Oct 11, 2010

Spooks 9.3

Hopefully you aren't getting tired of the Spooks Season 9 fever
that has been going around the blogosphere.  Most RA-loving bloggers have been
giving reviews on each episode.  Although it's not an original topic, I have enjoyed reading the
different perspectives.  There have been many little things that have been pointed out
which I wouldn't have otherwise noticed on my own.

For example~

Teena mentioned that Lucas rarely has his
finger on the trigger of his aimed gun!

Violet at the Framework Blog noticed that the same painting
is displayed in episodes 8.6 and 9.2:

I didn't even realize Richard was wearing a
"western shirt" in episode 9.3 until everyone commented on it.
(Either I'm used to seeing those kind of shirts or I'm unobservant.)

Spoiler Warning~
This post: mild spoilers in the form of screencaps.
Comments section: major spoilers due to open discussion.

On to my episode 3 observations.
I'll keep it short and sweet.

Lucas was clever and handsome like always.

I loved this scene between Harry & Ruth.
(Oh, the sexual tension!  Just grab and kiss her already, Harry!)

Lucas did the RA trademark lean-in-and-stare-intently thing
while a collective sigh was heard around the world.
How did that actress not faint?

That moment reminded me of Gizzy & Marian.
He was always leaning towards her, trying to make his move.

I have to say, I would love to see sparks fly between Lucas and Beth.
I don't think it will happen, but they would make a good match in my opinion. :)
I'd even settle for a fake, undercover "Jenny and Pete" moment.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on
Season 9, episodes 1-3 only.  Please no spoilers
for future episodes.  Thanks! :)

Season 9 episode 4 airs in the UK tonight!
Bring on more Spooks!

Screencaps courtesy of The Spooks Fan Blog Gallery


bZirk said...

I would totally love to see a "fake jenny and pete moment." The chemistry between those two will probably not be mined. Dang it!

MillyMe said...

Laila Rouass who plays Maya has said in several interviews what an enjoyable experience it was playing these scenes with RA and that all her girlfriends are envious so I think she was quite aware of how fantastic it is that she's being paid to do this! I've actually watched this ep several times and and am very much looking forward to this evening's continuation!

Myrtle said...

How observant of Violet to notice the same picture in the two episodes.

Love Cowboy Lucas/John. He looks like 'Woody'

I enjoyed ep3, though for me the storylines in eps 1&2 have the edge. Of course the last few minutes were well, what can you say......

Though, It might have been nice to see Maya and Lucas/John perhaps share a meal and some discussion of the past before the passionate snog on the kitchen stool.

Maybe time or the storyline couldn't allow for that.

diveknit said...

I loved RA in this episode, obviously :) and I also rewatched the ending a few times with some sighs. It did remind me a bit of John and Margaret actually. Lucas/John looked as handsome as ever and I noticed how much he used his voice to bring his point across, especially when it drops a few notches *sigh*.

Very diligent observing by Teena and Violet, I hadn't noticed as well.

OK, so now my beef about ep 3 - my apology in advance. I did not really enjoy it and RA is by now the only reason I am watching this show. In the last 2 episodes I already noticed a bunch of discrepancies in the writing and story line and this time they got me completely. I used to work in the biotech industry and if someone is wearing any kind of protective gear due to the nature of the organism to be worked with or transported then everyone around it is too. Here only the scientists wore the gear and everybody else had no protection what's so ever - Lucas even took out the supposed sample himself with just gloves (by the way I am not even sure if they were the right gloves to handle -80 freezer stuff). This is such a blatant oversight that I couldn't quite get over it until the end.

Second thing that bothered me was the scene in the kitchen. I agree, some more dinner, definitely more explanation for Maya and then the kiss would have been great, but this way, something was missing. Also he must have not seen Maya for more than 8 years (his explanation as to why he disappeared without a word) since he was married for at least 8 years and probably knew Elizabeta longer than that.

Sorry Nat for my tangent, but I had to get it off my chest ;). I will watch the next episode and the rest of course because I need to see Lucas/John and I do want to know what will happen to him.

Yes Harry, please just kiss Ruth!

bZirk said...

I HATED the way they handled the nerve gas.

But I loved that there was not much talking between Maya and Lucas. That was great IMO, and I give Richard Armitage full credit for it. The rest of this episode? Mediocre except for a couple of parts from Harry and Ruth.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of ruffling feathers... So far, I'm not a fan of Lucas and Maya. I've read a few blogs that exalted the kitchen scene and I personally wasn't feeling it. Of course, I love seeing RA in roles where he's brooding over some female, but this whole gig seems contrived. It could be because we don't know much about Maya yet or her relationship with Lucas, but the whole I-saw-a-picture-of-you-and-just-couldn't-let-it-go bit is too much for me to digest at the moment. This is one show where I wish the writers would avoid giving Richard a complicated love life. The stories typically hold their own without it.

However, I am on team Harry and Ruth. Just kiss her already!

bZirk said...

Did you read Unpopcult's take on his love life? I'm with them on this. I could do without his love life. Sadly, the writers have probably blown the opportunity to mine the relationship between him and Harry. But since we're going to be "treated" to a love life, I can handle what they're doing. :D Should be interesting to see what happens this week. Let's see they have already kissed within minutes, so hmmm where are they going to go next?

See how easy it is to be shallow? But then I've always been one to roll with the punches. LOL!

bZirk said...

Forgive the double post, but you can go here: to read Unpopcult's reviews of Series 9 episodes.

No, heck, no, I'm not done. LOL!

I will make myself enjoy the Lucas/Maya thing, and hopefully, there will be more to enjoy of the Harry/Ruth thing, but I'm losing my love for Spooks. With lines like "What's it like being Lucas North?" "If you lie to me..." and "I had to see you," floating about, it's hard not to cringe.(taking cover :D)

But one thing I do know is that Richard Armitage can take almost any crap thrown at him and make it smell like a flower. I love that about him.

Anonymous said...

@bZirk Thank you for posting the link. I can really relate to this reviewer's take on the show (and I LOVE that her handle is CJ Cregg BTW). I chuckled when I read "Remember drippy Elizaveta and dreadful Sarah?" Well written stuff.

I'm with you though, I'm going to try to suspend my misgivings in order to fully enjoy his character.

Phylly3 said...

Of course I loved this episode, but was anxious that they didn't leave enough time for the last scene (as I had heard of the build up to it). However the pay off was very fine! Can't wait for the next ep!
However I must agree with your criticism Diveknit about Lucas not taking precautions with this supposedly dangerous gas which the other people are wearing gas masks and suits and Lucas is barely even wearing gloves??
Also I was Huh? about him pining for Maya for 8 years when isn't that what he told Elizaveta?? So, it that just a line he says to all the old girlfriends, hmmmm?
I am trying not to let these ridiculous writing/directing errors get to me. Suspend my disbelief and admire "The Armitage" -- afterall he doesn't write this stuff, and it always amazes me how he can run with whatever they give him!
@Bzirk -- thanks for that link!

pi said...


But one thing I do know is that Richard Armitage can take almost any crap thrown at him and make it smell like a flower. I love that about him.

Since I've kvetched about the Lucas/Maya scene ad nauseam on other sites, I'll just reprint your quote. It says it all.

@phylly3- Yeah, The Armitage always brings it! All hail The Armitage! LOL

I also think Lucas is playing Maya.

twinkling moon said...

Wow, what a catch on that pic, violet! I guess the BBC has a limited budget?

I definitely feel where you are coming from Diveknit, I'm totally with you! I agree with Little victories about the need to better explain that whole John/Maya thing. As it is, I ain't feeling it.

That said, I totally saw Guy in RA's lean-in-and-stare look :) Oh Guy! How I miss him! *swoon*

I also wish we saw something between Lucas and Beth. I feel a lot more chemistry between the 2 of them than I have between any 2 actors I can think of on the show. But, I think we won't get it. So, I'll settle for "jenny and pete" version :)

@bZirk, despite my issues with the show, I think you said it best:

"But one thing I do know is that Richard Armitage can take almost any crap thrown at him and make it smell like a flower. I love that about him."

Anyone got links to where we nonUKers can see 9.4?

Twinkling Moon said...

Oh shucks! Forgot to say, I'm with you Nat on Harry and Ruth!

I want to shake Ruth and say "what's the matter with you? Be with him already!"

bZirk said...

Thank you, TM and pi!

Maybe Natalie will fix up a photo for us.

TM, I've got links, but I'm too skittish to post them here, since I generally don't like to broadcast when I'm unethical. I do try to keep that at a minimum -- the unethical behavior. :D

Anonymous said...

@TM So glad to know I'm not the only one. Granted I only visit a handful of blogs about RA, but it felt as if all fans were already on board.

@pi "I also think Lucas is playing Maya." I've considered that too. If it's true, that bit makes much more sense.

mulubinba said...

I can't work out the Lucas/Maya twist yet .... I'm a bit confused about where Elizaveta comes into the picture. I hope the writers clarify in the series!! (I would have liked to have seen more Elizaveta/Lucas).

Agree about Lucas and Beth - sparks flying would be good but I had high hopes for Ros and Lucas as well :(

Harry and Ruth?? Get on with it, I would say to both of them .... but their relationship has never really made it past a dinner date ... ever!

Good spotting with the picture and the shirt .... how unobservant am I?? I didn't notice either.

@TM & nat - you know my battle with Guy ...lol ... please tell me he isn't surfacing in Spooks!! (I even had a dream about him last night ... perhaps a post is in the making :) )

Ann Marie said...

I also would like to see a Lucas/ Beth match. They definitely have more chemistry.

Twinkling Moon said...

Given all the posts, I think there should be a Beth and Lucas campaign :)

@Mulubinba, yes, please post again! I love your "search for the good Guy." I have heard RA say in interviews how he is protective of Guy, I think he knows there is good in him :) And honey, dreaming about RA is always a good thing *wink* I also wish we had learned/saw more with Elizabeta and Lucas. I think the writers screwed up by introducing that relationship and then not really doing much with it.

@LV, I haven't been on the blogosphere too much about Spooks, but I will say the one site I've been on there are a good number of people that aren't on board with Jo-cas/Maya.

Don't get me wrong, I love RA, but I just don't get what's going on with the story, so I am having a hard time buying it.

Violet8886 said...

I think the point the writers are trying to make is that Lucas is vulnerable. He falls for women too fast and he doesn't always think straight. He pined for Elizabeta. Then the blonde CIA agent women in series 8. Now he needs Maya after seeing her photo. Maybe he rushes things because he needs love. We'll see how this turns out.it's interesting how Lucas is so good as a "spy",he's in control,Yet women can undo him in a flash...

B* said...

@ bzirk - "Richard Armitage can take almost any crap thrown at him and make it smell like a flower."

Sounds like something he should have on his CV! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

From what I've read in the various articles, Lucas hadn't seen Maya for at least 15 years. He disappeared when they were in college, I believe.

He only said he was in prison for 8 out of the 15, but hasn't explained what happened in the other 7.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the Beth people! She's a bit different. A wee bit Ros. Not exactly; but more interesting than Maya...