Nov 29, 2010

For the Love of Guy~ by Guest Blogger Nicole

For The Love Of Guy
Or, how one girl fell for her first bad boy.

I do not like villainous characters.

I mean, do I find them entertaining? Sure.
Bellatrix Lestrange is freaking awesome; The Hunger Games would be nothing without President Snow;
 if Jack Sparrow didn't have to argue with Davy Jones, the movies would be a lot less entertaining.

But I'm one of those girls that never understood the attraction in a bad boy.
Plenty of my friends have fallen for these characters in books and movies, but I didn't get it.
They were evil, they were bad - it didn't matter how hot they were; they were still a villain. A bad boy.

And I was still a nerdy girl who was more than happy to stay on the right side of the tracks.

And then I watched Robin Hood on a whim and met Sir Guy of Gisbourne. 

All of my firm beliefs on "I shall never love a villain" flew quickly out the window.

I mean, I had seen plenty of different versions of Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the past.
I love Robin Hood; I've seen different movie adaptations and read half a dozen different book versions.
In every one, I fell for Robin. (I mean, just look at what he does.)

So I can firmly blame Richard Armitage for my quick fall into Gizzy love.
Because had Richard not managed to portray Guy so beautifully, so perfectly - had Gisbourne
been played by anybody but Richard - I would not have liked him.

But... why did I like him? I asked myself that after devouring all three seasons
in the span of a month, and finally, I realized.

1. He's played by Richard.
Let's face it. All of the following points on why I love Guy spawn from this one, because
- upon becoming a firm Richard Armitage fangirl - I realized that some of the reasons I loved him as Guy
were some of the reasons I loved him in his other roles. (And the reason I know I'll love him, even as
a dwarf. A freaking dwarf. My friends shall mock me forever for this.)

2. His mannerisms.

Guy is not evil. Sure, he's done some evil stuff - I mean, just look at the Season 2 finale -
but I can forgive him for it, because he's a tortured soul. Just the way he looks at Marian,
the way he says things - oz, all of it. I suppose this number can be broken into:

2a. His eyes/glances.
I mean. Come on. *swoon*

2b. His tone of voice.
He can sound threatening without much effort.

But most of all, he can sound freaking sexy. Even when he's yelling at Robin.

2c. Pretty much everything else he does.
The way he carries himself, even the way he walks. You just can't go wrong.

3. His history.

It's not like Guy is a bad boy for no reason. He has REASONS. He has a HISTORY.
And a bitch of a younger sister. And that history gives him depth that, despite all of Richard's
superfantabulousamazing charm, wouldn't have existed otherwise.

4. This picture.

... self explanatory.

So. Why do YOU love dear Gizzy?
When did you first discover him?

*     *     *     *     *     *    *

About the Guest Blogger~
Nicole is a bubbly college freshman who absolutely adores reading.
She first discovered the god that is Armitage early in 2010 while watching the Robin Hood BBC
series and has been hooked on him ever since. She proudly hails from New York and
runs a book blog called WORD for Teens.  She also firmly believes that,
somewhere out there, a unicorn is waiting to be found.


Phylly3 said...

Great post Nicole! You are so right! Gizzy is awesome because he is played by Richard! It just makes so much sense! :)
I came to Gisborne after Thornton and Standring and Harry so it took me a few episodes to warm up to "liking" Gisborne. Of course I was attracted to him (that goes without saying). I had never been attracted to a bad guy before either so it was quite the stretch for me too.
I am so glad the writers gave him a worthwhile ending!

Myrtle said...

Great post Nicole.

Like Phylly, Guy isn't quite top of my list, but if I had to pic my favourite 'Guy', it would be the wedding scene in series 1.

The long leather coat, his hair tucked neatly behind his ears, and the eyeliner....oh me.

What was that silly Marion thinking of!!!

I love the funny scenes too, Guy in ths suit of armour was hilarious. The Sherrif and Guy could have had the show to themselves and dispensed with the gang in the forest :)

We all know that Guy was soft underneath, he just needed the right woman to...........

Traxy said...

Nicole, you nailed it. Those are my reasons for loving Guy too. :) I've never been much of a baddie fan either, until more recently, when I've realised sometimes, they're the most interesting characters - like Guy! He's the only character with a bit of depth to him. Just look at the flashback to their childhood. What was Robin? An annoying brat. What did Robin become as an adult? An annoying brat. Character progression? Slim. What was Guy? A teenager with an ill father and a mother left behind when he went into war. What did Guy become as an adult? A man who sold his sister and killed the woman he loved ... and regretted it until his dying breath. We bow down to RA's awesomeness for portraying all that in such a brilliant way!

BETH said...

Hola! It was attraction at first sight when I saw the advances in TV season's first Robin Hood in 2007, and that was the first time I liked the villain and the hero at all, but I fell at his feet rendered seeing plays Mr. Thornton ... but that's another story Besos from Argentina

Musa said...

Wonderful post Nicole!
I can't say Gizzy was my first bad boy...but then...I'm much, much, older than you :)

I thought by Season 2 of RH they should have renamed the show "Guy of Gisborne" instead of "Robin Hood" and openly acknowledge who the real star of this series was and is. Soon after I started to watch RH I forgot all about Robin and my heart and soul (and everything else) belonged to Guy. Though, by the time RH made it to the US, I was already smitten by Mr. Armitage having seen him first in N&S. I couldn't agree more with all you say about Guy and his appeal.

Anonymous said...

Guy and Lucas make me cry.

@Rob said...

@ Nicole I mean can we love this "Guy" he leaves his baby in the woods, he burns down his beloved's home, he then kills her, he sells his sister to a monster, and I am sure I am leaving stuff out!!! But yet, we still love him! He is the ultimate bad boy. Isn't he?

As you said, Robin Hood is the guy we are supposed to fall for not the baddie in tight leather and eyeliner!

sunflowersue said...

Everything y'all said..YEAH! Great post, Nicole! Proves Sir Guy appeals to "many" generations. Elvis was my first bad boy crush in "Jailhouse Rock" followed by James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause"...yeah, I'm that old.

This old lady stumbled upon Sir Guy on BBC America, season 1. I always loved the RH story and thought I'd check it out. First sight, my jaw dropped, eyes fluttered, held my breath, gasped...oh. my. gosh. Who IS this man?! (Had to be careful as hubs is SURE he's ever bit as good looking as George Strait so Sir Guy was definite competetion.Duh!) So I recorded RH and watched on the sly. The things I do for Sir Guy.

First thing that caught my eye was the way he moved, then the eyes got my attention. The black leather I decided, was THE best. And I finally concluded that front and center was the hair...or maybe the smirk. Heck, the whole kitandkaboodle is just WOW! All of that for eyes...the heart then flip-flopped with the angst, emotion,vulnerability and on and on.

Violet8886 said...

Great post Nicole! I first discovered Guy when renting out Robin Hood DVDs from the library...It was purely by chance...Guy can be superbad..but he is handsome...With shorter or longer hair..I love the leather...However it's his vulnerability that makes him hot..He can be sad and feel love..He just didn't know how to express it..He had a screwed up past, how can he know how to act...He was also very hurt when he thought Marian was "using" him to help Robin...He's not like the sheriff who didn't care who liked him...Guy needs approval...

You just want to hold him and tell him that everything will be okay..That finally he has found true love...

Anonymous said...

I love these comments. :) Keep 'em coming!

RAFrenzy said...

Excellent post! And your order is perfect. #1 Richard, #2 Mannerisms. I can hardly get past those two they are so dead on. But of course I forced myself to look at 3 and 4. :D

Why do I like Gizzy? Because I want to rescue him and perhaps be rescued in return. ;-)

How did I discover him? YouTube!

RAFrenzy said...


Your blog is great! Very impressive.

Thanks again for posting.

Teuchter said...

What a wonderful blog, Nicole, and an awesome subject of course. Can't agree with you more on your choices! I was never really a fan of bad boys either but Guy changed all that. I had fooled myself into thinking that I was MUCH too old for such things that he brought to my mind!!! Strangely I just watched the "Bad Blood" episode last night (not for the first time I might add...not even close - but a friend wants to borrow my RH Season 3 DVDs and just had to watch all the episodes again before I let them out of my sight)!! I'm almost ashamed to say that what I kept looking at last night were his lovely long legs for some reason ;)!! They just looked extra gorgeous in that episode as for a lot of the time he has no armour on - just the black *puffy* shirt and the tight black pants and there is a wonderful grace about the way he moves!!lol Oh my:D!! I had better quit now before I say too much!

Anonymous said...

Oh Guy. It's funny how Richard was able to take a character as rotten as Guy of Gisborne and make him endearing. I remember watching season 1's extras where RA said something like, "I want your skin to crawl every time Guy talks to Marian. If I've done that, I've done my job." Well Richard, I hate to say you failed at that. You can't be as sexy and talented as you are, saddle your character with a vulnerable backstory and expect any girl in her right mind (er, sort of, speaking for myself of course) to do anything but swoon and shout at Marian, "How can you think of Robin when that leather-clad man is inches away?!"

Great post Nichole. I love that this topic is still going strong, especially since I miss this character so much. I saw Richard in several roles before RH but Guy was responsible for thrusting me into fangirldom. My first baddie too.

Random Ann said...

Welcome Nicole to the Richard Armitage Savior complex club. I love your reasons behind dear Gizzy. I agree with all of them but I think for me the heart of it was his desire to seek more than he was. He wanted he needed.
He was a wounded tortured soul that needed and wanted and this desire draws me into the web.

twinkling moon said...

Haven't had a chance to read through all the comments, but Nicole, you hit bullseye with this post!!
Yes to all your reasons for loving Guy! Like you, I've never fallen for the bad guy before, but man, when I fell for a bad Guy, I fell hard, LOL! But to be honest, I fell for him even before we learned of his backstory in S3. RA beautifully portrayed this tormented soul who really wanted to do the right thing, but was just stuck. That really resonated with me.

So hairy, bearded dwarf, I don't care. I know I will be drawn to whatever character he plays,

Awesome post Nicole, and good luck on finals, I figure they must be approaching pretty soon!

MTA: I'm from NY too, but from western NY, just curious if you're from this side of the state as well or NYC. No pressure to answer of course :)

kaprekar said...

I love Guy now but I resisted him for the longest time. He is gorgeous - and possible the most physically attractive of Richard's characters. I even love the long hair now!

Elisabet said...

Great post, and oh sooo true. I had never fallen for a bad guy either. When I first saw BBC's RH it was still on TV (we can get BBC in the Netherlands). I love the story, so I was all prepared to watch the series. But I got completely sidetracked by the baddy, and at that time I decided NOT to watch RH anymore (I just COULD NOT like the baddy over the hero I thought, it was plain wrong). December last year I came across series 1 of RH again, on tv on demand, late at night. I was bored and decided to watch the first couple of eps. And then lightning struck and I have never been the same again. O yes, and do I ever love the baddy now!!!

Joan Crenshaw said...

I tried to watch RH. When it first came on and got put off by Jonas Armstrong in the first five minutes. About 18 months later I left the tv on while doing something else and heard Richard and Keith Allen. The Voice did it. Guy is incredibly contradicted and lonely, mostly because Richard is so skilled. He rose above some real plot holes.

Ann Marie said...

I thought I feel for Richard in North & South. I started looking for other works of his and came across Robin Hood. Guy. Sigh. I was done for. I remember sitting and watching and thinking to myself, "I am actually rooting for the bad guy." Which I was. Alot. I was done for. Guy fuels my fantasy and my fan fiction. I will always be a Gisborne Girl.

Violet8886 said...

There are so many times in Robin Hood where Guy is sweet and tender...When he comforts Marian after her father dies..When he asks her to marry him when Sir John's troops are coming to destroy Nottingham...Remember when he is on his knees..Almost pleading for her to change her mind and marry him..He's so adorable..He so desperately wants love...When he first "asks her out"..and he gives her a gift of a dress...He is so awkward and unsure..He is not a "haughty guy"..He's not all about ego in front of Marian...Fascinating!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Oh Gizzy... you beautiful, jaded soul.

Thanks for the great post, Nicole! I love all the comments too. Sunflowersue, you made me laugh out loud. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I discovered GofG earlier this year. My mother, brother, & I had watched North & South and positively ADORED it (ok, to be perfectly honest, we adored HIM, but that goes without saying right?!?). Some time later, Mom announced that she had RH on her Instant Watch Netflix queue, so bro, dad, & I watched it. The very first episode when that piece of FINE man strutted glaringly into view, I gasped. "It's the handsome guy! The one in the other film!" The five (including my aunt) got hooked on the series (whilst us ladies got hooked on you-know-who), and gobbled it up in no time. It was after that that I discovered this wonderful site. Thanks Nicole for an awesome post, and thanks Nat for an excellent blog! Hope you & baby are well!

Anonymous said...

By the way, the above "Anonymous" post was mine! Gomen nasai!

Anonymous said...

It did it again! Gurrrg, above two posts (now 3) are from Lady Gis-Monet Thornton. :D

sunflowersue said...

woohoo Miz Anonymous aka as Lady Gis-Monet-Thornton..gotta love your screen name!!! Gee, one would think you're hung up on RA characters?! Love your story.I'm hoping to hook my mom & aunt on N&S as soon as I get a DVD player to them. Converted DIL & her sis then another friend & her mom. Like someone said, we'll convert the whole country, one person at a time!

@Nat...hey as many times as you've made us all laugh out loud, it's the least I can do for a new mommy! How I needed a good laugh about 2 weeks after the birth of sweet babies. Especially right after my mommy went home! WAH!!

Just to be clear, aforementioned hubs looks purty durned good in his George Strait Wranglers and boots for an old guy..better than a lot of 30 somethings I saw in Wally World yesterday!!! Now that was funny!

@kaprekar,Ann Marie& Rob-I tried not to fall too. My mama taught me better than to root for the bad guy but at age fill-in-the-blank, I rebelled. That's me..always walking on the wild side. Who said "Resistance is futile?"

And Nicole,if you're reading this, stop right now and go study young lady!

Violet8886 said...

Sunflower Sue...Most men would look good in George Strait Wrangler's and boots...:)

sunflowersue said...

Absolutely Violet!! In my world, cowboyish is THE look! Trying to picture RA in Wranglers, boots (w/a little cow poo on them for realism) and a Stetson. Hmmm, could a Western be in his deck of cards??!!! Nice thought. *sigh*

Violet8886 said...

Oh I would love RA as a cowboy!...Jeans..Cowboy could so pull of the look...Next, he'd have to work on his accent, but I would accept an English Cowboy any day...:)

Judith Johnson said...

Watched N&S to see what all the buzz was about and wasn't all that impressed. Happened on a Youtube clip of Season 2, E 13 with GoG doing his dasterdly deed and was instantly hooked. Must have been the black leather and guyliner. Whatever, now addicted beyond reason. Promote N&S constantly to friends, own a Little Guy, etc.

Have tried to analyze bad boy appeal for me and have decided that Sir Guy is appealing because I can indulge my co-dependency issues but don't actually have him raging in the living room or glowering at me! RA fits the archetype for strong masculine sex appeal-tall (6'2"),dark (thank goodness for hair coloring)and handsome (physically fit, expensive dental work, sexy 5 o'clock stubble) and a simply divine voice (thank you God!)!

pi said...


So late to comment here as well. Very astute post! Yes, it is RA that is central to our fascination with the characters. He brings his all. Thanks for pointing that out.

When you find the unicorn, call me!

Lois Owens said...

He is a very talented actor!

Linda said...

@Nicole , i completely agree with you!!! He is so handsome !