Nov 6, 2010

Guy Fawkes (or Gisborne) Day~ by guest blogger Violet8886

To our British friends…
How did you celebrate Guy Fawkes Day?

 Was it like this…with fireworks?

Or was it like this...
with something more scrumptious?
Guy can create fireworks all on his own. 
He’s looking intense because he would still like some set off in celebration
and wants the day to officially be Guy of Gisborne Day.
That’s not too much to ask, is it?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

About the Guest Blogger~
I’m Violet8886. I first discovered Richard after renting a Robin Hood DVD at the
library and the rest was history.  I became a fan, or should I say I have appreciated him since then.
Richard is my happy diversion during the day.  I have seen Robin Hood, Spooks, and North & South
as well as tidbits of his earlier work like Marie Lloyd, Macbeth, etc.  My feet are firmly
planted on the ground.  It's not that I think I could actually be his girl, but I can
still fantasize now and again… Enjoy!


Musa said...

Violet, you have my vote for Guy of Gisborne day! I think a worldwide holiday would be fabulous.
So what would we do to celebrate Guy of Gisborne day?
Agree, a little RA fantasy is a wonderful thing!

pi said...

I think a Guy of Gisborne day is far more interesting than the other!

We could all wear leather and eyeliner and brood and glower without ascribing our moods to PMS. We're just being really cool like Guy.

Oh he is so pretty.

Great post, Violet!

Phylly3 said...

Hi Violet,
Guy can certainly set off fireworks for me too! Welcome to blogging, wasn't that fun?! :)

Anonymous said...

A Guy of Gisborne day is much better. Besides wearing black long leather and Guyliner, tv should have a marathon of RH or better, Guy scenes all day long :D

Good post Violet!

OML :)

Myrtle said...

Lovely blog violet. Well Done!!!

I am a Brit, so we watched the 'organised' fireworks display in our city. Quite spectacular, as we live by the sea it has the illusion that the fireworks are coming out of the water.

I have fond memories of 'bonfire night' as a child. We had a bonfire in the garden, and Mum made toffee. Yummy

I do agree Guy of Gisborne Day should be a world wide holiday :) Lots of eyeliner, leather and a banquet in the evening.

Violet8886 said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, you are all so sweet. Guest Blogging is indeed fun. Kudos must be given to Nat as well cos' my Guy pix did not come out, so she added some Guy pix she had to help me out..I think she made a great choice. I am all in favor of going about wearing leather and guyliner in honor of Guy...Nice fantasy keeps us warm in the winter...Myrtle, it must be so lovely to see the illusion of fireworks coming out of the water..beautiful! Bonfires and toffee sound lovely for early November...:)I agree there should be a Guy marathon every November 5 as well...That would really get the day going...:)See, doesn't everyone feel warm already? :)

sunflowersue said...

OK, I'm gonna bite...I have NO idea who Guy Fawkes is. Or is this an inside joke?

Nevertheless, nicely done Violet! Same here. I stumbled onto RH one night while surfing channels. Hit BBC America (who by the way, has a really yucky line up this year) and saw RH...curiosity got the best of me. I was thinking Costner's RH on BBC?? Nah! Thought it was kinda clunky/campy but Hoy Cow!!! Who IS this Guy person? I think Hubs suspected cause he'd sit with me but read a book while it was on. Recorded it ALL from season 1-3. Then for some really dumb reason, I deleted it ALL last spring (pre-discovering N&S thus making the connection that JT and Guy were one and the same)to make room for Cake Boss and Amazing Cakes. Duh! Uhhh, my entire series set arrived a couple of weeks ago. Gotta love Amazon!

Yikes, my heart just stopped! I clicked on the season 3 Guy profile pic and it filled my screen! yessssss! But nothing happens with the other 2??

And a question for Nat (if you're still out there baking that little sweetie)...why is Cider House soundtrack an Armitage tune? LOL! Love that track but was just curious.

Enough waxing from to rake leaves.

Violet8886 said...

Just to let folks know who have been itching to get their hands on Spooks [MI-5] series 8 DVDs...It will come out for Canada and America January 25, 2011..I think Season 9 will be available next summer...This is according to BBC America...I'm sure eventually you could get it at Amazon...

Guy Fawkes Day is a British Holiday..That is why many Yanks do not know much about it...Google it and it will give you tons of info...:)

MillyMe said...

What a sparkling way to start a blog. You're off with a bang with Guy Fawkes Day as your first post, Violet8886!

Living in Norway now, the fifth was a day like any other. I miss my childhood celebrations of Guy Fawkes, the huge bonfire with the guy perched on top, the firework display, especially the Cathrine Wheels and the sparklers. On the food side, there were sausages and baked potatoes!

twinkling moon said...

Violet8886, what a great post! I love how your "feet are firmly planted on the ground" but honey, you're right! A girl is certainly entitled to her fantasies *wink*

I had heard of Guy Fawkes, but didn't know it was an actual holiday in England. I totally agree that a Gisbourne holiday would be soooo much better :)

It should be celebrated with a day off from work, a nice cup of tea, and watching "the best of Sir Guy" curled up on the sofa...*sigh* What a way to spend a day :)

@Sunflowersue, I love Cake Boss too, but give me Guy (or RA in any form) over Buddy and the bakery anytime :)

Teuchter said...

Great job Violet!!

Being Scottish, I too have great memories of Guy Fawkes day and reciting the "Remember, remember, the Fifth of November..." rhyme at school. Sadly I was a huge chicken and hated the fireworks as a child, especially the "bangers" as they called them -(still not too keen on the loud ones to this day)- but loved all the rest. Kids went around "Guysing" - something like trick or treating - dressed in costumes. I think the best thing was having a huge bonfire and burning the *Guy* on top!!! The last part sounds totally abhorrent to me now as the name "Guy" shall forever more mean Richard!! ;D

Teuchter said...

Sorry, I meant to add that I totally vote for a Guy of Gisborne day!! What a fantastic idea. A whole day devoted to nothing else on TV but Richard - heavenly!!:)

Ann Marie said...

Hi all,

Violet tanks for a fun post. I am all for Guy of Gisborne day and the comment about glowering and being moody without attributing it to PMS cracked me up.

The CiderHouse Rules theme is, I believe also the theme music used in The Impressionists where the lovely Mr.Armitage starred as Claude Monet with the silly squirrel on his chin.

sunflowersue said...

ahhh, thanks Ann Marie. Haven't seen "The Impressionists". The chin rug thing kinda spooked me away from it. Nonetheless, it's GOOD music! I'm way past PMS but I remember. Oh HOW I remember! Hubs needed to just dig hole and shove me in.

A GoG Day. Hmmm, black leather jacket of hubs' fits the bill altho the leather pants won't happen. He's taken to wearing baggy carpenter jeans for farm work. Ick. I got him some George Strait Wranglers the other day for "dress up" days. Nice bun forming jeans for the old man!

BTW, looked up the Fawkes thing. Interesting.Kinda sad/creepy/weird but I guess no more so than Halloween here, which I always hated anyway. Have I said that before?

Violet8886 said...

Mmmmm...I like the idea of sausage and potatoes...Good food for any holiday is welcome and if Guy inspires many women to have their Hubs wear more leather..Even if it's only the jacket, all the better. :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo on such a fun first guest blog Vi (hope you don't mind if I call you Vi)! I agree with previous comments: totally on board with a GoG Day.

Violet8886 said...

Late on this..Don't worry littlevictories...You can call me Vi. :) I'm easygoing. :)

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