the change of the colors (the trees are all golden, red, orange....etc.) However, with cooler temperature, we are dreaming of skiing on our local mountains.

Fresh turkey are on sale...Thanksgiving is around the corner and the kids are all excited about Halloween.

Hang in there...7 more weeks until the new bundle of joy!!! Thank you for your blogs.

Best Regards,
Christina P

Anonymous said...

when oh when will casttv post ep 2? I'm going crazy!

DEZMOND said...

wow, that Autumn pic is amazing, and you already know I love the red sweater pic best :)

kaprekar said...

That red sweater is ridiculous! But Lucas is looking especially hot this year!

Avalon said...

I like about anything you post but I think the sharing of traditions and holiday recipes would be something fresh....can we somehow add RA in on this????

mulubinba said...

@ Avalon - speaking of recipes, did you see the clip where a chef makes RA thai green curry? Not sure that is an autumn recipe though:)

It is actually spring here but I've been in autumn as well over in the UK this year. Lots of apples and blackberries there. Over here blossoms and flowers although the distinction between the seasons is quite subtle. I guess the big spring tradition is the horse racing (not that I really like racing); daylight saving and the start of the beach going season. Blueberries and strawberries are cheap in the shops.

Did you say you have only 6 weeks to go?? Keep us posted:)

Ann Marie said...

Wow, turned the heat on, made my first pot of yummy beef stew, put the winter quilt on the bed. Time to put the rose garden to rest. I'll have the dissertation finished this month, lining up my winter reading. Friends and I are reading Richard III related books and discussing, it is very interesting and great fun. Love cool, crisp weather and the end of a long, long, hot, hot summer. Thinking about laying in RA vids
"in case" of a blizzard in the winter months (squirrels stock up on acorns, we fan gurrls stock uo on our RA).

Always enjoy the blog Nat- blessings to you and the baby...

Sue said...

The only thing I look forward to at this time of the year is the spring. I hate cold, dark, winter nights. (As opposed to dark haired knights called Guy!)