Nov 8, 2010

Spooks 9.6 and 9.7

The season finale, episode 8 airs tonight people!!!
Will we cheer or cry or be handed some massive cliffhanger?

So to review the previous 2 episodes...

Spoiler Warning:
This post- mild spoilers in the form of screencaps.
Comments section- major spoilers due to open discussion.

Episode 6~

The first thing that struck me was the computer girl.
I liked this character.
 Why is it that female computer geeks are always depicted as having funky fashion sense?
For example, take these ladies on the American crime dramas Criminal Minds and NCIS:

I was very excited to see you-know-who make an appearance this season!

Public service announcement:  Don't shoot & drive!

Good ol' Spooks action!

This scene left me disappointed.  Bad, bad Lucas!

 Uh-oh! Someone pulled one on you, m'boy.

Episode 7~

I'm still reeling over this episode.
So much to process!

Ruth was awesome!
Both she and Lucas dominated the storyline.
Unfortunately, I don't have any screencaps featuring her.

Tricky, tricky Vaughn.
 Squinting all the way around.

I didn't see that one coming in a public area...

Finally, the truth comes out. (Part of it, anyway.)
I don't think I've ever seen Harry so angry.

Was Maya worth all of this?  I have a hard time believing it.

"Lucas North is dead."  Shut up, Lucas.  I refuse to call you John.

Bring on the finale!
(Although I'm a tad scared of what it might hold.)

The comment section is open for discussion of season 9
episodes 1-7 only. Please no spoilers for the final episode.

*prescheduled post*


Phylly3 said...

Oooo! I can't stand the suspense!
I can't call him John either. I soooo don't want to be disappointed by the season ender. I'm fairly certain it will be a cliffhanger, as per previous season enders, but there better be some good answers to what we all want to know!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to get home from work tonight and watch. I'm scared though! Prepared for Spooks to break my heart, like they did at least once every other season. The Maya storyline wasn't so believable. Ruth is so awesome- as so glad when she came back and last episode she rocked! Will have to watch the finale with hands in front of eyes!

Maria Grazia said...

No spoilers for the final episode. Promise. Also and especially because I actually cannot imagine what is expecting us. As you said, I fear for the worst : isn't there any way out for our hero turned into a villain? Sigh. Can't wait for tonight's episode...whatever happens I definitely want to see it!

Anonymous said...

Why do we have funky fashion sense? Because geek girls are inherently cool. We know what looks good, and we are not slaves to what the fashion world tells us we should wear.

(I friend of mine is a physicist who freelance reviews SciFi for magazines and she many geek tats, including Maxwell's equations across her shoulders.)

Myrtle said...

I adored Danielle too. The discussion in the car, when Lucas said to her that he had stopped 'hearing' music.....
:( :(

I would want to call him James too:)

I am on my knees praying for some sort of twist that will redeem Lucas. I believe in him. There simply has to be some truth in the character that we have come to know in S7 & 8

Violet8886 said...

I don't think any of us can offer spoilers for the last episode because all of it has been so surprising..Who really knows what is coming next?..We could be surprised so many ways...I feel sad cos' Harry just gave Lucas top level clearance, proving that he was willing to trust him and give him a chance..And then Lucas goes and squanders it...

There was a scene where Danielle sees Lucas' tatoos and says "snap" cos' she has some too..British people say "Snap"..Unless I am wrong..That is most likely not something an American would say..The actress playing Danielle is British, so she does a really good American accent...

Violet8886 said...

Oh yeah...and I wouldn't mind being chase by Lucas North in the woods...[Notice Danielle mentions "hobbit odd cos' not too many months later Richard gets a Hobbit job!]..Only, I'd keep Lucas in the words a bit longer...I think this is the first time in a while that we have seen Lucas wearing a long coat...Usually, he's sporting a short one...Maybe the longer coat is supposed to make him look extra spy-like...LOL ;)

Violet8886 said...

I meant to say "I'd keep Lucas in the woods a bit longer"...

Anonymous said...

Americans use "Snap" when someone has delivered a particularly snappy comeback or witty insult. British use "Snap" when they have done the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meaning the British use "snap" when they have shared an experience, such as getting tattoo. NOT meaning that they use it like Americans do.

@Rob said...

Just trying to block it all out and trying NOT to think about this episode tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone has also noticed that Hobbit thing in episode 6!! And in the same episode Lucas says to Vaughn something with "circus". And in episode 7 something with "reputation". And wasn't he auditioning for the role of James Bond or at least he said in one interview that he'd rather be a villain than a main character in James Bond film. And his fake surname North and real first name John?

All these things can't be coincidences. The whole season 9 is filled with references to his roles and life. What do you think? Has anyone noticed these things? Or... am I paranoid? :-)

Anonymous said...

I found these two episodes more believable and engaging than previous ones this series. I think RA is doing a fabulous job playing big bad John. Can't wait for the finale!

diveknit said...

I liked both episodes, although they did leave me dismayed. Lucas will always be Lucas too me and I "dread" the last episode. What do they have in store for Lucas?
We should have learned more about Maya to make us believe in it better.
At one point in the car with Danielle, I thought that she would have been a great love interest for Lucas since he had to have one, much more flesh and depth to her.
Loved both Harry and Ruth and the scene with Harry and Lucas was excruciating to watch.

twinkling moon said...

Nat, I LOVE your post! I had the exact same thoughts as you (including thinking of Garcia in Criminal Minds and what's her name in NCIS, and I hardly even watch those shows, LOL!)

My fave line "Shut up Lucas. I refuse to call you John"...ditto for me :) In fact, I think I'll just pretend that S9 was a Bobby Ewing moment for the writers.

And Maya as the reason for all of this? Well, I guess she gives Helen of Troy a run for her money.

Violet8886 said...

Anonymous..I don't think you are being paranoid...There are a lot of references to Richard's life in the series..I don't think it was just by chance that his character's last name was "North" or that his real first name was "John"....I wonder though about the "Hobbit" reference..I don't think that Richard knew that he would be cast in The Hobbit when he was filming Spooks...I could be wrong...

I think the last episode will certainly keep us on the edge of our seats...I think it will be emotional, it won't bore us...Will it make us happy?...There hasn't been much happy in this season so far...Oh well..We'll see...