Oct 18, 2010

Spooks 9.4 ~ *updated*

In case you're wondering why I always post my review of the last Spooks episode
a week after it has aired... there's no real reason other than I usually don't watch it until the
middle of the week when it pops up on one of my super-secret (not really) Spooks-viewing sites.
Plus, I like to review it Monday just before the next one airs because it's a good refresher
and gets me excited and ready to see the next one.

Spoiler Warning:
This post: mild spoilers in the form of screencaps.
Comments section: major spoilers due to open discussion.

Episode 4 was rather "meh" to me.
(In other words: didn't hate it, but didn't love it.)

I think Ruth rocked this episode.
Instead of being cooped up at the grid, spouting off info and statistics,
she was out and about being sneaky and spy-ish.  I don't think
I could even pretend to speak Mandarin.

I noticed that every time Lucas and Maya kiss, she grabs a hold of his face. 
It's as if she's making sure he stays put, right where she wants him. 
Or maybe she likes his stubble.

One of my favorite moments
was when that one guy had his gun aimed at that one lady
(can't remember names and don't want to spoil too much for others)
and Beth screams something like, "You bloody well look her in the eye!"
Dang right, Beth.

Dimitri finally had some more screen time.
He's cute... I wonder if he will replace Lucas as the grid
heartthrob if Lucas is wiped out in the future?  *Perish the thought.*
(Or if Dimitri is just meant to stay more of a side character like Ben?)

Lucas was naughty... not in a good way.
That Steven guy did not look like he was 22.  More like early-mid thirties.
So maybe Lucas was doing MI-5 a favor getting rid of that big phony.  (Rationalizing, here.)

Lucas channeling his inner Gisborne:
Does that make Harry the sheriff?

Latest foes: the Chinese government.  Dun dun dunnnnn! 
I think they're creepier than the Russians.  (Don't worry Chinese or Russian fans...
the Spooks writers aren't too fond of the American government either.)
Watch out for the Chinese, Lucas...
...especially if they've been spying while you look hot, talking on your cell phone!
*Update:  An anonymous commenter asked why I think the Chinese are creepier
than the Russians. First of all, no offense to Russians or Chinese citizens!  I don't think you're intimidating.
I'm referring to a fictional plot here, and as far as Spooks goes-  the Chinese spies seem more mysterious...
and therefore more of a threat, which is creepy, don't you think?  (Okay, any spies from any government
make me nervous, but we're rooting for MI-5 here because they're written as the "good guys.")
Lucas can fake being Russian, but can he fake being Chinese?  Nope.  It seems like MI-5
would have to have a REALLY convincing and native-born undercover agent to
pull off a sleeper agent amongst them!

Feel free to add your thoughts on Spooks episodes 1-4 only.
Please don't discuss future episodes in the comments
section to avoid spoiling it for others.  Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Just curious - Why are the Chinese spies creepier than the Russians?

Twinkling Moon said...

Best review I've seen yet of the epi, Miss Nat!

I was not a fan of this epi, it just got a little to nutty for me.

But, I just LOVED Beth! She rocks!!!! I too was happy to see more of Dimitry. I just assumed he was going to take Lucas' place as section chief if, Lord forbid *tears*, we lose him. But you're right, he might be like Ben or Zaf.

And Mr. Lucas, what are you doing, man? I really hope he can redeem himself, cuz up until now he was my one of my faves, I just wanted to give the guy a hug since he'd been through sooooo much. Now, I'm just confused and feel like he needs to be grounded or something. Do parents still ground their kids anymore?

Hope we learn more about this Vaughn character, and what the heck is Albany?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I updated my post with an answer to your question in case anyone else wondered the same thing. I hope that explains my thought process! :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that last pic of RA was FABULOUS!

Myrtle said...

I loved Dimitri and Lucas absailing down the Embassy building :)

Not sure what Albany is, but my DH reckons that the picture of Nelson's flagship maybe significant???

Violet8886 said...

Well, episode 4 still left some things open..Like others have said.."What is Albany?" It did make me feel a bit sad for Lucas that he framed someone else to get the Albany file...Before, [season 8] he just had to explain weird Russians in his apartment or taking off his "com" but this is something that involves more than just him...I think he is desperate to get Vaughn off his back..and he just wants to be with Maya..He looked so cute when he was kissing her in the hospital..The look on his face was like a little boy..He was so happy that maybe things will be okay now...

Violet8886 said...

I like how Ruth is doing more...But maybe she has too because she is the only other female around besides Beth...

Colleen said...

I have been a fan of MI-5 for quite some time now, and I find this season a little bit sad. I think of the writers pulling Lucas off as a "bad guy" really depressing. We all need a hero right now and I really want and need Lucas to be a hero here, save the country, etc. Godd guy stuff. We have enough depressing things in real life - I am holding out for that hero in Lucas and in the writers finding a way to redeem his actions. Even if he leaves at the end of this season, I don't want him to go out as a traiter or some kind of a baddie! Please oh please writers find a way to bring a happy ending for this toutured man who has given up so much. Ok I am doing too much blah blah blah! :)

BETH said...

Hola! Actually this season is something sad and I feel sorry for the situation in which it is Lucas. I think the writers should free up some way and give it a break after everything that has happened in your life. I hope he does not have a bad ending. It would be too much to ask to withdraw from MI5 to live in a small cottage with Maya and raise sheep? ha ha.
Sorry I did not want to change the subject [although I will refer to other work of Richard and if present Richard always has to do], I just saw "Strike Back" and the end I was holding my breath! WOW! I'm looking forward to the second season. Richard's work is impeccable, he is fabulous!. Besos from Argentina [I hope you have understood me]☺

Violet8886 said...

Well, maybe we should cheer ourselves up that Lucas is not all bad...First, we haven't seen all the episodes yet, so maybe he will redeem himself..Second, he is capable of love and caring. [Caring to Maya and Beth..though in a different way for Beth]...Also, remember that Richard played Gisborne [as Nat noted--commenting that he is channeling his inner Gisborne.]..and Gizzy was good and bad...At least Lucas is not boring..We wouldn't be talking about him if he was...

pi said...

In my happy place (I go there often now) , Lucas is playing Maya and Vaughn and will prevail in the end. I think he's a man with a plan, even if it is costing him emotionally.

@twinkling moon,

LOL! Lucas "grounded". Yeah, he needs a good talking to and a smack upside the head and his agent licence revoked for at least a month! He can't be that dopey and soppy for real!


Ooooh, the Gizzy stance! Oohhhhh. Nat, you're the best!

Has anyone else noticed that the lighting this series is muddy and lacking contrast? I've been tearing my hair out over that one. It shows in screen caps which are often just a gloomy blur indoors. There's none of the coolness and precision of the last 2 series.


He did stare at the ship for quite a long time. I'm wondering if he was memorizing it with that eidetic memory of his. Now, that would be great use of his powers! Instead of "el stupido".

Generally, I adore Sophia Myles so am not surprised she brings her all to Beth. Lovely character. Dimitri's okay. Harry and Ruth are cute together; I'm enjoying their relationship.

I loved this ep. To me it was all about relationships and I'm a sap for that. And, most importantly, I actually could follow the plot!

I can't wait to see the next ep! Am wondering if I need to get an "I"m with stupid" tee shirt when watching Lucas.


Hola! Your English is very good! I, too, would like Lucas to end up in a cottage somewhere raising sheep, but not with Maya! LOL!

diveknit said...

I completely agree with your review, Nat, this episode was just meh... with some nice scenes.

I do like Beth more now and it was nice to see Dimitri more (wondering too if he will be another Ben).

@pi thanks for pointing this out about the lighting. I think you are dead on. After this episode I was wondering what is lacking compared to season 7 & 8 and couldn't put my finger on it, but I think this is part of it. It seems more muted somehow as if the writes don't quiet know where to take it.

Not sure yet how I feel about Lucas doing bad things to others.

Anonymous said...

In that last picture Lucas looks all secret agenty, but I bet he's really just chatting with his mum.

Great review. Great comments.

violet8886 said...

I think what makes the series seem "dark" or "muddy" [lacking lighting and contrast]is not just the lighting but the fact that many of the characters wear dark, gloomy colors. I realize that maybe it's odd for spies to wear yellow or pink..but most of the characters have been wearing dark purple, black, and grey...and not just Lucas! LOL

@Rob said...

Not sure what is says about me but Lucas/John kissing her with that knife in his hand -- was HOT!!! Wonder if I could get hubs a black wife beater...oh, never mind! I won't think about it too much.

Ruth, I am really starting to love her. She is replacing the big hole left by Ross.

I really hope Lucas/John gets to ride off into the sunset and sip tropical drinks and raise sheep. :) Somehow, I don't think it will end well for him.

@Rob said...

Dimtri Greek, really? Hmm...doesn't look too Greek to me.

Avalon said...

Cant wait to see this

bZirk said...

I don't know what I think of this show anymore. I'm just confused and not in the way is probably intended for the audience. I have very mixed feelings about Lucas. On one hand I would like to be in a happy place and see Lucas pull it around and really "have a plan" as pi believes, or on the other hand to be really evil -- a man turned by terrible pressures brought to bear on him ala Darth Vader and have him go out in a blaze of something if not glory. But I don't hold out much hope of either being developed and resolved in three episodes. If so, then I wonder where those writers have been hiding.

By the way, I rewatched Series 7 and now I'm onto Series 8. So far I'm enjoying it. Up to Episode 4. Maybe it went downhill after that. I don't know what happened. I just know I didn't like it after it ended.

In the meantime, I'm just admiring the heartthrobs, and I love Beth. Wish we could see more of her! I actually care about her.


Dmitri looks Greek to me. I think of Adonis every time I look at him. :D

@Rob said...

@bZ he is a cutie pie, but Greek, I don't see it, esp Greek emigrants. doesn't look remotely like any of the men i grew up surrounded by. :)

i am sure he'll make a good replacement for RA when they blow Luca/John up at the end of the season.

Myrtle said...

@Rob, I like Dimitri, but I don't think his character is strong enough to take over the lead. He is more of Danny or a what's his name who was murdered by Connie.

I think Harry knows something about Lucas/John... but what? and what is he going to do.......