Oct 13, 2010

Stick-Figure Richard visits Spain

This week, SFR was invited to the beautiful country of Spain by blog reader Conchi.
Yesterday, he attended a parade in Madrid honoring their armed forces and met the Spanish
royal family on National Spain Day.  Conchi took him to Zaragoza's Cathedral where they helped
fill the square with flowers for St. Pilar's Day.  Today he is taking dance lessons and plans
to spend the rest of the week eating paella, touring the countryside, meeting people,
and seeing castles and other amazing architecture.  Gracias, Conchi!


Conchi said...

Thanks so much Nat!!!
We'll take care of him :-).

Millyme said...

Hola guapo!

That's the extent of my Spanish. Only the important phrases for me!
I hope SFR's having a wonderful time with the pretty senoritas!

tyme_4_t said...

So nice to see SFR visiting our friends in Europe! Maybe someday RLT (Real Life Tyme) will visit that beautiful country too!

Phylly3 said...

SFR looks amazing in that outfit! Lucky you Conchi!

Avalon said...

I can teach him some Spanish with a southern accent....lol

DEZMOND said...

and when will Sticky Dicky visit my own Serbia? :)) We are becoming quite popular as a location for shooting movies, and plus you ladies could find him easily since no star can resist our night life :)

twinkling moon said...

Lucky SFR! He is an international traveler, eh? Well, that's just one more thing he's got in common with the RL richard :)

Joan Crenshaw said...


I would like to extend a formal invitation to SFR to visit beeyootiful Monterey County, home of John Steinbeck, Clint Eastwood and Moi. If he would like to bring his golf clubs, perhaps he'd like to play a round at one of the courses at the Pebble Beach.